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Reader Reviews for Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
from Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc., as well as private emails
Sharon Lathan
November 14, 2014 - 12:08 AM
Member Since: April 24, 2011
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Awesome!! Mrs. Lathan creates a lovely and timeless romance that continues off of the Pride & Prejudice movie starring Keira Knightley. Sure, it’s not Austen herself, but a brighter story with endless moments of love and happiness!!! For those of you leaving bad reviews, get off your literature high horse and learn to enjoy the more romantic aspects of life. We read books to escape reality so why not smile while doing it? If you want a feel good book, THIS IS IT!!!


Beautiful book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and have read it more than once. I think the book is true to Miss Austen’s novel and true to the movie. I feel that it is a beautiful example of what a marriage and lifelong commitment can and should be. I would expect nothing less from Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. I can’t wait to read the sequel!


This book changed me forever.  This is the book that forever changed my life. I first came across it by mere happenstance online two years ago. Until that moment I was completely unaware of the Jane Austen Fan Fiction world. I read this book and fell in love with it. It gave me a closure I had always so desperately longed for. When I say it changed my life I truly mean that. Since purchasing it as my first JAFF book, I have read well over a hundred different books similarly related and have even been inspired to write one myself which I am almost done with.


Jane Austen is dead, of course this isn’t her sequel!  I loved the way this book was written, it is as I would expect William and Lizzie to behave after their wedding. Very romantic is William and both are extremely amorous. Would recommend to people who like historical romance and who loved Pride and Prejudice.


I want a Lathan Darcy before I die.  Move over Elizabeth. Lathan’s version of Mr. Darcy is the one I want. Forget every other Pride and Prejudice movie, book and story. This is the best in any series. Sharon Lathan’s character development breaths new life into Jane Austen’s classic novel. Mr. Darcy is charming, funny and protective. He’s the perfect fictional man with hidden flaws. This book will make you tense, make you smile and make you want to re-read every year. This will forever be a fixture on your library shelve.  MUST HAVE!


Wonderful love story  Sharon’s continuation of life for Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy is exactly as I always imagined it to be. Two people who love each other deeply and aren’t afraid to show it. I love reading about the day to day life in the Regency era, especially how Sharon takes you through it. there is just enough drama to make it fun, but mostly this is a story about life and true love. Heartwarming and so romantic. Plus, it is written flawlessly with lovely prose and language.

Don’t let the critics scare you away! If you want heavy drama and an unhappy couple, then I suppose you shouldn’t buy this book. But if you want a story in the style of Austen, as she presented her characters and their lives, this is certainly the book for you.


Fun, Light-hearted, FICTION   Ms. Lathan’s continuation of Pride and Prejudice is sweet, light-hearted and fun. A truly delightful and refreshing look into the marriage of one of the most beloved couples in classic literature that will keep modern day readers engrossed for hours. I could not put this book down. I Love, love, loved it!!!


Excellent Read  I picked up this book at a yard sale for a quarter and was completely enthralled. I have since bought the entire series and flew threw them as well. Lathan has inspired me to read more of not just Austen’s works but many more classic authors. Maybe some previous reviewers need to give it a second chance.


I very much enjoy these books. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorites. This book is a delightful continuation of Pride and Prejudice. Darcy and Elizabeth sparkle with humor and wit throughout. I loved that they went through many of the trials that an ordinary husband and wife face: doubts, fears, their first real fight, and hopes for the future. Also, there is a dash of peril and excitement to add a different layer of emotions as Darcy is faced with fears for Elizabeth’s life. This is without a doubt one of my favorite P & P sequels and the beginning of a wonderful series. I’ve read this book maybe four times in the past two years, and will doubtless be reading it again before long.


Entertaining and fun–even for a purist like me!  I absolutely LOVE the original Pride and Prejudice. I have read Austen’s classic more times than I can remember. My favorite filmed adaptation is the A&E version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. When I first read Sharon Lathan’s novel, “Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy,” I was surprised that the source material was not limited to the Austen novel, but incorporated the 2005 movie. Once I got over the shock, I sat back and enjoyed M&MFD immensely. I love these characters and have always wished for a quality continuation in their story. I have read ALL of Sharon Lathan’s novels–repeatedly–and given them to friends who love Pride and Prejudice as much as I do. I look forward to every new volume and hope she continues to write them for many years!


I really, REALLY enjoy Ms. Lathan’s work and highly recommend her! Beginning their new life together, Darcy and Elizabeth have started home to Pemberley. Memories of their eight week engagement, the wedding ceremony and reception mingle with the realities of their wedding journey and the first six months of married life. William and Lizzy discover the joys of being able to simply be alone with each other and to express their love physically. They learn each other’s history, worries and needs. Happiness, humor and honesty become the by-words of their married life. The story is strengthened by some misunderstandings and quarrels that will ultimately reinforce the Darcys’ marriage. Elizabeth is endangered as the result of a quarrel, but never fear, this is a worthy Happily Ever After! Superb plot line, lovely phrasing and great descriptions.


To each their own! (Opinion that is!) Jane Austen did not write a sequel. Sharon Lathan however, wrote a novel based on P&P characters. This is not un-common. I personally enjoyed the book! It was romantic, and historically correct. It was an easy & enjoyable read. You must take into consideration the time, the politics of the time in which the book takes place, and how the day to day like of a newlywed couple would look! I think Lathan absolutely captured the overwhelming love Mr. Darcy felt for Lizzy. I adore the man she made him into in her books!  I am disheartened to see so many negative comments. I have read many books, some of which left me feeling upset. Either I didn’t like the twists the plot took, or I was unsatisfied with the ending. Either way, I would hardly take to Amazon to trash the Author and/or said book.  If the book wasn’t for you, if it simply didn’t meet your taste thats fine, but there are those who did enjoy the book, so please be respectful.


Simply Amazing!!!!!  I have never in my life read such an amazing book!!!!! I read the entire book cover to cover in one night! I could not put it down!!!! I have always been a huge pride and Prejudice fan and was so thrilled to find that the Darcy Legacy is being continued!!!! I absolutely cannot get enough!!!!! Mr. Darcy is simply scrumptious!!!!


Love it, Lovely, Sweetness!  I just love this lovely and sweet story of two of my favorite characters! I have reread it so many times that I have lost count. It is such a sweet love story that it cheers me up every time I need to reassure myself that life and love can be sweet and perfect. The author has a wonderful writing style that invites you and keeps you engaged in the lives of Mr. & Mrs. Darcy! Please read it if you like romance and sweetness!


Loved this one!  Oh this book was so awesome to read! A comfort read for me too! I’ve read P & P and that book stands by itself so I came in with no expectations with this series and loved it for how she gives us their happily ever after as their life continues! I so love the created way that Ms. Lathan gives us what she would see to happening with Darcy and Elizabeth in their everyday life. It was just so adventurous as well as a beautiful romance! The writing is one that pulled me in from the beginning pages and I just kept wanting to read more and more. I’m so glad there are more related adventures of them by Ms. Lathan. I got a great feel for who Mr. Darcy was and how he related with Elizabeth and their marriage is fun to read! I didn’t expect to read Ms. Austen here (nor I do with other Jane Austen related books) and loved that it was so unique and real! If you want something fun and adventures with Darcy and Elizabeth, these are the ones to read!


Sharon Lathan’s Vision. This is not meant to be written as a continuation of what Jane Austen would have written. This author creates a continuation as she has envisioned it. This book should be appreciated for what it is; a continuation of a beloved book as one person’s imagination sees it. I thought the book was a fun continuation and though more racy than Jane Austen would have written it was still a fun read. If you want to imagine your own continuation please do so. However if you want to have a picture painted for you then this book is a enjoyable.


Fabulous! I read lots of books about life after P&P ends. This series is one of my favorites. I came across this book set and I just love them. It shows the love Elizabeth and Darcy have for each other and the beginning of a happy life together at last.


The best Darcy Saga ever  I just had to pass a note along for anyone who loves the book or movie Pride and Prejudice. If you are a hopeless romantic & truly enjoy this story about William Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet, than this book saga is for you! I loved the book & absolutely enjoyed the 2005 movie rendition of Pride and Prejudice. Matthew Macfadyen & Kiera Knightly were incredible in it & truly what I envision what William & Lizzy would have been like. Sharon Lathan, the writer, was also inspired by this movie version & proceeded to write this Darcy saga. 

Sharon Lathan’s visions of how the Darcys’ lives would have continued after the story is so incredible. She brings wonder, excitement & pure joy to the reader in her writing. I can’t put the books down & just love that they keep coming & coming. I promise you will not be disappointed! Incredible!


A great fan sequel! I’ve read a lot of fan sequel novels, but this one is at the top of my favorites list! I loved how the author stayed true to the characters set by Jane Austen, and created this amazing picture of what Jane Austen had in mind. The author takes you on an amazing journey into love, friendship, class, and the history and setting of 19th century England. Her attention to detail is flawless. This author has done something amazing, and I highly recommend the Darcy Saga to all Jane Austen/P&P sequel fans!


A real treat! A great continuation novel to Pride and Prejudice. Sharon Lathan does a great job showcasing the deep love and adoration that a reader dreams of when Pride and Prejudice ends. I have read many continuation novels and these are by far my favorites.


It’s well worth it! These books are the author’s interpretation of how Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet’s lives end up. There is mystery, love, heartache, passion and above all, romance. Who doesn’t want romance in their lives? This isn’t a trashy romance novel that you find at the grocery store. It’s the romance that one creates with one’s soul mate. If you love Pride and Prejudice and you are open to reading someone else’s interpretation of what their lives might have been like, then please give this book a chance.


Thanks, Ms. Lathan!  This book was a dream come true and one of the first continuations that I read two years ago. A few facts from the original novel are a little jumbled in this, but it does flow well from the facts laid out in the 2005 movie. I really enjoyed it. The discovery of a new married couple on their journey to know each other intimately. A large portion is given toward the romance of their first 6 months of marriage. In truth I always wished that it would continue just like this.


Happily Ever After!!  Personally I can’t stand the thought of Lizzy and Darcy’s marriage not working and many if not all of the other sequel attempts I’ve read seem to feel the need to test their marriage in some gut-wrenching way, be it either gross misunderstanding or external evil forces at work. This book doesn’t try to do that – it simply allows the newlyweds to be newly wed.  I found it comforting to know that at least in this author’s world, Lizzy and Darcy are ok!

It’s a very slow paced (not slow to read but based over a short time scale) book and really shows the characters initiation into marriage. The major downside being that it highlighted for me how woefully lacking in romance most of our modern lives are. It seems modern women all want to be wanted in a 19th century romance sort of way but lets face it, real men generally don’t think like that. And the idea of a man so passionately protective is also highly unlikely in this day and age due to society’s new expectation for women to be self sufficient and completely independent. In some ways this should leave more room for love, given that we do not rely on marriages of convenience for wealth and support like they did then. However it also detracts from the “high-romance” ideal of having a strong man to provide for you and look after you and make you feel special. (Feminists shoot me if you must but I doubt you’d be reading this anyway so I can say it safely I think!). But here we have both. A marriage that is not necessitated by money but based on love and in an era and social class that affords the characters huge luxuries and plenty of time to be together. This book really panders to the complete romantic.


Enjoyed this book immensely. Have read it more than once. I enjoyed it simply for the story. This series got me hooked on the Elizabeth and Darcy sequels that are available. Now I go looking specifically for that genre.


I highly recommend the series.  I have always wondered what happened after the wedding. I’ve read several sequels but found that Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga rather enjoyable. The intimacy between Darcy and Elizabeth is detailed but I enjoy her delving into the characters and showing what they are like. I got a great sense for Georgiana, Col. Fitzwilliam and the rest of the cast.


Great Austen Sequel  I love Jane Austen sequels. I live for them. I devour sequel after sequel. I initially passed this sequel over because it was based on the 2005 movie not the 1995 series. This was definitely something I had to force myself to look beyond while reading Lathan’s book. I found that I felt better about the book if I imagined Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth instead of Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. Once I began reading, I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked this book.

I love how Lathan injects drama into the continuing story of Darcy and Elizabeth. Their life is not quiet in Lathan’s world as you would assume it to be in Austen’s world. I loved that she injected the bad influence of a town scoundrel into the novel. I also love that it resulted in a duel which is something I always wanted to see in a Austen sequel. It gives Darcy a bit of an edge. The relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy is portrayed excellently. Their relationship is clearly passionate in the early days of their marriage. The love between them is tangible and Lathan portrays it well. I also love how Elizabeth calls Darcy “William.” I found that so sweet.

If you love Jane Austen sequels, please pick this one up. It is quite the wonderful read.


This book was the perfect “happily ever after” to Pride and Prejudice. As a reader, I wanted Darcy and Lizzy to have a great life together. I wanted them to love and respect each other after all they had gone through to finally be together. We have enough stress in our lives today and it’s nice to read a book where people are happy. Yes, there are some conflicts in the book, but they work through them. I could not put this book down! It was refreshing, pleasant and satisfying. I would highly recommend that everyone read this book!


A Sequel for those who want ‘the rest of the story’…. In this sequel, we get a glimpse into the private lives of Mr. Darcy and his new bride. The scenes are intimate and personal. There are a lot of romantic and intimate scenes – because we are reading about a newly married couple who are deeply and passionately in love with one another. The characters in this sequel have that same raw and realistic quality that we get in the 2005 movie version directed by Joe Wright. Sharon Lathan takes the characters Miss Austen created to a new level – making them more easily related to and more personal.

Darcy is a man of passion and character as opposed to a man with a sordid past. Elizabeth is a loving and unrestrained new bride who enjoys being a newly married woman. This is a book about the beginning of a brand new marriage that is full of ardor and devotion – a great example of what a marriage ought to look like!


“happily ever after” works for me I have never felt compelled to comment on a book before. But after reading “Two Shall Become One” and then seeing the polarized reviews on Amazon, I wanted to add my two cents.

I loved the sweetness of this book and learning about the first months of Lizzy and Darcy’s marriage. They’re lovey-dovey and doe-eyed over each other (as newlyweds would hopefully be). If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s okay. I especially liked the “fill in the gaps” moments that refer back to the 2005 movie with Ms. Knightley and Mr. Macfadyen. There is a bad guy to give conflict to the story but overall, this is a tale of two lovers who delight in discovering each other. Why is that such a bad thing?


Heavy sigh! I don’t understand all the arguments of the purists, but I suppose I have answered my own question…. purists! I am a huge fan of the original Lord of the Rings, but I loved what Peter Jackson did with the movies and I heard all the “purists” scream then also. Don’t allow these people to keep you from such a wonderful story. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the book or the movie, the Pride and Prejudice story is fabulous, extremely well written and excellent in detail to history. My only fault with Ms. Lathan is that she doesn’t write more and sooner! Keep up the great work, I’ll be waiting impatiently for anything you write.


Exactly what I wanted.  I first picked up this book because I had watched the Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira and Matthew, it left me wanting more of them. I read the first few pages in the store and immediately felt that this, of all of the books on the shelf was the one I wanted to read. I could not put the book down, I read it in 5 hours. I stayed up until 3 AM that morning because I could not put it down. I can honestly say this one book made me want more. This book, does have sex, but the insight into the soul of Darcy and Lizzie was fun and very entertaining. I look forward to the next book in the series.


A Wonderful Romance. I have several of Jane Austen’s collection of books and love them and would call myself a well rounded reader. Without a doubt my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. I loved the movie and I love “Mr & Mrs Darcy” because of the strength of the story itself and the characters involved. One of the great things about Austen’s book is it leads you right in to the Happily Ever After, all misunderstanding forgiven, love conquers all! But what happens after that? What is it like for them in their new life? Is Mrs. Bennet still infuriating? Are there any more miscommunications or do they finally get it right? Are Jane and Bingley happy? What happens??? Well this book tells those tales and in a way that totally transports you into the story. I loved reading about them together and their romance is truly inspiring! Its about time I got to finally read about the happily ever AFTER! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good period romance with some truly classic characters. I am so excited to read the next one, Loving Mr Darcy!


I liked it! Darcy and Elizabeth have gone through a lot. Misunderstandings have caused much pain. Now, they are finally married and set off on a journey that will last a lifetime. Although I was very excited to read this book, I was also a bit apprehensive. It’s clear that this is a happily ever after tale, and sometimes I can be a bit of a cynic. Could Darcy and Elizabeth really be happy? This book won me over completely. When I read this book I was in the perfect mood and found myself quite happily whisked away on this adventure. The first part of the novel is simply the two newlyweds getting to know each other. This was my favorite part of the book. During this time, the plot moved along at a slow, leisurely pace. Then, things started to pick up a bit. An antagonist is introduced. You get a feeling something big is going to happen, and it does. Simply put, this book made me smile. It was fun to see Darcy and Elizabeth get to know each other. They are two bright, intelligent people, equals. The characters remain true. Darcy is very much Darcy, and Elizabeth is still Lizzy. A great start to the author’s Darcy Saga, and I look forward to reading the books that follow.


Jane Austen’s Darcy & Lizzy – Loved It!!!  For those who watched either the movie versions or read Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, get ready for here is the next adventure in the lives of the Lizzy and Mr. Darcy from the moment following their “I do’s”.  It took these two people a long time to reach a common ground and admit their love for one another, and Lathan’s story follows the journey in their relationship from the honeymoon and chronicles the first year of their new life together. It’s a journey for both, not only for adapting to one another but especially for Lizzy as she adapts to a whole different lifestyle for her new station in life.

Because I am a devoted fan of all things Jane Austen I jumped at the chance to pick up the next chapter following the lives of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy after the wedding and I applaud author Sharon Lathan in keeping the image of these two people pretty close to where I imagined their lives would lead them. Actually, anyone not having read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (hard as it is to imagine) would find this story of a newly wed couple to be a sweet and sensual delight regardless of not having known them before. 

Historically speaking, the marriage between Darcy and Lizzy would have been looked at with obvious bewilderment – namely because of the fact that Darcy had married beneath himself having a loftier station in life versus Lizzy, and two, the fact that these two were in love. The loftier gentry generally married for social position and hardly ever concerned themselves with feelings – true love matches being a rarity. However, it is the excellent interpretation and creativeness of just this portion of the story that gives the reader so much pleasure and drives the wonderfully sweet `love’ story as Darcy helped to give Lizzie the confidence and self reliance needed to assume her new position while still remaining as sweet and caring as the day they’d met even though they hated to admit their attraction. Watching them both fall more and more in love, and lust, was a true thrill. The author gives the reader a lovely gift in watching these two grow in their love and maturity as they learn to communicate and relish thoroughly the physical aspect of marriage.

Bottom Line: Jane Austen fan or not – you’re going to love this author’s interpretation of life after the wedding as Darcy and Lizzy begin a honeymoon that looks to last forever. Very highly recommended reading.


A Masterpiece!! ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! Could not put it down. I loved this book so much that it only took 2 days to finish it, and only that long because like any human being, I require sleep! But if you love Jane Austen’s masterpiece or enjoyed any version of the movie, you will love this book too. Sharon Lathan is a wonderful writer who captured the Austen characters and drew the story further past their marriage and I believe that Jane Austen herself would love this story as much as I did. In short…READ THIS BOOK!


After the Happily Ever After. Lathan gives a detailed account of the young couple’s first months of marriage that is seductive and smart. This book is great for those of us who want to bask in the glow of the Darcy’s romance! I really enjoyed the book and especially the steamier moments between the newlyweds. The latter 1/3 of the book was more entertaining as Lathan brings other characters into the mix. At that point I was ready to see the couple interacting in places outside their chambers and Lathan delivers with a charming family Christmas, a high society ball and a harrowing accident that threatens to cut short their ever after. READ IT!


Light and quick, just day to day living. I quite enjoyed this book. I found that I had a smile on my face for most of this book. It was endearing to read how in love the young couple was. Not that it is written as Jane Austen would have written but it is a fun diversion. I enjoyed the love they had for each other. It was tremendous fun to watch as they opened up their hearts each and every day, how they shared themselves so freely with each other and no one other than themselves was ever wise for it. The much public live displayed showed affection and care for each other but what transpired behind closed doors was what fairy tales are made of. I really would recommend this to those who are romantic at heart since if you have read Pride and Prejudice and seen the 2005 big screen version this will extend your mental picture of the couple as they pass their first few months of married live. ENJOY!


The way I see them!!! I read this book a long time ago, and I read it over and over again. A lot of people compare it to the 2005 movie and I cannot complain about that. I loved that movie. It portrayed a passionate tension and this book unleashes that tension. Yes there is a lot of bedroom scenes but this couple just got married of course there are going to be lots of love scenes. I fell in love with Darcy all over again. I despise books that turn Darcy into a rake or a man with bastard children or lovers abound. He is supposed to be our fantasy not a reality. Not all is hearts and flowers in this book but most of it is and that is the way it should be especially for a young couple so in love.


The most beautiful, passionate and romantic happily-ever-after story ever!  I have always tremendously loved Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice since I was a teenager in high school and have reread the novel several times since. I have seen all TV and Film adaptations and loved them all. To quench my thirst for all things Pride and Prejudice I have always loved reading sequels. I have read dozens of them in the past. However none of them I have enjoyed reading as much as Sharon Lathan’s Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One. Her novel is by far the most romantic, beautiful, passionate, sensual, captivating, moving happily-ever-after novel I have ever read. Sharon Lathan’s portrayal of Darcy and Elizabeth is exactly what I have always been looking for in a sequel. The way Sharon Lathan captures the essence of a good and wonderful relationship is perfect. Her portrayal of a happy marriage based on true love is in fact timeless. Moreover I love Sharon’s writing style. Her attention to detail is wonderful. The novel is a loving and positive continuation of Pride and Prejudice against the interesting backdrop of the Regency Period. I also loved to encounter again all the familiar characters from the original novel and loved the introduction of new ones. Such a highly enjoyable read! I loved reading this novel enormously!


Enjoyed this very much  I’m totally hooked and have purchased the entire series and have read all several times. Its entertaining and has wonderful twists and turns. The introduction of a few new characters was great and I’m so glad I decided to ignore the negative views. I’m not a P&P purist so I can understand why those that are were unhappy with this book but she states that it is based more on the 2005 film and not the original novel. To each their own but for me very happy with my purchases.


My Guilty Pleasure  I have read and re-read this whole series MANY times! I think people need to lighten up with their reviews. This is a fresh, fun, romantic take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice characters. After getting hooked on the Twilight series I was looking for something with the same romance and drama, with a tad more maturity. This hit the hammer on the nail. Where Twilight brought me back to days of young love, Lathan brought me back to my honeymoon.

I don’t fancy myself a stuffy literary genius. I just love to curl up with an entertaining book at night. I have been known to finish the series and then restart from the beginning again! Mr. Darcy has become a household name with my young children and my thankful husband, who is thrilled to see the glimmer in my eyes each time I read one of Lathan’s novels.


LOVE doesn’t even described how much I loved this book  I have read this book about 100 times so far and I am surprised to see how low this book was in ratings!! Yes, the book leaves off where the movie ended and its different then the Jane Austen book itself. Yet this book is for people who want to see what happened to Elizabeth and Darcy and how their love grows and grows. For reviews that say this book does not have a plot, well that makes it even more realistic. Marriage is not about plots, it is about loving each other and supporting your significant other. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is most definitely in my top 5 favorite books of all time.


I love it, love it, love it….. Whether you are relaxing on the couch or enjoying the sun on the beach, reading Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a lovely way to spend your free time. The novel is following the Darcy’s in the first months of their happy marriage. As the subtitle “Two shall become one” already suggests, we follow the two strong characters while they are adjusting to each other. Sharon Lathan has gone one step further in describing their love. There is a lot of love scenes, which can be considered appropriate for a young couple of newlyweds!  The novel introduces a couple of new characters, both good as bad ones. The first Christmas as newlyweds is celebrated with family and friends. There is a ball and in the end Darcy shows how a ‘Regency man’ reacts as his wife is attacked. Everyone who loves romance and believes in a happy marriage will love it.


I really enjoyed the book. I had never considered a Pride and Prejudice sequel before I saw that book, but I loved P&P and decided it would be interesting to see what a different author would take of a story I loved so dearly. I found that Lathan’s focus was much the same as mine would have been, particularly for a first sequel directly following the engagement and wedding of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. It seems appropriate that a very generous amount of time would be taken to explore all facets of that new relationship. It’s much the same as becoming entranced with someone in real life and the almost obsessive tendencies one may develop. If people cannot relate to that, that is their loss, I suppose. There’s no harm in taking it for what it is–FICTION!–and enjoying the ride. I took it for what it was without making any judgments until I was finished with it, and found I was thoroughly happy to learn when I finished the first one that the story continued. Taken as a whole, also, the entire series is quite lovely.


Completely entranced! I recently found this continuation of Pride and Prejudice by Lathan, and have to admit I am completely entranced! I loved the 2005 movie adaption of the original novel starring Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen, and can easily imagine their characters in this novel from this author’s perspective. I cant wait to read the others in the series! Yes it is mushy, but totally what I had imagined.


Ms. Lathan magically continues P&P  I am always delighted to find a sequel of Jane Austen’s works, however, not all sequels are equal in measure. It has been such a treat to find Sharon Lathan’s series, I always feel like I am a secret guest of the Darcy’s and never want to leave! To find the perfect escape from the daily grind, I highly recommend getting each of Sharon Lathan’s novels. Trust me, once you pick up this book and begin reading, you may decide to skip the laundry or the dishes until you reach the last page. From a true Janeite!


Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam  If you love Pride and Prejudice then you will totally love these books. They take place right after the movie… and are so good. I can’t get enough of them!!


Beautifully romantic and uplifting I Love reading any sequels or variations to JA’s Pride and Prejudice. I find that Sharon’s style of writing has captured the life and imagery I always wanted to read in a sequel to the original. It is by far my favourite! I wanted Darcy and Lizzy to be passionate and devoted to each other and this is exactly what Sharon provides in her first of three novels. 

There is lots of romance, passion and loving. Darcy and Lizzy come alive and I am fortunate to have read all of Sharon’s novels and I can tell you this is just the beginning of a rich full life the Darcy’s have together. Sharon’s descriptiveness, attention to detail and history are a big part of the magic that draws me to her writing.


An amazing journey of Love   Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is just the novel that all Pride and Prejudice lovers have been waiting for! This amazing novel by Sharon Lathan, explores the Darcys right after they are married. This novel is full of passion, suspension intrigue and of course Elizabeth and Darcy. Now lovers of the original classic by Jane Austen can read about what happened. I loved every page of this book and was in suspense after page one. Warning to all readers: This book is EXTREMELY addictive, and after reading this I ran to my book store to pick up the sequel Lathan is a writing mastermind and any Austen fan would love to read this book!


Couldn’t put the book down… Sharon Lathan is a genius! I’ve always wanted read the continuing of Pride and Prejudice where I could actually see the characters interacting with each other and the way Sharon plays the Darcys affection and passion for each other, it is just intoxicating. Anyone who is a true Austen fan will appreciate and fall in love instantly with this story that not only offers true love to sword fighting, but it adds that passion that every married couple knows and singles dream of. BUY IT NOW AND FEEL THE LOVE!


Mr. and Mrs. Darcy: Two shall become one.  I was apprehensive at reading this book. I don’t care for reading like some do but, I was encouraged to try. I am glad I did! I always wondered for years what it would have been like for Elizabeth to move into Pemberley, how the staff would like her and how Georgiana would take her. This book fulfilled every bit of how I pictured it would be. There were ALOT of sexual content in this book. Being one who doesn’t care to read romance novels because of the sexual content, I was a bit annoyed at first. However, when you think of newlyweds, it is fitting. I definitely recommend this book to any Pride and Prejudice fan.


Finally a Darcy sequel with a happy ending. Lizzy and Darcy’s true spirits are revealed in this wonderful book and its descendants.


Loved this one!  Oh this book was so awesome to read! I’ve read Pride and Prejudice and that book stands by itself so I came in with no expectations with this series and loved it for how she gives us their happily ever after as their life continues! I so love the created way that Ms. Lathan gives us what she would see to happening with Darcy and Elizabeth in their everyday life. It was just so adventurous as well as a beautiful romance! The writing is one that pulled me in from the beginning pages and I just kept wanting to read more and more. I’m so glad there are more related adventures of them by Ms. Lathan. I got a great feel for who Mr. Darcy was and how he related with Elizabeth and their marriage is fun to read! I didn’t expect to read Ms. Austen here (nor do I with other Jane Austen related books) and loved that it was so unique and real! If you want something fun and adventures with Darcy and Elizabeth, these are the ones to read!


I loved this book-the whole series was wonderful! There seems to be a lot of frustration and upset that the books are written based on the 2005 movie version and not the Jane Austen original. The author never claims to have based it on the Jane Austen original and even states that she wrote the book after viewing the movie and not Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I have read several continuations of Pride and Prejudice and there are no perfect versions as they all have their unique flavor in relation to the original story. I like the different variations of the original story line. That’s what makes it fun and why I keep reading the different novels. Way to go! I love this book and have read the full series 3 times in the past year. I THOROUGHLY ENJOY IT EVERY TIME I READ IT AND I AM A JANE AUSTEN ORIGINAL LOVER!!!!!


A must read!!  Sharon Lathan captures your heart and soul instantly in this continuation of Pride and Prejudice. The story is amazing and you find yourself falling in love with Mr. Darcy! If you are a P&P fan – you must read these books! Her writing is so descriptive you feel like you are walking the halls of Pemberley. I hope Sharon never stops writing! Each book draws you in more and more. This is exactly how I would want the story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to continue. Thank you Sharon!


So glad I read this!  I’m a big fan of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film, as well as the Austen novel. There is a lot of sex and lovey dovey talk between Darcy and Elizabeth. So if that is not your cup of tea, then this story is not for you. I do not understand the reviews that deemed this story plotless. I found there to be plenty of plot! You get a detailed account of the events prior to the marriage, the marriage ceremony itself, the honeymoon, Elizabeth’s arrival at Pemberley, her adjustment to life as Mistress of Pemberley and her newfound wealth, their first Christmas at Pemberley, interactions with new and old characters, as well as Elizabeth’s first ball as Darcy’s wife. Once you get past the lovemaking sessions of their honeymoon, I promise you there is interesting plot. It is not all sweet, as there are a few fights between Darcy and Elizabeth.

The language used to tell the story is not quite what Austen would have used, but I did not mind a bit as it made the story easy to follow and understand! I genuinely enjoyed reading this book as was attached to my kindle until I finished it. I am glad I paid no mind to the negative reviews and took the chance to decide for myself. I had a smile on my face while I read and am eager to begin the next one!


Most amazing book  I fell in love with this series quite by accident one day. Ever since I have been attached to these books. I have the entire Darcy Saga and I love them all. This one in particular is my favorite. I love the passion that ensues between these two. I have reread this book a thousand times. Do yourself a favor and read this book! It is simply amazing!


Strong beginning to an old friendship!  This is a beautifully written, easy read that stays true to the original novel. The author pays great attention to detail in each of the original characters. It is wonderful to finally see the happiness continue as it should. So many of the newer novels are too smutty or over written. This is one of the few Pride and Prejudice series that I have trouble waiting to read. I recommend all of these books in the series and cannot wait for the next one.


Excellently and tastefully written…  I have been an admirer of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice for some time now and had not ever thought to consider there may be ‘sequels’ to the delightful story. I stumbled across Sharon Latham’s books purely by accident, and am so happy I did. While she does admit in the forward that she first was hooked on Pride & Prejudice when she watched the 2005 version of the movie, she still has remained true to the characters. Sharon Latham has wrote all scenes very well, with good descriptive detail and in good taste, in keeping with how Jane Austen would have written with decorum. My stomach was all aflutter as I read this book, as I read of the intense, pure love that the new husband and wife had developed for each other after months of despairing it to ever be possible. Every time I put the book down, and that was a difficult task in itself, I left with a smile on my face, as a true love story is bound to do. 

I strongly believe that others will love this book as I have. It is well worth your time to read.


I absolutely love the Darcy Saga. Sharon Lathan does an excellent job of continuing what Jane Austen started. It is so much fun to continue the journey with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I could not put the book down one I started it and could not get my hands on the next two fast enough. If you love Mr. Darcy and are looking for a fantastic escape from reality to a simpler more elegant time you have to read these book. Just be careful as they are extremely addictive.


Fantastic!!!!  I’ve always been a big fan of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and I’ve finally discovered the perfect sequel to it! Sharon Lathan wrote a wonderful book! She loves the Darcys and she loves to tell their story. Her book starts after the wedding ceremony and the reader is traveling with Lizzy and Darcy to Pemberley. There they spend their honeymoon and begin their lives as husband and wife. These first weeks are described in a beautiful way, we learn so much about the Darcys, about their love, their families and their future plans.

One of the highlights in the book is the celebration of Christmas at Pemberley. Sharon Lathan knows a lot about England, history and the Regency time. She gives us a perfect story about true love. It is very seldom to find such a wonderful book. And I am very happy that there are already part 2 and 3! I can’t wait to read these and learn more about the Darcys. I can only recommend this book! It is fantastic!


ENCHANTING! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ! As a great fan of Jane Austen’s work, I highly recommend this book (and series). If you are searching for a sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, then allow me to suggest this series for your enjoyment.

The book is well written with an easy flow that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. It’s not a shocking, scandalous or heart wrenching or series, but a true romance between a husband and wife in a portrait of a positively blissful marriage. Ms. Lathan’s extensive research on her character’s historical settings proves to be fruitful, providing a beautiful visualization of the time and place in which these two lovers live, love and enjoy each other to the fullest extent. 

The love scenes are not crass or unnecessarily vulgar, but lead one’s imagination into a beautiful and passionate relationship that can only be described as “pure love”.

Do not expect this to be a series from the pen of Jane Austen herself, as no one could tell us what she would have written if she were to write a sequel. But do expect that when you put the book down, you find yourself satisfied and happily enjoying the true meaning of “Happily Ever After”. Again, a highly recommended read – as well as the following two novels by Ms. Lathan.


A great read. If you love P&P then you’ll love this book. Enough said. Go buy it! Keep an open mind, and you’ll love it too!


A deeply passionate, beautiful and light-hearted fun novel  Mrs. Lathan has written a deeply passionate, beautiful and light-hearted fun novel on the life of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy where Pride & Prejudice left off. Being someone who is well read when it comes to the sequels of Jane Austen’s famous novel, I consider this book among the very best. Jane Austen’s original characters are joined by some new ones who are witty, fun, lovable, warm, loyal, and altogether captivating. 

I’m shocked to read so many negative comments about this story. My advice to everyone who loves Pride & Prejudice, read this book for yourself and I know you’ll come to love it as much as I and a lot of others have. Remember you have the opportunity to search the book and read passages before you purchase which will serve to only confirm what I have already told you, this is a wonderful story.


A Well-done work of Fan Fiction  Sharon Lathan’s Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a really enjoyable story of what could happen after Pride and Prejudice ends. This story is so different from most of the other fan fiction books out there because it tells a story about Elizabeth and Darcy’s life the way you want it to occur. They have their own marital troubles and there is some drama, but we get to visit with these wonderful characters and see them obviously in love with each other and happy in their new life together. I can’t wait to read the next one!


Loved it!!  If you loved the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice and you love happily ever after stories, this is not only the book for you, but the saga for you. I have read a lot of fan fiction. I am by no means a Jane Austen purist, but I do love everything Austen. I love both of the major movie versions (and of course, read the original books) and most of the fan fiction that is out there. This series is by far my favorite of the fan fiction. I have never really been a reader of romance novels but this book is very romantic. For those who scoff and say that no real relationship could be like this, I feel sorry for you…. because I married a man like this. Ignore the mean, negative reviews… and if this sounds like the kind of novel you would like…take a chance and read it for what it is. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


Incredibly Breathtaking!  I have such a fascination with both Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet, and when the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice debuted, I felt Matthew Macfadyen brought Mr. Darcy to life. Sharon Lathan has resurrected the most famous couple in English literature. She goes beyond Jane Austen and gives us a look into the married life of the Darcys. With each page that I read, I found myself wishing to be Mr. Darcy. I envisioned a man such as Darcy being, sweet, romantic and gentle towards his new wife. This book literally took my breath away. With each page, I was hungry for more of what would happen next. This is seriously one of the very few books I could read over and over again. For anyone who is a true romantic at heart, I highly recommend this book! Keep up the superb work Sharon!!!


You will love this book! Perfection, I love this book and could hardly put it down. This book continues the story of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy and is based on the 2005 P&P Movie with Keira Knightley. It is a great romantic story and you will love it, enjoy!


Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy  Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was a masterpiece. Sharon Lathan’s book is purely her interpretation of what happened after their wedding. She does a brilliant job of showing how much in love these two characters are. That is the exact point of Pride and Prejudice, showing how two people overcame everything for their love. Every author is going to be different in their novels on how they see Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam’s life. Sharon Lathan’s interpretation is purely based on the love that these two characters share and she does a wonderful job of writing it. I have recommended this book to all of my Jane Austen fans and every single one of them loved it.


I Love this book. Sharon Lathan wrote about the true honeymoon and/or what it should be like. It was not a problem for me to visualize from the Jane Austen Classic. The intensity of the pride and prejudice Jane and William had for each other through misunderstanding changed and was later realized an intense love they had for one another, that love they previously denied due to pride or prejudice, but now that same intensity turned around and their true feelings for one another emerged and continued to bloom through the honeymoon period. And, as far as I am concerned a honeymoon can last for a lifetime. This book was very believable.


The Way A Marriage Should Be…  After reading Pride and Prejudice, and seeing the on-screen movie I was excited to find a book that continues the wonderful story of Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy so beautifully. The portrayals of their tender moments together of getting to know each other on so many different levels will have you smiling, blushing, laughing, weeping, and put you directly on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what happens next. Their love is expressed throughout the pages of this book in such a beautiful, adoring, and passionate way. You will experience Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s characters grow in their love and understanding of each other though many precious moments of affection, learning, and even though some turmoil along the way. In fact, you will learn a new depth to each of the characters, including Georgiana Darcy and the wonderful staff of Pemberley.

The descriptions of the sceneries make you feel as if you can picture being there. Another thing that I love about this book it that there are several flashbacks to moments that occurred in their past during their engagement. The way Sharon portrays many of these moments playing out is truly wonderful…..especially their first kiss after they have become engaged. Don’t miss out on this wonderfully written story…..grab a coffee, pillow and get comfortable because you won’t want to put it down!


WOW!! Finally  To me this is one of the best Pride & Prejudice sequels ever written or better yet that I’ve ever read and believe me I’ve read a pretty good amount of them. It’s beautiful! and thrilling! all at the same time. You will fall so completely in love with the characters that they literally end up feeling real to you. You connect with them in a way that makes it unbelievable for them to be fiction. This is a book that no matter where you are you won’t want to put it down. This is the “happy ever after” of Mr. and Mrs. FItzwilliam Darcy that I hope many of you have been waiting to be read, I know that I have. So sit back, relax and prepare yourself to be swept off your feet by the Darcys.


Love it!  I loved this book. I was thrilled to have a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Who doesn’t want to know what happens after they get married? I was so excited. This book is romantic, sexy, and sweet. I couldn’t put it down and then when it was over I couldn’t wait for more! I was on pins and needles waiting for the next one!






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