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Editorial Reviews
for Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
Sharon Lathan
November 16, 2014 - 12:41 AM
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Romance Reader at Heart

roseleftReviewer’s Top Pick Rose  This new Austen sequel is heavy on the romantic overtones! It is a look into the first few months after Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet get married. Of course, they are deeply in love with one another, and Sharon Lathan has given readers a very affectionate and devoted couple. They have their trials and tribulations, but their love and relationship continues to grow. Many of Austen’s other beloved characters make appearances, adding to this sweet new tale of everyone’s favorite couple!

Jane Austen fans the world over wonder what happened to her delightful characters after her stories ended. It’s a natural thing to want to know more about characters who are as well-loved as hers are. For example… have you ever wondered just what happened between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth after Pride and Prejudice closed? I know I have. MR. & MRS. FITZWILLIAM DARCY shows just what may have happened. Sharon Lathan’s continuation of the famous novel is an interesting peek into the life of the couple. Highly entertaining, this story gives readers a bit more time with the Darcys.

The story opens just after the wedding, with Mr. Darcy being grateful their engagement has ended and their marriage is finally behind them. He looks over at his sleeping wife and the reader feels, right from the first page, the depth of his emotional attachment. This is, undoubtedly, a love story. the reader sees firsthand what marriage in the early 1800s entails; what obligations and duties fall to the partners and what sort of social constraints put each in his or her own place. This is a story of passion, but also of friendship. While the Darcys are definitely madly in love, they also share an openness that is enchanting. I still smile when I recall Lizzy’s appraisal of her husband in their bedchamber. She is, of course, appreciative of all his attributes but comments on his “nice” feet. So sweet and innocent, and makes the point that Lizzy was an inexperienced young woman learning how to love her new husband.

I raced through this book. I felt fully immersed in the time period, thanks to the author’s attention to detail. It is a real credit to Ms. Lathan that her storytelling style is in keeping with the author of work that inspired this novel. Well done!


Marta’s Meanderings

5-StarI don’t even know where to start with this wonderful book. I had heard from a few people that they thought it was too explicit compared to Jane Austen. Keeping that in mind, I plunged in and I loved it! There are no more of the Victorian chaste kisses, this is a full blown romance. The story has the characters acting as any newly married couple would act. I didn’t think it was very explicit at all. In fact I thought it was wonderfully written and kept me enthralled until the end. I found myself sighing once again over this couple. Darcy emerges as wonderfully romantic husband. We get to see the struggles they go through in the early days and see their love triumph. There is enough of the ’feel’ of Jane Austen to delight all fans of her novels. For me this was a great book and I’m excited that this is just the first in the series that follows this couple. I’m going to be first in line for the rest of the series!


Kelli Crowe

5-StarWow, some of the book reviewers over at really do not like this book.  I’m going to respectfully disagree with them and tell you this book is quite entertaining.  Sharon states in the forward that this book is inspired by the 2005 Keira Knightly / Matthew Macfadyen movie.  This is not my favorite or the most accurate representation of Jane Austen’s work. However, who am I to begrudge Ms. Lathan for how she came to love Darcy and Elizabeth?  It is a club big enough for us all.  So , yes, the “I heart Darcy and Elizabeth Club” is big enough for us all.  Even if we think that those who love the 2005 movie version have to sit in the cheap seats.  But as those of us who are devoted to the 1995 Colin Firth / Jennifer Ehle movie version look down our noses at them… just remember that there is a group doing the same to us.  They many even challenge us to locate the exact passage where Darcy emerges from the  pond in a wet, white shirt in Austen’s work.  I’m sure I remember reading it….

The title of the book is The Two Shall Become One.  And they do become one.  A lot.  And with gusto.  I think those who love Pride and Prejudice all hope to read a follow up that sounds just like it was written by Jane Austen herself.  In fact, if there were a follow up uncovered to have been secretly written by Jane, people probably would have problems with that one as well. There are a few that really have hit all the marks for me. Using the appropriate expectations and references, I quite liked the book.  I finished it and immediately ordered the next 2.

Language: B
Characterization: B
Plot: B
Revisit vs. Rehash: A
Wonderful Moments: A+
Originality: A
The moment I was hooked: A

Darcy is funny, thoughtful, sentimental and poetic at times.  It is as if once he let down his guard with Elizabeth, the transition from who he was to who he becomes with her is complete and instant.  I would have liked to see more of a transformation process for him.  While it did feel like we were playing a game of telephone at times (where the original message has gotten a bit distorted, i.e. the characters themselves),  I grew to like this version of Darcy. He writes romantic letters to My Dear, Precious Elizabeth, is a fantastic gift giver and trains and breaks horses for pleasure.  What is not to like? Elizabeth felt far more recognizable to me.  An interesting mixture of confidence and trepidation about her new life.

Plot: Using flashbacks, Lathan was able to add tension to parts of the story we already know. Brilliant.

I felt the story moved along really well, if at times slowed down a bit by paragraphs of description. But remembering that Lathan was inspired by a movie, I felt she was really trying to give the reader a visual.  I prefer dialog and plot movement to description.  But that is just me.There is a lot of marital affection.  And it is described in detail. There were parts I skimmed because it was just a bit much.  I wanted Darcy and Elizabeth to have a fulfilling marriage but hearing them call each other “Lover” made me wince.  Oh, yes, and as I have established, run into the ground and beat a dead horse with… this book was based on the 2005 movie.  So there are flashbacks and references to things that only happened in that movie.  Ex: There is a bust of Darcy instead of a portrait.

Rehash or Revisit:  No rehashing, which is excellent.  A few moments are referred to in conversation among characters and usually in a humorous or clever way.  There are 2 extended flashbacks that give new information and fit in very nicely to the story.

Wonderful Little Moments:   So many!  Elizabeth falling asleep on Darcy’s arm,  The Book, skating, Darcy and Elizabeth’s conversation while dancing.  The book is filled with wonderful moments.

Originality: The only one I have read so far inspired not by the book or the 1995 movie, but by (lets say it all together this time) the 2005 Keira Knightly movie.

The moment I was hooked:  The first line. “Thank goodness it is finally over, Fitzwilliam Darcy thought with a heavy sigh.”  I loved it that we were thrown right in where we left off with Austen.


Bridget’s Good Books, Bad Books

5-StarEver since I agreed to begin reviewing for publishers, I’ve been hoping for that “dream” book. The one you read that makes you sigh a little inside as you put it down because you don’t want it to end. I was lucky enough to find that book with Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan. In my head all throughout the book, I was picturing Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Keira Knightley as Lizzy. I’m not usually one for having actors in my head, but because I loved the movie, I don’t mind. I was hoping that this story would follow more along the lines of the story I saw in my head as to how the Darcy’s life would be together after P&P was over.

And I was not disappointed. From the moment the story starts, it’s like a continuation of the movie. I love the fact that it starts from Darcy’s POV and you can just see the love shining from him as he looks at his beloved wife.

Maybe it’s naughty of me, but I admit to wishing someone would delve a bit more into the passion so evident between the two. Ms. Lathan does that well. It’s obvious the two of them have sex, but it’s not fully modernized to the point where you have every single mention of body parts and tab-a-into-slot-b like 99% of the romances out there. This book isn’t chaste by any means, but it’s also much closer to what I would expect. I know, that doesn’t make sense, but I’m doing my best here

Ms. Lathan gives a richness to the story and details that you could almost expect Ms. Austen to have had them waiting just for this story. As I was reading, I could see what was happening in my head. The sights, sounds and emotions were so clearly detailed that I didn’t want this story to end.

And that’s what’s so great! She’s doing a full series on the life of Lizzy and Darcy. This is just book 1! *happy dance*

I can’t remember the last time I fell in love with a book like this. I can’t wait to share this with you and I’m hoping I’ll be lucky enough to speak to the author and maybe even give away a copy or two of this book. If you love Pride and Prejudice (especially the 2005 version of the movie), then I cannot stress to you enough how much you should go find a copy of this book. It’s awesome!


Awaiting Diana Books

5-StarPride and Prejudice sequels and fill ins are a passion of mine. I have read almost all of them in existence – not all, but almost all. What is the draw for me? Purely and plainly, it is the character of Darcy. I love him. He is a thinking girl’s “Knight in Riding Boots” and Sharon’s rendering of my favorite literary man is nothing short of nirvana for the Darcy lover. Now, I know there are those out there who will disagree – and you can disagree all you want. I want a Darcy who doesn’t have a dark past, who doesn’t have any illegitimate half siblings, who doesn’t time travel….. you get my message here. We each have our own image of Darcy. Sharon delivers that to her reader – and then some. That is one of my favorite parts about that character. Miss Austen gave us just enough to go on – and we get to fill in the blanks.When Sharon discovered the character of Darcy and filled in her own blanks, she made him into a very masculine, romantic and passionate Darcy. That is the driving force behind this book. Darcy is so wonderful and manly, you cannot help but to fall for him. He and Elizabeth set out in their newly married life to explore and discover one another – and while they are both very dedicated to their ‘studies’, the romantic and passionate love between the two keeps the reader mesmerized. It is a lovely rendering of a loving and passionate marriage.

This is not Pride and Prejudice rehashed and regurgitated with a few details changed. This book is truly the continuing story of the lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy and his new bride Elizabeth. There are quite a number of sensual scenes in this book – which is very true to life for the stage of marriage that Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth are in. They have just discovered the pleasures of the flesh as it were. If you want a story that will bring you intimately into the lives of the Darcys after they begin their married life together, this is the book for you.

The continuing story of the lives of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam is lovingly told by Ms. Lathan with great care and attention to detail. The research and historical context is both romantic and enlightening for the reader. You come away with a real sense of life in the late 19th century and a real sense of the lives of these two people who are deeply in love with one another.

In the end, you are uplifted by a story about love that is not riddled with odd plot points and dark themes. This is, quite simply, a story about love an excellent example of marriage and happily ever after. A wonderful read that is tailor made for the romantic at heart.


The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

5-StarI have to admit upfront that I have never read Jane Austen. Well, I cheated once and listened to an audio of Emma, but that’s it as far as my Austen experience goes. Ms. Lathan is a huge Austen fan, enamored of Pride and Prejudice, and began wondering what life would have been like for these two lovers after PaP. She started writing her version of that idea as fanfic, and the next thing she knows she has a trilogy about one of those most beloved historical couples being published for all the world to see. I think Ms. Austen would be proud.

Now, I’m not sure the fact I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice is a good thing or a bad thing at this point.I didn’t get the full impact of the misunderstanding between Darcy and Elizabeth, how it was resolved and the resulting re-proposal and upcoming nuptials. I think I did get the flavor of it all, though, in this book that eventually gives rise to the love and romance between these two characters. At first I thought their spoken endearments of love were a little effusive, but then it goes hand in hand with their initial innocence at loving and then their steadily growing passion for one another. It actually worked beautifully.This first book in the series takes place over an approximate six-month span, starting with the wedding day that both Darcy and Elizabeth thought they’d never see. I like the fact that both are completely innocent when it comes to the wedding night, and that particular scene is one of my favorites in the book. I also like that Darcy is a romantic at heart. He not only tells Lizzy he loves her every chance he gets, he also shows her in deed, including in the bedroom and anywhere else the mood strikes him. They also have a very teasing and fun relationship due to Lizzy’s wit and sense of humor, something that works its way into her new husband over time.

You can see the change Elizabeth and her love has wrought in Darcy through his family’s and friends’ eyes, noticing he now smiles more, laughs more, jokes more, and is at peace, something they know he’s never possessed. He’s a man who can do without society and has done so for years, only being seen out and about when necessary. But now with his beautiful wife on his arm, he finds he enjoys the trappings of society once in a while. Elizabeth has the usual worries about Darcy’s family and staff liking her, getting used to his money and estate and what it can do for them, and the unwanted attention of a rogue.

This part of the book came not a moment too soon for me. More than halfway through the book the honeymoon is still in full swing, good things abound for this couple, and I kept thinking when will something happen to slow down the bliss and the ardor. I mean, it has to eventually. Life may be charmed for some folks, but it can’t always be hearts and flowers. Ms. Lathan delivers right on time, the rogue she throws into the mix gives life and love a new dimension for both Darcy and Elizabeth.

And I know it’s because of what we’re now used to in our romance novels in this day and age, but I really enjoyed that those two can’t keep their hands off one another, loving their way through this book at every opportunity, going crazy when separated from each other even for a minuscule amount of time. Also, their pact to be honest with one another, keep no secrets from the other, say what they mean and mean what they say is an added plus. They went through the big misunderstanding once, the reader doesn’t need another one. They have spats now instead, which is more true to life, especially during the newly wed stage.

The author has a very nice, lovely voice for this genre. Since I’ve not read Austen before, I can’t say how close she is to that legend’s voice, but for this reader it works quite well. I look forward to the next two books in the trilogy, which will, when complete, cover the first year of the Darcys’ marriage. I believe I got a good feel for them and their life even without Ms. Austen’s story.


One Literature Nut

5-StarThis is one case in which I wish I had not read other reviews. People were so negative, that I kept waiting for something to make me hate the novel. When that didn’t happen, I kept wondering what was wrong with me! I soon let that all go, and allowed myself to enjoy the novel in exactly the way it was written…without prejudice on my part!

While I was thrown back a little by the marital relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, based on a cold-read, I soon warmed to the story and characters I had grown to love previously from Austen’s famous novel. Lathan has a beautiful writing style, and simply tries to get the reader to see beyond their own pride to consider what a mature relationship between these two iconic lovers might look like. If you’re not one to like any sort of trifling with an original work, then simply move along; however, if you like to consider the “what ifs” behind a story or set of characters, then you can take this on as a wonderfully romantic idealization of what the Darcys’ new life together might be like. All in all, I enjoyed seeing where Austen’s characters picked up from their honeymoon on into the life they create at Pemberley. I enjoyed watching Elizabeth learn how to be the Mistress of Pemberley, and their first holiday season together. While charmingly romantic, there are some moments of tension and hardship that help further develop their new relationship. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Lathan’s foray into the Darcy’s new life together!


Awaiting Diana Books

5-StarI am a huge fan of Jane Austen, “Emma” being my absolute favorite…”Pride And Prejudice” being a close second. Being a fan of the original, I have always been reluctant to attempt to read a pre-quel or sequel to any of her books…that being said, I attempted to read Linda Berdoll’s trilogy and only got through the first couple of chapters because it was too….well, I don’t know, but it almost ruined P&P for me. Darcy and Elizabeth weren’t that kind of people in my heart and mind.MR. AND MRS. FITZWILLIAM DARCY~TWO SHALL BECOME ONE sequel to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE… is the continuation of the relationship of new lovers…the everyday life of a married couple…no drama, the only craziness is Mrs. Bennett, and that is normal for Elizabeth, and Mr. Darcy has come to discover this for himself.

We begin with the Darcy’s newly married and contemplating their courtship and looking forward to their wedding night, there’s a bit of a build up, but it is a sweet moment in my heart. As I read of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s courtship, Sharon shocked me in many ways….over things that I would have never thought of in any lifetime…Darcy’s purity was the first, and quite honestly, refreshing and adorable in my heart. It’s one of the few remaining questions I would love to ask Sharon-why Mr. Darcy, a man of such command, is a virgin…but that is neither here nor there, it’s a sweet thought.

The wedding night was adorable as well….no heaving bosoms or throbbing whatevers…just two people in love sharing a special moment-the first.

The relationship throughout the novel is wonderful. It is the type of relationship all single grown women dream about…to have a man love you unconditionally and know that good times and bad times will come, but you will be together. This is the “Happily Ever After…add Mrs. Bennet and Life”…sorry Sharon, she is one of my favorite side characters, and she makes me laugh every time!!

What made me giggle is how easily Sharon created a likeable Mr. Darcy. He is approachable, and comes out of his shell quite easily with Elizabeth. The easy banter between Lizzy and Darcy in this novel is touching and fun. You can see the two of them becoming closer every day.

I loved the novel, and had a hard time putting it down, and am now groaning in impatience because I have to wait until later in the year for the next installment of the life of the Darcys and their families and friends. I enjoyed the first installment of the life at Pemberley, and I am looking forward to LOVING MR. DARCY~JOURNEYS BEYOND PEMBERLEY coming out September 1, 2009 and THE DARCYS AT YEAR’S END to be released in January 2010.


Blue Ridge Loft

4-StarI fell in love with Darcy & Elizabeth when I first saw the BBC adaption of Pride & Prejudice back in the late 90’s. I’m rather partial to that version over the newer adaption with Kiera Knightley, which, from my understanding is the version that inspired The Darcy Saga. When I began reading Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One, I had already read all the bad, and glowing reviews and to be honest this wasn’t the first sequel to Pride & Prejudice that I had read, Bar Sinister being my first, so I was prepared for some titillating scenes.

With that in mind, I think the author handled the relationship scenes without being too graphic, as adults we can use our own imaginations if we want to supply more details LOL. I’m not one to read a graphic romance novel normally, I can handle sex in a book but when it goes on and on describing anatomy and what each individual is doing or having done for the entire book that is too much so I shy away, but there is a delicate balance here and the story of Darcy & Lizzy shines through.

I love the story that Ms. Lathan created, and would have given the book five stars if there was less sex in the book, it wasn’t all that graphic so I continued and am glad I did. I recommend it if you don’t mind a true love story filled with passion.


CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

4-StarFor those who watched either the movie versions or read Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, get ready for here is the next adventure in the lives of the Lizzy and Mr. Darcy from the moment following their “I do’s”. It took these two people a long time to reach a common ground and admit their love for one another, and Lathan’s story follows the journey in their relationship from the honeymoon and chronicles the first year of their new life together. It’s a journey for both, not only for adapting to one another but especially for Lizzy as she adapts to a whole different lifestyle for her new station in life.

Because I am a devoted fan of all things Jane Austen I jumped at the chance to pick up the next chapter following the lives of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy after the wedding and I applaud author Sharon Lathan in keeping the image of these two people pretty close to where I imagined their lives would lead them. Actually, anyone not having read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (hard as it is to imagine) would find this story of a newly wed couple to be a sweet and sensual delight regardless of not having known them before.Historically speaking, the marriage between Darcy and Lizzy would have been looked at with obvious bewilderment – namely because of the fact that Darcy had married beneath himself having a loftier station in life versus Lizzy, and two, the fact that these two were in love. The loftier gentry generally married for social position and hardly ever concerned themselves with feelings – true love matches being a rarity. However, it is the excellent interpretation and creativeness of just this portion of the story that gives the reader so much pleasure and drives the wonderfully sweet ‘love’ story as Darcy helped to give Lizzy the confidence and self-reliance needed to assume her new position while still remaining as sweet and caring as the day they’d met even though they hated to admit their attraction. Watching them both fall more and more in love, and lust, was a true thrill. The author gives the reader a lovely gift in watching these two grow in their love and maturity as they learn to communicate and relish thoroughly the physical aspect of marriage.

Bottom Line: Jane Austen fan or not – you’re going to love this author’s interpretation of life after the wedding as Darcy and Lizzy begin a honeymoon that looks to last forever. Very highly recommended reading.

I highly recommend MR. AND MRS. FITZWILLIAM DARCY~TWO SHALL BECOME ONE to any Jane Austen fan…for those of us who like the sweet side of the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, this is a perfect continuation. Thank you Sharon for penning such an awesome book, and for making my first real foray into P&P sequels very enjoyable!


Moonlight to Twilight

4-StarKudos to Sharon Lathan for her delightful telling of the months following Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s wedding in “Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One” novel! Anyone who is a fan of the movie version of ‘Pride & Prejudice’ starring Kiera Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen will enjoy this continuance of their love story. The novel starts with a foreword from the author telling of her first seeing the movie in 2005 and how it gave her “warm fuzzy feeling’s running amok”…which I am sure many of us can empathize with!The continuing story of Elizabeth and William (as Lizzy & his family call Mr. Darcy) begins with their marriage and includes a few flashbacks to the days leading up to the wedding. These flashbacks occur a few times in the book and are often flashes of scenes from the movie its self. I just loved this! It gave me a great visual and fed my hunger for all the ‘what happened next’ feelings the end of the movie left me with.

The book is full of William and Elizabeth pledging their undying love for one another and sex. Not graphic, but tasteful. What was a bit unexpected to me was Mr. Darcy revealing to Elizabeth that he is a virgin like her, but that he’s well read on the subject of sex and pleasing a wife. He admits this when Elizabeth comes to him before the marriage with her concerns about sex after a rather discouraging talk with her mother Mrs. Bennet who told her “I have headache” works wonders at keeping a husband away and getting out of wifely duties once an heir is produced. The openness, honesty and awkwardness of these two totally in love virgins trying to put each other at ease about this part of their marriage was nicely done and totally unexpected by myself when reading it.

Their love story continues beautifully in Ms. Lathan’s version of what happens after the wedding. If at all possible, they fall more deeply in love with each other each passing day. Elizabeth has much to learn about being a Darcy and running such a large household, but William is patient and doesn’t pressure her at all. They quite rapidly fall into marriage and knowing each others moods and needs as if (like we didn’t already know) they were destined to be together. Soul mates in every way. Marriage is bliss and one long honeymoon for the Darcy’s.

Enter evil villain: the Marquis of Orman. Orman and William despise each other and have for years for no particular reason, but the feelings are mutual between them. Orman (clearly a fool) is driven to harass Elizabeth and as you can imagine Mr. Darcy doesn’t take well to this at all. I won’t give away all that, but it was great fun to read and of course Mr. Darcy, fine specimen of man that he is, turns out the hero to save the day of his beloved Elizabeth!

Well done Sharon Lathan! I truly enjoyed revisiting Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and was thrilled that you took your cue from my favorite movie version of the book.


The Book Nest

Lizzie and her Mr. Darcy have gotten married at the end of the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice. This book begins where that left off and occasionally even flashes back to exact scenes from the movie. The book takes us throughout the first several months of their marriage as they fall even more in love and as Lizzy settles into her role as Mrs. Darcy and the mistress of the Pemberley estate.One thing I think the author does particularly well is surround us by the Regency period. The language, the tones of conversations and the atmosphere felt authentic to original Austen (although, like I said, the plot is truer to the movie version than to the original book). Even the characters, for the most part, felt genuine and their behavior consistent. Scenes where Lizzy was meeting Derbyshire society and when she was acting as hostess at Pemberley stand out as ones I particularly liked reading. If you want a story of true love – a couple perfectly matched and infatuated with each other and living in a splendid historical time period, than this is the book for you.


Royal Reviews

5-StarThis is the second sequel that I’ve read to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and I’ve loved them both but this one is my favourite because of the sensuality. I absolutely loved Sharon’s telling of Lizzy and Darcy’s marriage.This book is wonderfully romantic as you sit back and enjoy their story unfold. Read about Lizzy as she works very hard to settle into her role as Mrs Darcy whilst enjoying the pure bliss of their intimacy. The Darcy’s marriage is exactly how I imagine a true love match would have been in those days. Sharon very cleverly wove the intimacy into the story, making it highly erotic and very sensual. They are a passionate couple who enjoy discovering each other in every sense.

I’ve read a few reviews that said this book was too sexual, but come on, who doesn’t want to peek behind Darcy’s bedroom door? I for one loved reading about the intimacy that Darcy and Elizabeth shared and that the emotional passion they had for each other in Pride and Prejudice translated into a very physical passion for the modern reader. But there is much more to this story than just fantastic sex and reading it, remembering what it was like to be a newly married couple, thinking you couldn’t possibly love this person more than you do, only to find yourself more deeply in love with them each day. I was lucky enough to find that in my life, 25 years ago and it was so nice to be reminded of it. It’s what every couple deserve to have with each other and if you’re lucky you will not only find it, but you will find a way to maintain it. You really get a romantic high from reading this book, can’t you tell?

If you have any interest in Pride and Prejudice sequels then I can’t recommend Sharon Lathan’s books highly enough. If you love the romance genre then I also urge you to read this series. When I read this book I had not even read Pride and Prejudice, this book inspired me to read it and I loved it.


The Romance Studio

4heartsThere is no question how much Fitzwilliam Darcy loves Elizabeth, whom he refers to as Lizzy. The past eight weeks of the engagement had held wonderful memories that had been most delightful. Now Lizzy was his wife, and no man could be happier than William. Elizabeth simply loves how William’s eyes glow when he speaks of his family. As their love connects them closer with every passing day, William is driven wild with desire for his beloved. She is bewitching, and their honeymoon proves just how deep their love extends now. He has no idea how he survived all those years without his sweet Lizzy. She is spirited and vibrant and William wants to learn so much more with her. With his magic hands, Lizzy is captivated with his touch and his mere presence. Their love is something to be cherished for the rest of their lives. With the couple being inexperienced as young lovers, can they find the right equation to make their desires even more fulfilling?

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy is a romance that transcends through time. Elizabeth and William’s passion, as they explore their honeymoon, is wonderfully written. The reader gets an idea of how deep their love excels. Sharon Lathan permits the true feelings of Elizabeth and William to illustrate their most tender emotions and hidden desires toward the other. I liked the way their romance buds for the other. Their emotions swim through each page, allowing this reader to visualize their sensations. It was almost as if they could read each others thoughts and act upon them. With simmering ardor for the other, the characters are solid, passionate, and convincing; permitting this reader to believe their honeymoon is not only just the beginning but a lifetime of love that will never turn cold.


Eye on Romance

4.5StarsThis story continues the story of Elizabeth Bennet, now Mrs Darcy, and Fitzwilliam Darcy from the much loved Pride and Prejudice. In this story, Darcy and Lizzy begin their married life. Ms Lathan has written what she believes happened between Darcy and Elizabeth in their first year of marriage including their first public outing and Christmas.The story opens with the end of the wedding and Mr and Mrs Darcy on their way to their new life together. We are taken through the first night and also the first days of their life together and the patterns they will set for the future. The couple is honest with each other and there are lots of kisses, lots of “I love you” and lots of intimate moments and cuddling. Darcy assists Elizabeth in her new role and sometimes proves a distraction. Elizabeth also has to deal with the gossip about her marriage to Darcy but she deals with it with aplomb.

The characterization of Elizabeth and Darcy has been well done in this story and has been mostly in keeping with Jane Austen’s version. There were times, as a reader, I felt that Darcy was out of character but that would be my vision of Darcy. I know he loves Elizabeth dearly but at times it seemed his love and affection had been taken too far towards mushy even though we know Darcy has his public image and his private image.

Ms Lathan has shown the difficulties Elizabeth has settling into the role of Mrs Darcy and the Mistress of Pemberley. Such difficulties include the gifts Darcy wants to buy for her, her wardrobe, and having a personal maid to assist her. Of course Elizabeth does shine and tackles the tasks with her known sense of humor. As we travel the story with Darcy and Elizabeth, she is feted wherever she goes and all those immediately succumb to her wit and personality. I liked it when Darcy and Elizabeth have their first marital fight as it showed they were more real. And before Darcy and Elizabeth can make up, Lizzy has an accident and Darcy is in despair.

We do not see many of the other familiar characters except as points of reference to add flavour to the story so we do not learn what happen to them in that first year.


Melanie’s Musings

Darcy and Elizabeth have gone through a lot because of each other. Misunderstandings have caused much pain. Now, they are finally married and set off on a journey that will last a lifetime.Although I was very excited to read this book, I was also a bit apprehensive. It’s clear that this is a happily ever after tale, and sometimes I can be a bit of a cynic. Could Darcy and Elizabeth really be happy? This book won me over completely. When I read this book I was in the perfect mood and found myself quite happily whisked away on this adventure.

The first part of the novel is simply the two newlyweds getting to know each other. This was my favorite part of the book. During this time, the plot moved along at a slow, leisurely pace. Then, things started to pick up a bit. An antagonist is introduced. You get a feeling something big is going to happen, and it does.

Simply put, this book made me smile. It was fun to see Darcy and Elizabeth get to know each other. They are two bright, intelligent people, equals. It’s more of a sequel to the 2005 version of the movie than the book. Lathan goes as far as to moving the proposal scene to a meadow, and there is another scene reminiscent of the final scene in the movie. The characters, however, remain true. Darcy is very much Darcy, and Elizabeth is still Lizzy. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a great start to the author’s Darcy Saga, and I look forward to reading the books that follow.


The Book Zombie

Since, Two Shall Become One, was inspired by the 2005 film version of the novel rather than the Austen novel, the characters are more comparable to the parts played by Knightly and Macfadyen. The story begins as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy return as newlyweds to Pemberley, after a brief honeymoon stay along the way. What follows is a new introduction to one another for the couple, as they essentially learn how to behave and interact in their new roles of husband and wife. This is also a time for Elizabeth to discover what it means to become the lady of an estate, while Mr. Darcy must become more comfortable with sharing his home and his life with his new partner. And of course we get to be witness to the very first social events hosted by the pair. Family, friends and familiar characters appear from time to time but it’s Mr and Mrs. Darcy who steal the spotlight as the perfect pair of newlyweds.

The characters in this story are slightly different from the original Austen creations, but by keeping in mind that this is more of a continuation of the film version, it is very accurate. Lathan states on her website that she has done much research into not only the Austen novel, but also the time period and location of Pride and Prejudice. This is very clear to the reader as her descriptive writing is outstanding in it’s detail. Overall the writing is terrific, and the author shows a great talent at both dialogue, narrative and description. I am very much interested in reading Sharon Lathan’s upcoming Pride and Prejudice books. The next volume Loving Mr Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley, looks to be interesting. According to the author’s website, this book will focus on the societal introduction of Elizabeth as Mrs Darcy, with balls, opera, travel and shopping trips. With the author’s obvious attention to historical detail, this should be quite a fascinating read.


Savvy Verse and Wit

3.5-StarMr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a scintillating novel that will have readers blushing right alongside Elizabeth Darcy as she and her husband embark upon the rest of their lives as a married couple. Mrs. Darcy gets acclimated to life as Mistress of Pemberley, while her husband relishes his wife’s attentions and delights in helping her fit into his world without losing the passionate and independent woman he loves.

Darcy attacked the superb provisions with relish and Elizabeth was not too far behind. They had fun with the process: feeding each other morsels, licking and sucking each other’s fingers, kissing honey-smeared lips. Eventually even Darcy’s appetite was quenched, and with a satisfied sigh, he reclined on an enormous pillow. Elizabeth leaned against his bent knee and gazed dreamily into the fire. Neither spoke.

This novel provides a look at the intimacy this classic couple shares behind closed doors and away from society’s prying eyes. Readers will begin to feel like voyeurs as they become drawn into Pemberley’s world and the coupling of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy. In the background hovers the ominous presence of Lady Catherine and the rumors she spread about Elizabeth Darcy and her future, detrimental affect on Pemberley and the Darcy name. The word play between these two characters continues and is a delight. It’s fantastic to see Col. Fitzwilliam return as well and inject his wit as well.

Darcy greeted his cousin heartily. ‘Darcy, old man, you are positively beaming! Married life surely agrees with you,’ Col. Fitzwilliam decreed. ‘More than I could possibly verbalize, cousin. Someday you must give up your reckless bachelor ways and discover the joys of matrimony.’ Richard shuddered. ‘Not too hasty, Darcy, not too hasty. Mrs. Darcy, if I may be so bold, you are radiant. Shocked I am, to tell the truth,’ he said, with a sly glance at Darcy. ‘Personally, I thought you would be weary of this old codger by now!’

Readers will find this romance novel stays true to the original Austen characters and develops their relationship more fully within the bounds of matrimony and society’s conventions. It is good to see Mr. Darcy soften with the help of his wife, learning to laugh and interact with others with less rigidity, and it is equally as fascinating to see Mrs. Darcy garner maturity in his presence, while continuing to blossom as a woman and wife. Overall, this is a good romance and a great way to spend an afternoon or two in wedded bliss with Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy.


Armchair Interviews

Sharon Lathan has created a warm and romantic world for the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Their love soars to dizzying heights of joy as they truly get to know each other. Elizabeth faces some daunting tasks– getting to know the aristocratic neighbors; dealing with the nasty Lady Catherine, Darcy’s aunt; and the return home of Darcy’s sister Georgiana.Nothing seems to dampen their ardent love for one another, until a Twelfth Night Ball and Masque given by the Coles. Will the neighborhood accept her as Mistress of Pemberley? How many of the young women present had nursed a hope that they might one day become his bride? Will she be able to win them over? Unfortunately Elizabeth is seated next to the Marquis of Orman, a man who has long resented Darcy. Orman’s relentless pursuit of Elizabeth, discovering her while on a walk on Pemberley grounds, endangers both their lives and their future together. Flashbacks fill in the details of their memories of the proposal, engagement, and wedding.

This lovely novel of what comes after the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice creates a possible world at Pemberley for Darcy and Elizabeth. If you like Austen you will enjoy this sensual and heartfelt exploration of the Darcy’s newly married life together. Armchair Interviews agrees.


Publishers Weekly

This surprisingly steamy sequel to Pride and Prejudice is the first of Lathan’s fan-fiction interpretations of life after “happily ever after” for Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. The story, which opens moments after the lavish wedding ceremony, finds the new Mr. and Mrs. Darcy nestled into a carriage bound for their honeymoon. With curious minds, hands and mouths, they while away their vacation—and the following weeks and months, as they set up house at Pemberley—relishing their privacy and delighting in their new roles as husband and wife. And when the talk grows tiresome or those hours apart unbearable, they tumble into bed—or onto a bearskin rug. Still, through the haze of wedded bliss, time marches on: to Lizzy’s delight, Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, returns home just as Christmas preparations are underway, but all is not calm—the Marquis of Orman, whom Elizabeth first encounters at the Twelfth Night Ball, has sinister intentions. This is probably the hottest Austen sequel yet.


Diary of an Eccentric

The book begins at the start of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s marriage. Lathan’s writing is beautiful, slowly unfolding the Darcy’s love story. From the nervousness of the wedding night to the making of a routine that would mark their days at Pemberley, Lathan captures it all in a voice that transports the reader to Regency England. Lathan does a great job with the characters of Elizabeth and Darcy, staying true to the mannerisms and thoughts of Austen’s beloved couple. Elizabeth’s captivating personality and wit shines through, and it’s nice to see the transformed Darcy and his romantic, sentimental side.

I loved when Darcy escorted Elizabeth to the Masque Ball, with all the talk about Darcy’s new bride and what happens when a certain guest is aggressive toward Elizabeth, and I wish the book had more scenes like that one.

Even though the only bit of tension in the book occurs toward the end, Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One kept my attention throughout. Lathan’s addition to the numerous Pride and Prejudice sequels should stand out due to top-notch writing and an Austen-esque voice. If you love Elizabeth and Darcy, you won’t want to miss this one.


Grace’s Book Blog

I really liked this book.  I love how Lathan injects drama into the continuing story of Darcy and Elizabeth. Their life is not quiet in Lathan’s world as you would assume it to be in Austen’s world. I loved that she injected the bad influence of a town scoundrel into the novel. I also love that it resulted in a duel which is something I always wanted to see in a Austen sequel. It gives Darcy a bit of an edge. The relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy is portrayed excellently. Their relationship is clearly passionate in the early days of their marriage. The love between them is tangible and Lathan portrays it well. I also love how Elizabeth calls Darcy “William”. I found that so sweet.If you love Jane Austen sequels, please pick this one up. It is quite the wonderful read.


Allison’s Attic

3.5-StarSharon Lathan has created an amazing book about consuming love between 2 people that anyone would love to have with that special someone. The majority of the story actually happens in their bedchambers. The banter between Darcy and Elizabeth behind closed doors is intimate and erotic, which amazed me knowing how ‘stiff’ they are when out in public (due of course to the ‘proper’ rules they must follow.) “Two Shall Become One” kept my attention with the writings descriptive details of the surroundings that Elizabeth and Darcy would be in. I felt as though I was there with them, peeking in through a window. The ending seemed a bit rushed with a number of things happening, but overall the book was enjoyable.

I can’t compare this to the Jane Austen book, unfortunately, because I have not read it (hopefully, one of these days I will.) I have watched the movie version of “Pride and Prejudice” (which I loved) and I will say the book was a good version of a sequel to it. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone (because of the amount of intimacy might be too much for some), but I enjoyed it enough to say that it will bring smiles and laughs to your day as you read through the life of Darcy and Elizabeth.


Ex Libris

In this Austen sequel, Lathan follows Darcy and Lizzie through their first weeks and months together as husband and wife at Pemberley, beginning on their wedding day with occasional flashbacks to their engagement. Lathan introduces readers to life at Pemberley and gives a generous glimpse into what life on such an estate might have been like. Some of Austen’s original characters are represented (Captain Fitzwilliam and Aunt Gardiner), and we meet new ones in Darcy’s staff, friends and neighbors.

The reason for the book’s subtitle is obvious from the beginning. The focus is on the love, devotion and physical attraction between the two characters. I find no fault with Lathan’s writing, and I felt that she developed Lizzy”s character as Austen intended her to be. I also enjoyed the attention to detail she gave Pemberley. If you enjoy detailed romance first and foremost in a book, you won’t be disappointed.


Book Loons

Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is one author’s interpretation of a continuation of Pride and Prejudice. It was written with wit and loads of romance. I loved how Elizabeth and Darcy sometimes had misunderstandings but made up with passion. It was fun to watch the first months of their married life together.


Love Romance Passion

3.5-StarWhat I love most about this book is the research and language used to express the time period. Lathan’s diction is vastly superb – I had to look one or two words up. The way she writes is very mellow, you’re not putting the book down feeling more anxious than when you started. This is an excellent novel to curl up with before drifting off to sleep. Who doesn’t love to dream of Mr. Darcy?

Darcy and Elizabeth are effusive in their declarations of love. I applaud Lathan for writing Darcy as a virgin hero. It’s hard to imagine him as experienced even with his deep passions, because he held himself apart from society and saw their superficial actions as crude and undignified (both in Austen’s novel I feel and expressly in Lathan’s continuation.) He seems like the man who would wait for the right woman. He is by no means asexual as you’ll find when you read this novel. They make love like bunnies, but the sex is never vulgar or overly detailed after their initial honeymoon weekend. In fact, the whole saga is about exploring Darcy and Elizabeth’s love for each other starting from the end of Austen’s telling.

What does marriage look like on the other side of ‘I do’ and happily ever after? Lathan unfolds their story slowly, taking her time, showing nights spent whispering secrets, days traumatizing Darcy’s valet, and Elizabeth’s struggles and successes in filing the role as Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy.




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Historical romance novelist, author of The Darcy Saga
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