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Reader Reviews for Loving Mr. Darcy
from Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc., as well as private emails
Sharon Lathan
November 14, 2014 - 12:32 AM
Member Since: April 24, 2011
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Great continuation of a love story!  The story continues as a very sensual accounting of the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. The story line includes insights to the family of Mr. Darcy, trying to set a backdrop for his reserved manner. Lathan has shown remarkable growth for her portrayal of Lizzy. She was strong willed in Austen’s books, and Lathan has continued her growth into a very strong and contented mate for her husband. Lathan’s knowledge of the period makes the reading very enjoyable and I would highly recommend this book.


Ah, Mr. Darcy  This book did not change Jane Austen’s classic story, it continues it. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are very happily married (6 months now), and expecting their first child. The book very closely follows them in their daily lives, what they do, who they meet, and especially in the bedroom. Yes they do have sex, and an enormous amount of it. They are both insatiable about the other…. William and Lizzy travel from Pemberley to London, and in the end Darcy shows Elizabeth his county Derbyshire, when he has some business in Derby and beyond, and Elizabeth wants to shop for things for the baby “at home”. Yes, I did enjoy this book, and I can recommend it to everyone who wants to know: ‘what happened after the wedding ceremony”.


Romantically Delightful  A second in the series. It brings more story and more historical information into the plot. It also showcases Lizzy’s stubborn streak to its fullest. I can see clearly that the author is using the characters from the movie to write this series and I, for one, love it. Thank you Sharon for continuing the love story of Darcy and Lizzy, and Keira and Matthew.


Love Loving Mr. Darcy!  Elizabeth and Darcy are on their way to visit family and eventually end up in London. They have just found out they are expecting their first child. This book has such a wonderful cast of characters and each plays a vital role in telling this beautiful story of love everlasting. This book has it all, love, romance, jealousy, intrigue, suspense and danger. I never tire of reading about the amazing life Elizabeth and Darcy share. Ms. Lathan has a gift for descriptive words that truly allow you to envision that which you are reading.

I found the first book in her series at the library and after reading through it in record speed (I couldn’t put it down) I had to buy it. I bought this book too and also read in record speed. I had an extra skip in my step after reading this.


Great book. This book was just as good as the first. I finished it in one weekend because I could not put it down. Sharon Lathan is wonderful and I can’t wait for her third book to come out.


An intimate portrait. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as well as (if not more) than the first one. Elizabeth and Darcy are two of my most loved romantic characters, and this book gives a precious and intimate portrait of a couple in love. It includes all of the quiet and personal moments most books dismiss. I read a little bit before bed every night and couldn’t wait to snuggle in to their world at the end of the day. It made you feel as if you were reading their diary of sorts, as they travel the countryside of Derby and London, handle every day tasks, visits with friends, family, and neighbors, and… a bit of history and adventure thrown in.


Romantic. I yearn for a relationship like theirs (Elizabeth & Darcy), they live and dwell In true love and in each other.


Wonderful book I absolutely love the writing of Sharon Lathan. She writes in the same vein of Ms. Austen. Ms. Lathan is a wonderful writer. Brings more depth to Ms. Austen’s characters, shows the love of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. This is a definite must read for Jane Austen fan.


A Continuation of a Love Story  Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley is a wonderful book for us happily ever after readers. It continues the story of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett Darcy beyond their marriage. This book gives us a look into the personal lives of the Darcys as well as a description of how life was during their time.

Sharon Lathan does an enormous amount of research for her books. Not only are we reading a wonderful love story but we are getting educated about the lives and times of that period. Seeing how Lizzy and Darcy discover each others’ interests and watching their love for each other grow is very heart warming. It is just the way I hoped their story would continue.  In this day and time we could all use a little more happy ever after.


Loving Mr. Darcy  All of Sharon Lathan’s series of books has been extremely well written. Each book contains a more complex set of characters to fall in love with. I bought this book in paperback originally and brought it to Israel while on vacation for a few weeks. I realized that one book was not enough and bought all the remainder of her series!


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ok so the first book takes you on a whirlwind of romance, love and devotion. With the second it is continuing the love they have and the honeymoon, reading these books have been an amazing adventure and not only that I realize I have my own Mr. Darcy in my life who does the same as the fictional Darcy does. Bravo Sharon for adding all the love and passion into this second book and not leaving anything wanting.


Love spending more time with the Darcys!  Loving Mr. Darcy picks up right where Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy left off. Darcy and Lizzy are heading to London for the season, where Lizzy of courses dazzles the ton. Some new characters are added in the irrepressible Dr. George Darcy (one of my favorites – I love Uncle George!) and Dr. Raul Penaflor. Some of our favorite characters make another appearance – Anne de Bourgh, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lady Catherine, Georgiana and the rest of the Bennets and Bingleys. I love the character development of Lizzy and Darcy, but Lathan doesn’t forget the other members of the family including the staff at Pemberley.  After London, the novel follows the Darcys on further travels around Derbyshire and adds a unique dimension in describing traveling during this period and some of the wonderful sights and history of Derbyshire. The book doesn’t lack for excitement though with Lady Catherine providing some dramatics as well a dangers on the road.


Loving Mr Darcy A lot of people try to write Pride and Prejudice adaptation’s but Sharon Lathan excels at it. Loving Mr Darcy is just as fabulous as the first book in the series. I highly recommend this book for the simple reason that it is a very worthy read. Can’t wait till the next installment.


BEAUTIFUL LOVING ROMANCE = LOVING MR DARCY  The first months of the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth are as should be. They are in love! Deeply, madly and passionately, and it shows! All they want is to be together and become ONE in every sense. Its follows the development of two people into a marriage of true love. While Lizzy learns to be mistress of Pemberley and Darcy house, Darcy learns to give his ‘soul’ freedom and enjoy life, that he can be who he is without the bounds of decorum while he still manages to be a gentleman. This intelligent couple does not stick to rules because society demands it!

We meet friends and family. There is even a `new’ family member that stole my heart. I can’t wait to learn more from Dr. Darcy. Old traditions are restored and new ones developed. Sharon Lathan gives us ROMANCE and COMMITMENT. I am a strong believer in both.


Enjoying the ride immensely!  I do not claim to be an expert by any stretch, just a P&P lover. I have always wanted the story to continue and have read several “continuations” with varying impressions. However, Sharon Lathan’s books are fabulous. It feels like they could seriously be continuations. I have not been able to pace myself and have read each one as soon as possible. Yes, there are spots where one word seems a little too modern, but they are negligible on the whole and I find this whole series completely enjoyable!! Sharon Lathan has become one of my writers to look for.


The wisdom & instinct to look beyond  How happy & fortunate I was to come upon Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga in the book store!

Dearest, potential, new readers… I do hope you see my review & take the time to read this series. The story continues on with a broadening horizon, ever-changing! I am very thankful I did not read some of the reviews prior to choosing Ms. Lathan’s wonderful saga. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, positive or negative. Realistically, this written rendering may not appeal to all. But dear reader, please find out for yourself. Let your own heart decide if it’s for you!

Sharon Lathan is not trying to be Jane Austen, neither is any other author who has written through inspirations of her works! Each author’s creation is a vision, that is inspired from an original work of art & tweaked & molded to fit their visions, dreams & hopes for the wonderful characters Ms. Austen has created. Please, all who form an opinion, due it fairly & justly, allowing a potential, new reader, the choice to embark on a wonderful literary journey for themselves.

I truly enjoy Sharon Lathan’s stories of how SHE envisions the Darcys lives to continue & have & will, continue to highly recommend to all hopeless romantics!!!! Happy reading………..


A Romantic Continuation This book touches and warms your heart in all the right places. As much as I enjoy reading about the bedroom action between Lizzy and Darcy, I particularly enjoyed that the couple ventured outside of the bedroom and of Pemberley. As a big history buff, I found it fascinating how Ms. Lathan enriched the book with the history of Derbyshire, Regency Era and even how medicine was practiced during that specific period.

It was great to see Darcy portrayed as big sap! Someone who is overjoyed with Lizzy expecting their first child and is overprotectiveness of her every step. Yet I still found the relationship between Lizzy and Darcy growing even more passionate, and incredibly loving. Sometimes we forget that true love does exist, and the author truly lets the passion reflect in the way she writes. Ms. Lathan has outdone herself with this book and I look forward to the next continuation. I highly recommend this book. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I!


You will LOVE Loving Mr. Darcy  Sharon Lathan’s books give the reader a chance to explore Mr. and Mrs. Darcy like never before. They are just plain fun, fun, fun! It’s a must read for Pride and Prejudice enthusiasts!


Love Loving Mr. Darcy!  I do not usually listen to reviews or comments about much whether it be movies, books, or places to go or stay. I will experience the product for myself and come to my own conclusions. However, after being an avid reader and devoted fan of Sharon Lathan and perusing the site to purchase my new Loving Mr. Darcy book I noticed some of the readers comments. Of what I read, though the majority are friendly the ones that are not, are absolutely ridiculous. I became a fan of Sharon’s when her fabulous tales of the adventures of Lizzy and Darcy were posted on her website. I would constantly keep her website up so that I could read the next excerpt as soon as she posted it online! Imagine the happiness when the self-published books were ready to be purchased, I was one of the first. Ever since I have been a follower of hers, I have read and re-read her heart-warming novels and sincerely refer them to anyone who wishes to indulge themselves in not only a wonderful love story but a journey back in time to the Regency era.

I will admit I have read nearly every sequel to Pride and Prejudice I could get my hands on just because I, like so many others, crave the ‘rest of the story’ of Lizzy and Darcy, and let me tell you there are a very few fairly good stories out there but Sharon’s books are the only ones I continue to read over and over because the story captivates you and takes you through every detail of their story. You will not find a better continuation of our beloved characters. You will feel as if you are Lizzy blushing from a romantic comment made from Darcy or dancing the night away at the Masque, or learning to drive her new curricle, or learning all the ways to becoming the esteemed Mistress of Pemberley. It is all wonderful! Highly recommended. Cannot wait for more installments! Way to go Sharon!


even better than the first  I eagerly awaited the release of Sharon Lathan’s Loving Mr. Darcy. The historical details were richly described in this book, from the new gadgets of the day to the stunning countryside to medical treatments of that time. The newlyweds’ love is growing deeper daily and they rejoice in expressing it. Lizzy is coming into her own as the Mistress of Pemberley and the house in London, showing that grit and determination that I love in her character. Darcy is fascinated by their unborn child and enthusiastically prepares for his arrival. Several delightful new characters are introduced and a few existing ones, such as Anne and Mary, get fleshed out in interesting ways.

To sum up, the “happily ever after” is what draws me to these books. I can read about bad things in the news. This series provides me with a blessed escape into a world where love, family, and trust reign supreme.


Loving Mr. Darcy is a wonderful sequel… This book takes our characters away from Pemberley as they travel to their London home after their first 6 months of marriage. While in London Lizzy will celebrate her birthday for the first time during their marriage. In true Darcy fashion, Mr. Darcy captivates our hearts as he showers her with very special birthday surprises. They also attend society balls, and the opera which adds for many exciting moments. Also we get introduced to some very interesting new characters as well as being re-introduced to many characters we already know and love. During all the exciting events and of the story, we watch Lizzy grow in her pregnancy and we experience many special and tender moments as husband and wife discover the preciousness of anticipating the new life they have created. This book is packed full of many many special and heart warming moments. You will not want to put the book down.


An outstanding love story!!!  I would like to start off by saying that if you are the kind of reader who is intrigued by historical/romance literature, you will really enjoy this story. Furthermore, if you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice and especially the 2005 movie version based on Jane Austen’s book, you will love this tale. Ms. Lathan’s newest brings you along on Elizabeth and Darcy’s eventful “Journeys Beyond Pemberley.” At the conclusion of this first novel, the Darcy’s are overjoyed with the news that they will be expecting their first child. In this continuing saga, Ms. Lathan brings us on their journey as they leave Pemberley to visit family and friends in Longbourn and London where they share their joy. Along the way, we meet many new interesting and endearing characters who help round out the Darcy’s circle of dear friends and family. As the story continues, we travel with them to many different areas of Derby and Derbyshire as Darcy proudly shows Lizzy the district where he grew up and the many old structures, churches, and other historical sites they encounter in each town. It is evident and impressive the amount of research that Ms. Lathan compiled for this story, as depicted in the descriptions of the different old structures and the history behind them. While reading about this facet of the story, it is as though you are there admiring and discovering these fascinating sites at the same time that Lizzy does.

This is a love story about two people who are deeply in love for the first time in their lives and who are also newlyweds, who were both chaste before they married. Yes, they are affectionate, loving, have an active sexual life (as is normal for newlyweds) and there is some angst written when they are separated from each other. However, isn’t this truly the way of life for a young couple, newly married, who are discovering each other in every way in the first year of marriage? Is it impossible to believe that they want to spend as much time together as possible and is it not only natural, nay, necessary for a newly wedded couple to have this period to bond? I believe it is, and I think I can speak from experience being married to my wonderful husband for many years, I firmly believe that this is true. But this story does not always revolve around their intimate life, as I earlier described their many excursions outside Pemberley. We also get several glimpses of the lives of other family members and their backstories, and the day to day responsibilities of Darcy as well as Lizzy as she continues to grow in her role of Mistress of Pemberley.

There have been several different Pride and Prejudice sequels written that many will either agree or disagree as to whether any one of these books are in the style of Jane Austen. In my way of thinking, who really has the say of what is right or wrong or “Austen like?” Everyone’s interpretation of this beloved story and how it may have played out is different. Not everyone will agree on how Darcy or Lizzy would act or what they would say. I believe that Jane Austen would want the Darcy’s to live happily ever after, period. As for saying that there is not a plot to this story, I must disagree again, as the author is giving her take of the continuation of the Darcy’s life after marriage and beyond, with some very interesting twists and unexpected turns. I believe that Ms. Lathan’s writing and especially the dialogue between the two main characters and other key subjects is witty, intelligent and delightful. I cannot recommend this story enough. I was looking for a continuation of this enchanting tale. I have read other sequels, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them until I found this story, and I cannot wait for more of Sharon Lathan’s continuation of it in future works!


If you love romance, passion, history and happily-ever-after, you will love and enjoy this book enormously!  In the novel she continues her loving portrayal of the blissful marriage of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, my favorite fiction couple ever. I loved the book as much as I loved the author’s first novel Mr and Mrs Darcy: Two Shall Become One.

I was drawn into the book immediately and completely, due to the writer’s captivating, beautiful and stylish writing style. The novel is romantic, passionate, heart-warming, sensitive, moving and humorous. Full of vividly painted human emotions. Moreover the book gives a wonderful insight into daily Regency life, based on extensive and accurate research.

Sharon Lathan lovingly paints a happy marriage based on deep, true love and respect. The wonderful way she portrays the Darcy marriage, is exactly as I always imagined it. She writes exactly what I have always wanted to read about the Darcy marriage. In this novel the writer also introduces wonderful new characters and follows familiar ones. One of the new delightful characters is Dr Darcy, who stands out and stole my heart.

Loving Mr Darcy and Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy are the most beautiful, positive books about a happy marriage I have ever read. The (timeless) essence of a happy marriage and of a wonderful relationship between two people who share a deep love are captured brilliantly.


Loving Mr. Darcy is a wonderful book. It gives a happy, intimate continuation of Pride and Prejudice. It was exactly what I imagined Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s life would be like. It is truly written from the heart of a romantic. It tells the story of the life any woman who found her Mr. Darcy would want. I highly recommend this book as well as anything by Sharon Lathan to a true Jane Austen fan.


A WONDERFUL ROMANCE FROM AN AMAZING WRITER  Believe me, this is a book you do not want to miss reading and adding to your collection. You will enjoy it from beginning to end. In Loving Mr. Darcy the story continues after the Darcy’s have enjoyed their honeymoon time at Pemberley and are ready to venture to their home in London. Elizabeth meets the challenges of a London household, new friends and society as Mrs. Darcy. Her husband is a welcome support and lovingly guides her. You also get to enjoy Lizzy’s character more this time around and you cant help but smile at how she handles Darcy and the people around her. Elizabeth celebrates her birthday, a wonderful birthday with her husband. They are also expecting their first child and we share those special moments. Sharon introduces us to wonderful, fascinating new characters and we also spend time with the Bingleys. Elizabeth and her sister enjoy special talks and much needed sisterly advise. Sharon also gives us wonderful writing in the descriptions of the beautiful countryside. You really feel you are in this journey with them. It is incredible how a writer can do that and Sharon does it in every page. The book is full of love, excitement, laughter, some concerns, and lots of romance!. The pages come to live and the moments are very special and not one page is wasted on silliness. Don’t let this book pass you by.


The life and romance of Darcy & Elizabeth continue thanks to Sharon Lathan!  I am a true fan of Jane Austen, and Pride and Prejudice will always be my favorite for all time! Having said that, I have on occasion picked up a continuation novel written by other authors who have attempted to finish the story of Darcy & Lizzy. Each of those novels I have either not finished or returned. However, when I picked up Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy just by chance… I couldn’t put it down! I read the entire book in a day in a half! Who was this author, and how was she able to capture the essence of Darcy & Lizzy along with their boundless, timeless love? It was Sharon Lathan, and I had to find out everything about her and her novels! Needless to say I was overjoyed when I learned that there were future novels to come!

Loving Mr. Darcy has been equally exciting and loving as her first novel! Sharon’s respect for these characters is evident on every page! Her storytelling makes me feel as if I am watching the movie in my head. Her words and details are addicting! I would and have recommend this series to all my Jane Austen friends and family!!


Even better than the first!  And that is saying a lot as I LOVED Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. But this one takes the reader to so many wonderful places. All over London and Derbyshire, meeting tons of people, taking part in tons of activities. It is non-stop fun and action. And the romance between so many characters is wonderful. Anne falls in love. Mary falls in love. Lizzy and Darcy stay blissful and grow closer together. How can anyone not want that for these characters? This is a terrific read.


I LOVE TO LOVE DARCY!!!  This is the ultimate romantic escape! Reading this book is like soaking in a bubble bath and eating chocolate at the same time – decadence! If you like gooey romance, this is for you. It was truly fascinating to me to read a continuation of Austen’s beautiful characters from Pride and Prejudice. I recommend watching the movie or reading the original book, and then beginning this series (in order of course). The three books (this is the 2nd book) by Lathan cover the first year of the marriage between Lizzy and Darcy and end with the birth of their first child. I have already read all three books twice and can’t get enough. I truly hope Lathan continues to write these books.


AMAZING READ   This is the 2nd much awaited book of Sharon Lathan’s Saga and it will not disappoint. You will enjoy it from beginning to end. In Loving Mr. Darcy the story continues after the Darcy’s have enjoyed their honeymoon time at Pemberley and are ready to venture to their home in London. Elizabeth meets the challenges of a London household, new friends and society as Mrs. Darcy. Her husband is a welcome support and lovingly guides her. Elizabeth celebrates her birthday, a wonderful birthday with her husband. They are also expecting their first child and we share those special moments. Sharon introduces us to wonderful, fascinating new characters and we also have time to spend with the Bingleys. Elizabeth and her sister enjoy special talks and much needed sisterly advise. Sharon also gives us wonderful writing in the descriptions of the beautiful countryside. The book is full of love, excitement, laughter, some concerns, and lots of romance!. The pages come to live and the moments are very special and not one page is wasted on silliness. You will enjoy it very much


Great Second Book in Series  After reading the first in Lathan’s Darcy saga, I was eager to pick up the second. I wasn’t disappointed. The story continues with Darcy and Elizabeth on their way to Hertfordshire and Elizabeth expecting their first child. A visit to Darcy House in London follows along with a brief separation of the lovers and another confrontation with Lady Catherine. This novel is as engaging as the first and includes the addition of a few new characters. Dr. George Darcy, William’s uncle, arrives from India with his friend Dr. Raul Penaflor, a Spanish nobleman. George is a charming character full of humor and warmth while his friend is charming and quiet. His addition adds another familial dimension to the story and brings out William’s craving for a father figure which in turn gives William’s character more depth.

As always, Lathan weaves a good story with interesting plot-lines and characters. This novel is an entertaining romp of romance, fun, and love that spans the life of two characters that live in the imagination of thousands of readers. This is series of possibilities and this is one possible continuation of Jane Austen’s beloved work. It is one of the most engaging well written of the Austen continuations. If you’re looking for Jane Austen’s style and for the characters to do exactly what Jane’s would do, don’t read this book. If you’re looking for an entertaining possibility or an imaginative spin off of Austen’s work, this is your series. You won’t be disappointed.


It really gave insight as to Mr. Darcy’s true character. I never knew he could play the violin, or that he couldn’t sing. He has a sense of humor and he truly cares for the people around him. I can see him getting all excited for the baby and I can see him giving Lizzy all those presents for her birthday. If this book was made into a movie, it’s one I would watch over and over again.


Thanks so much Sharon Lathan!  I was given this book by a friend, and actually read this book first, then went to the library to get book #1. Sooooo grateful to Sharon Lathan for writing the continuance of Mr. Darcy’s life, am really enjoying reading through this series!


LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! It’s just one the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read! Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book, so any chance to read a sequel or re make I take it! The author has done a very good job of capturing Jane Austen’s essence of the time period coupled with a contemporary twist. I enjoyed this book immensely. Yes, there is sex in the book, but it is not over done. I think it is a perfect complement to the Jane Austen book.





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