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Editorial Reviews
for Loving Mr. Darcy
Sharon Lathan
November 16, 2014 - 1:00 AM
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Romance Reader at Heart

4RRH rosesSharon Lathan’s LOVING MR. DARCY picks up where her debut novel MR.& MRS. FITZWILLIAM DARCY: TWO SHALL BECOME ONE left off. It continues the tale of Lizzy and Darcy, showing their lives after the honeymoon when they grow closer and take their plunge into society as one of England’s hottest married couples. In true Jane Austen style, this story is filled with period details and witty dialogue.

Lizzy and Darcy are expecting their first child. While Lizzy continues to be the stiff-spined, no-nonsense woman we’ve all come to know, this “indisposition” brings a whole new side to the sometimes stuffy Darcy. He is solicitous from the first, his concern and love for his pregnant wife apparent with every word and gesture. He showers her with endearments, grabs her when she stumbles, and generally makes himself as hands-on as the period allows. And while there is the new life to consider, this couple doesn’t slack off one bit in their sensual journey toward learning all they can about each other. The Darcys are a passionate couple and find creative ways to keep themselves thusly occupied!

The Regency comes alive again in LOVING MR. DARCY. Lizzy’s birthday celebration, picnic festivities and endless vivid images of the time, bring enough elements of the setting to mind that when these characters speak, the reader can see and hear them. Georgiana, the Bingleys, and Elizabeth’s sisters, as well as countless other familiar faces, appear again on these pages. They are true to character and act as an Austen fan would hope they would—or expect them to.

All in all, LOVING MR. DARCY is a very pleasant read! Well done!  


Blue Ridge Loft

5-StarI Just couldn’t stop reading…. I had to get that out there, I would read a few paragraphs every day if I couldn’t devote more time but it was so hard to put my Kindle down. There were days I didn’t feel like reading since I’m still recovering from a major surgery but this book kept calling to me, I had to know what was happening between Darcy and Lizzy, what was happening with their unborn child, and what Lady Catherine was going to do. I don’t like to give to many details away, I want you to read the book but I will go into more details.

As the title suggests Darcy and Lizzy start on their Journey to London after she recovers from her injuries, upon arriving in London Lizzy wins everyone over in the Ton and quickly overcomes her sickness that she has been experiencing from pregnancy and her injuries.

While in London, Darcy begins a new business venture and must leave Lizzy for a week, prior to his departure he learns that his aunt, Lady Catherine is aware that Lizzy is expecting. While he is away Lady Catherine arrives and makes her opinion known much like she did at Longbourn. This time she’s looking for Darcy, not Elizabeth, but with Darcy being absent Lizzy stands up to Lady Catherine as the Mistress of Pemberley. It’s here that I think that Lizzy show’s Lady Catherine she is Darcy’s equal and is the right partner for Darcy. Of course it’s not going to be that easy, Lady Catherine’s not going to roll over and admit defeat.

After Lady Catherine’s visit Lizzy is left distraught when she learns that Darcy was aware that Lady Catherine knew of her pregnancy and felt like he abandoned her for his business venture.

The angst and heartache that both Darcy and Lizzy suffers during their separation is vividly written, as is their passion, along with the festival scenes when they returned to Pemberley. The cast of characters are outstanding, Dr. George Darcy, home from India, playing with the children from the orphanage, dressed in his Indian attire, his companion “Raja”, and possible blossoming relationship with Anne de Bourgh and the awareness of Darcy holding the little one who recently lost his mother shows how vulnerable Darcy really is to those he really loves and cares for.

I continue to love the story that Ms. Lathan has created and look forward to the next book in the series, the birth of the heir to Pemberley, more passion for Darcy & Lizzy, possibly riling of Lady Catherine, and could there be any good coming from the writing to Lydia, whom never writes back?


Awaiting Diana Books

5-StarOn September 1, 2009, the second installment of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga series will be released. Once again, we get to have a peek into the marriage of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and his bride, Elizabeth.

One of the strengths of these books is the very deep and emotional bond that Darcy and Elizabeth share. That never changes in these books. There is never any doubt and there *still* aren’t any weird plot twists, time travel, illicit affairs etc. that we sometimes get in other Pride and Prejudice ‘spin offs’. A refreshing and romantic continuation of a beloved novel!

Another strength of this particular author’s continuation is the careful and tireless historical detail contained in this series. Mrs. Lathan not only tells us a story, she also educates us on a myriad of Regency era rituals, gadgets, and habits. It gives the reader a sort of snapshot of Regency life and lends a very rich and color filled backdrop for the continuing story of Darcy and Elizabeth.

The very best part of Loving Mr. Darcy, for me, was the introduction of several very colorful and highly entertaining secondary characters – none of which are a love interest for Darcy (imagine that!). My very favorite is Dr. George Darcy who is an eccentric and highly irregular member of the Darcy family. I instantly fell for Dr. Darcy and his humor, wit and verve.

Another fun, frolicking and romantic romp through Regency England with the delicious Mr. Darcy and his lovely and lively wife Elizabeth. A lovely peek inside a sweet, sensual (and hot!) marriage between two people who burn for one another and inspire one another.


Royal Reviews

5-StarIf you are like me and love Pride and Prejudice sequels then this series should be on the top of your list – trust me!

In this book we see the couple experience many of the milestones of early marriage, including the joy of expecting their first child and Lizzy’s birthday. But although Lizzy has adjusted well to her new role as Mistress of Pemberley, there are still plenty of complications. When the Darcys move to London, Lizzy must start again and in earning the respect of the staff in London, she finds an inner strength that she hasn’t had before. Here are two of my favourite quotes:

Lizzy: Inwardly, she recognized a happiness and contentment that anchored her soul. Lizzy: “What a gift you are in my life! I hope you understand that as much as I yearn for you physically, and I do every moment of every day, it is your heart and soul that have captured me. If we could no longer make love for some reason I would ache for you, but I would still love you as profoundly because you live inside my very essence.” She cupped his face fiercely. “Do you know this, my husband?”

Such is the depth of Lizzy’s happiness – I couldn’t help but sigh when I read those words! This story also includes more of the Bingley’s which I loved, especially some of the realisations Carolyn Bingley comes to, that was wickedly enjoyable. But the Darcy’s also encourage the Bingley’s in a way that enhances their own marriage. You’ll enjoy appearances from many of the characters you loved (and loved to hate) from the original novel.

Since I was a little girl I wanted a love like the Darcy’s! When you find it, you know that you have been blessed by the angels and you hang onto it with everything you have. I’ve always thought about the great love stories like Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, King Edward and Mrs Simpson (he gave up his crown for her love) and Darcy and Elizabeth. I am a romantic, it’s no secret, I love romance stories and romance movies are my favourites, I am also lucky enough to have a great love in my life. This story touches a part of me, deep down in my soul, it captures the essence of romantic and eternal love and I think anyone who reads it will feel richly blessed by the story.

At the end of this review, I know, I haven’t told you much about the story, that’s because it’s the second book and I don’t want to give away spoilers. But I hope what I have done is convince you to read this series. People need to feel good, if you need a little romance or need some hope that true love it out there, then read this series.


A Bibliophile’s Bookshelf

5-StarFor many Jane Austen fans Pride and Prejudice is the ultimate love story. Two people from very different backgrounds, overcoming all odds and finding each other, destined to spend a lifetime together. Then the story ends. What became of Darcy and Elizabeth? What was their married life like? How does Elizabeth take to life outside of Hertfordshire, and life in Pemberley? Luckily for the devoted Jane Austen readers, many writers have taken pen to paper and continued on the story of our favorite regency couple. One author who is doing a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life is Sharon Lathan, with her latest book, Loving Mr Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley.

Loving Mr Darcy gives readers a look inside the marriage of Darcy and Lizzy. The hot, steamy love affair between two very passionate people. One could almost blush at how passionate their love for each other is…

Lizzy laughed at his stammering opposition and met passion-darkening eyes. “I want to love you, Fitzwilliam, any way you desire. I crave your touch on my skin and your body on mine. I hunger to bring you pleasure and show you how ardent my love for you is.” She kissed his eager mouth passionately, overwhelming his senses with her breath and insistence. Pulling away finally, she whispered, “Take me to bed, my lover.”

Oh my, oh my. More than just steamy, passionate scenes between Darcy and Lizzy, Loving Mr Darcy is a look into regency life. If there is one thing that Sharon Lathan has written perfectly it the detailed descriptions of regency life. Loving Mr Darcy almost reads like a history book, as Sharon takes us behind the scenes and into everyday life of a regency household, the balls, the picnics in the park, the subtle politics of the heart in the parlor. It is all described so beautifully, and adds a real depth to this love story.

While it is clear that Lizzy and Darcy are set to steal the show with their steamy romance, there is a whole cast of secondary characters that take this story beyond just another romance novel. Perhaps my favorite must be Dr George Darcy, Darcy’s uncle, who comes to stay. He has spent the majority of his life in India , and as he tries to settle back in the ways of the english customs the results are very funny.

In conclusion, I must say there is a lot to love in this regency romance. The attention to details will leave readers with a firm memory of Sharon Lathan’s talented writing, the characters -new and old- will leave you wanting more, and the everlasting love between Darcy and Lizzy will leave more than one reader swooning.  For the fans of Jane Austen and the regency romances, Loving Mr Darcy is well recommended.


This Book For Free

5-StarThis is one of the most romantic take off on Pride and Prejudice that I have read. There are many takes on Lizzie and Darcy: some authors put them at odds with each other, or they’re made into amateur sleuths, or even power hungry and doormat couple, etc.  While each one is enjoyable to read for it’s variations, Sharon Lathan’s take on the couple is my all-time favorite. It’s how I imagine Fitzwilliam Darcy to be with his shyness coming off as arrogant. He’s sweet and loving, sexy and insatiable, strong and kind. He’s everything that a dream man should be. Lizzy is wonderful in this story also. She hasn’t lost her witticisms. I was afraid that the book would be overly sweet, but Ms. Lathan did a superlative job of making this couple very much in-love without making the book ridiculous. Sometimes, I can’t help but squeal in delight at the antics of this Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. I love it. I bet you’re going to love it, too. It’s a Pride and Prejudice version that cannot be missed.


One Literature Nut

5-StarAs with Lathan’s first novel, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, I felt like I slipped away into the pages of another time. The Regency Period isn’t a time that any of us can quite relate to, for all its social rules and mores, but one (that like many other readers) I sometimes wish I could slip away to for just a moment or two!

As a single woman, I will admit to having been skeptical to the kind of love that Lathan proposed for the Darcys in book one, but as I mentioned in my previous review, I pushed aside my own prejudices about love (not to mention what I thought was okay to mention about our loving couple) to consider the possibilities. It was then that I really fell in love with Lathan’s continuation of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam’s story. The novel contains scenes of sensuality between the couple, and plenty of them, but didn’t ever feel cheap or tawdry to me. I realize that the relationship, and arc of the story, were trying to show the full range of their life together. While the book centered on their continued, loving relationship, there was a shift in book two that seemed to try to focus on how the couple seemed to fall into individual routines and pursuits. This didn’t mean they forgot about the other, but that they naturally settled into their lives together in a charming way.

Book two feels like a novel that is preparing us for further plotlines and twists. It’s difficult to explain exactly how the novel is doing this without giving away some major portions of the storyline, but I will say that book two left me even more eager for book three!


Kelli Crowe Reviews

5-StarReading Loving Mr. Darcy was like taking a nice long bubble bath that I did not want to end.  And read it in a bubble bath, I did.  My toes were quite prunie for the duration of the book, but my mind was most pleased.  Delightful, pleasant and easy to read.  My favorite line of the whole book; “The door flew open with a bang into the wall and with a flurry of swirling skirts, in breezed Lady Catherine de Bourgh.”  (So Darth Vader-esc that I could hear the Imperial March in my head.)

I really just enjoyed sinking down into this story and visiting with these characters. Loving Mr. Darcy brings forth some wonderful characters already known and a few new ones as well.  I so enjoyed the moments with Lady Catherine and Caroline Bingley.  Lathan explored not only their actions but their motivation as well.  I found myself rooting for them, as well as cringing on their behalf. I was surprised when I looked back at my notes and realized Dr. George Darcy was introduced mid way through the book.  This character fit so well into the story and with the existing characters that he felt like he had always been a part of the cast.  Mrs. Lathan also explains the whereabouts of additional Darcy relatives.  I have an early copy of this book and it includes a family tree.  My visual brain appreciated that greatly.

The plot moves quickly and dialogue drives a lot of it.  That is really a quality of Jane Austen’s writing that I enjoy.  Lathan’s dramatic ending to several chapters kept me from putting down the book “to read just a little bit more” some evenings.  Even though the description went on a bit in places, I had to marvel at what a fan of these characters and this time period the author truly is.

Wonderful little moments are really Sharon Lathan’s strength.  All four of her books are full of them. For this second book in a series of four, I think her originality shines in the characters. Both the introduction of new ones and the actions of those already existing.


A Journey of Books

4-StarFans of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will fall in love with LOVING MR. DARCY: JOURNEYS BEYOND PEMBERLEY by Sharon Lathan. Lizzy and Darcy’s story continues in this book and give us a nice glimpse of what happens when you mix spunky Lizzy with the more serious Darcy. I found Lathan’s interpretation to be romantic, captivating and largely entertaining. This is a book that I would definitely recommend to any lovers of Romance, Historical or otherwise.

Ever wondered what happened after Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were married? I always figured that the story just ended there but Lathan has allowed us to delve back in to that world of romance and intrigue to explore the relationships a little further.

LOVING MR. DARCY takes us through the lives of Elizabeth and Darcy as they move to their London home and experiences the joys and less than stellar aspects of the city. A major change going on with Elizabeth creates drama in the story as does meeting new people and catching up with old friends. I will warn readers, this is the second book in a series after Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy and while the book is okay to read on its own, I don’t know that I would call it a stand-alone. Events took place in the first book that largely shape the characters in LOVING MR. DARCY and having not read the first book, I found myself often confused.

With Lathan’s books, there is a lot of talk about whether or not Jane Austen purists will fall in love with Lathan’s characters as much as they did Austen’s. Well, Lathan is not Austen. They are two separate individual writers and as such their characters differ slightly. Elizabeth and Darcy are not the exact same characters as the Elizabeth and Darcy in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but the story was entertaining nonetheless.

Lathan does a wonderful job of imbuing the story with emotion. As we journey with Mr. and Mrs. Darcy on the road to discovering the depth of their love, Lathan makes every moment count. Whether it’s happiness, sadness or even at times a bit of anger, the emotions are vivid and pop off the page to affect the reader. This really helped to draw me in and hook me. The intensity of the actions sequences didn’t hurt either.

I found LOVING MR. DARCY to be an enjoyable read. If you go into the story with the understanding that you are not going to get a book written by Austen and that the characters may differ slightly, I think the you’ll get a decent amount of enjoyment yourself. The story is great in its own right and would be a fantastic read for any out there who love Romance.


The Good, The Bad, The Unread

5-StarThis second book in Ms. Lathan’s series takes us through the second half of Darcy and Lizzy’s honeymoon, and it’s a joy reading how in love they are, how romantic Darcy is, and their carnality for one another is only strengthening with every whisper, touch, and kiss. It’s actually quite nice to read this type of romance, hero and heroine together, having fun, taking care of hearth and home and anything else required of them – together. Yes, there’s little tiffs but they last no longer than a page or two at the most, then love prevails once again. There’s also humor and a frightening, scary moment or two, but, overall, this series is a man and a woman who live, work, and love together.

The ante is upped a few chips in this part of the story when Elizabeth realizes she’s pregnant and Darcy, of course, is beside himself with happiness at the prospect. And Darcy, being the unusually unusual English gentleman he is, determines to be involved as much as possible in his child’s life, even while in the womb. He even goes so far as to plan to be in the room with Lizzy when the time comes. First he sleeps every night with his wife, kisses her and holds her hand in public, makes love to his pregnant wife often, and now he wants to be in the delivery room, so to speak? Unheard of! No well-bred Englishman would do such things! That’s what makes reading Darcy so much fun.

Some of my favorite scenes are when he’s talking to their child, sometimes to the point of such emotion he can’t hold the tears back. You get to see those moments from both his and Lizzy’s points of view, which make them all the sweeter. I also love watching Darcy, just as Lizzy does, going from the ecstatic boy no one but Elizabeth knows to the upright, controlled Master of Pemberley, brooking no argument when he issues orders or demands or is protecting his wife and child when called for.

Darcy is the one who has changed the most in this series, starting out as a man reticent to socialize, letting only those close to him see inside, known for never joking and smiling, let alone laughing, to a man his friends and family knew he could be all along, if only he’d try. It takes the love of his life for him to expend the effort to love, smile, and laugh wholeheartedly, which, he finds, is really no effort at all. It’s wonderful seeing the change happen page by page.

Elizabeth is his rock. As young as she is, she’s the one who keeps him grounded, who calls him back when his control slips, who arouses him to the point of no return (though he does that for her also). Lizzy has come into her own in this book. She has to face several challenges when Darcy isn’t around to throw the Master of Pemberley persona at whoever deigns to confront his wife, and she handles everything beautifully, just as the Mistress of the house should. She’s always been an elegant young woman who knows her own mind, but she takes that a step further as she grows into Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy when dealing with family, servants, and society alike.

A lot of this book is spent with Darcy and Lizzy taking care of family and duty in London, constantly surrounded by people and problems, but when they return home they take a slow, leisurely journey through Derbyshire where Darcy shows Elizabeth the rich history of his home, their love of bygone times and people bringing them closer together. Ms. Lathan does a very nice job of getting their mutual interest across while not bogging down the storyline nor boring the reader with historical facts. This part of the book is as lush as the English countryside the traipse through.

Secondary characters are still aplenty, all interesting and full of depth. I enjoyed the blooming romance between Mary, Lizzy’s sister, and a local barrister, all the while thinking it would be even more interesting if Georgiana, Darcy’s sister, is enmeshed in romance later in the series; his reactions alone would be filled with emotion across and off the charts, giving readers a devil of a fun time.

This is a wonderful continuation of the Darcys’ story, and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in January.


Good Books, Bad Books

4-StarI am a Pride & Prejudice fan-girl. It is a sick, sad fascination I have with all things Lizzy & Darcy. Reading Sharon’s continuing saga of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is enough to make my fan-girl heart beat just a little bit faster.

In Loving Mr. Darcy, we start out where Book 1 left off. After 5 months of marital bliss at Pemberley, the Darcy’s are off to visit London. Georgiana is thrilled at the idea of going to town, Lizzy just wants sleep and Darcy is concerned, not only with his wife’s health, but also introducing her into society.

Whereas Book 1 was focused on their honeymoon, Book 2 is focused more on the introduction of Lizzy into Darcy’s world. Lizzy has always known that Darcy is a man of circumstance, but to see it in reality boggles her mind. Lavish parties, fantastical birthdays…the list goes on and on. The introduction of new characters, old characters showing up to visit…it’s like visiting old friends.

The thing I love most about Ms. Lathan’s style is her ability to inject humor, even in tense situations. Where a lot of authors would take the seriousness of a situation and make it worse, she throws in little turns of phrase or a moment that gives an uplifted feeling to it all.

Was it perfect? No, but it was still greatly enjoyable. I think my only really big pet peeve is the… flowery tones when it comes to the pet names. I’m not a big fan of pet names. They drive me insane. And when I think of the time period, sometimes it throws me off because I honestly cannot imagine these two people speaking to each other in the ways that they do.

All in all though, I really did enjoy this book and am greatly looking forward to the next one. If you loved the 2005 movie version of P&P as much as I did and want to know what happens next, I cannot recommend these books enough. Trust me… it’s worth it.


Once Upon A Romance

4-StarMr. Darcy and the former Elizabeth Bennett have been married several months, when they discover that she is expecting.  Mr. Darcy is very protective of those he loves, and Elizabeth is the number one recipient of his adoration.  The next few months finds the couple growing even closer, but their lives are not without struggles.

Loving Mr. Darcy is a true romance, because it focuses on the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.  The way Ms. Lathan allows the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth to evolve is wonderful and will surely induce a contented sigh from all romantics.  There are, also, some interesting romances between secondary characters, and Mary Bennett, whom I always wanted to see come into her own, gets to shine a little.  While this is an entertaining sequel to Pride and Prejudice, I fear it may be too racy for some readers.  Therefore, be warned, the intimacies between Darcy and Elizabeth do not stop at the bedroom door.  While the sex scenes are not anymore explicit than the ones seen in the average historical romance, I know that some readers prefer their sequels to be similar in nature to Pride and Prejudice.

All in all, Loving Mr. Darcy is an enjoyable sequel to Pride and Prejudice, which will satisfy most romance lovers.


Starting Fresh

4-StarLoving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley continues Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice six months into the marriage of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. Confident in Darcy’s affections, Lizzie adapts to her role as Mistress of Pemberley with grace and skill. Sharon Lathan describes how the Darcys would have spent their days in considerable detail. The careful descriptions of Pemberley, the surrounding estates of Derbyshire, and the London season are livened up with accounts of Darcy’s handling of Mrs. Bennett, the truce with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and interaction with jealous Caroline Bingley. Many passages are devoted to how Lizzie and Darcy revel in their adventures in and out of the bedroom.

Loving Mr. Darcy is full of banter and loving moments between Darcy and Lizzie, but Sharon Lathan also weaves in much historical and cultural detail when describing the Darcys’s every day life. Reading how the Darcys researched and prepared for pregnancy and childbirth, I was struck by the way that Lathan was able to include a number of medical discoveries and childcare items into the 1800s. Through the dialogue and musings of Lizzie and Darcy, Lathan also incorporates scenes from Pride and Prejudice and extrapolates how both characters had thought and felt.

Loving Mr. Darcy was my first exposure to Sharon Lathan and the Darcy Saga. It would be fair to say that it delves into what happily ever. The novel extends the story and describes the many joys and adventures that the Darcys might have encountered in their first year of marriage. I particularly enjoyed the passages where Darcy and Lizzie relived incidents from their romance in Pride and Prejudice. Loving Mr. Darcy gives a deeper picture of Fitzwilliam Darcy in love – which Pride and Prejudice fans are sure to enjoy.


Wendi’s Book Corner

4-StarLoving Mr. Darcy is an intimately romantic sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Ms. Sharon Lathan has done a wonderful job of giving Darcy and Elizabeth a very loving and intimate relationship (Intimacy is PG, maybe PG-13), and has really shown how well these two work together to share all things in life. The story starts with Darcy, Elizabeth and Georgiana at Pemberley, where they are getting ready to travel to Hertfordshire to visit the Bingleys, among other friends and acquaintances. Once there, Darcy and Elizabeth share the wonderful news of their expanding family with their close relatives. After some local fun (I especially enjoyed learning about the billiards competition), the family continues on to London for the season, where they socialize, attend the Season’s festivities and celebrate birthdays. From there, it is back to Pemberley, and then on to a tour of Derbyshire. I found the local history/color/descriptions as the Darcy’s traveled and took part in entertainments and daily routines to be wonderfully colorful and fun, not to mention enlightening!

I was not aware that this was the second book, following Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One. Only one aspect of the book read as a sequel to me and that was the fact that author Sharon Lathan referred to a duel and wounds that I was previously unaware of. . . now it ALL makes sense! Otherwise, this book can read as a stand-alone story.

Characters: One thing I really loved about this book, is that Sharon Lathan brought back favorite characters, as well as introducing a few new ones. To make everything even BETTER, she included a Cast of Characters section in the beginning of the book, which helps the reader understand who everyone is as well as providing some basic information about each one.

Story-Line: Among the travels between Pemberley, Hertfordshire, London and Derbyshire, it is apparent that Ms. Lathan has spent a good deal of time researching the Regency period. Her expertise shows in the way she is able to describe happenings and places in a way that allows the reader to feel like they are actually there!

Readability: I really enjoyed the details of daily life that Ms. Lathan included in this book. Scenes are described so well that I was able to imagine them in quite vivid detail, which helped to better understand the Regency era.

Overall: Another great Austen sequel. It may be beneficial to read the first book in the series by Sharon Lathan, but I enjoyed this one without reading Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. And to make things even better, it looks like we can enjoy knowing that a third installment in this new series is due to come out early in 2010!


Books Hug Back

4-StarLoving Mr. Darcy picks up with Mrs. Darcy’s confirmation in being pregnant. Mr. Darcy continues to dote upon his wife and becomes very involved with her health and the preparations needed for a new baby. He continues to stay attentive to his wife; their romance and sexual appetite does not falter, rather increasing with the new love an heir to Pemberly brings. Elizabeth takes on more responsibilities of being the Mistress of Pemberly and plans a lovely Christmas and summer celebration. Elizabeth continues to impress and win the favor of everyone she meets. Even Lady Catherine comes around and eventually apologizes to the Darcy’s for her previous words and actions. The couple travels to town and then throughout Derbyshire as Lizzy is presented as Mr. Darcy’s new wife and she learns more about what it is to be a Darcy.  At times Lathan throws in a new interesting twist when Lizzy is confronted with a jealous woman who Mr. Dary had previously called upon, or when robbers attack the Darcy carriage, but these quick plot interests only last a couple pages and then are resolved quickly and it goes back to the love making. These twists were interesting and exciting parts, but the author fails to develop them into something deep and entertaining, and the conflicts resolve themselves just as quickly as they start.


Melanie’s Musings

Six months into their marriage, things are going grandly for the Darcys. Elizabeth and William are just as enamored with each other as ever. In Loving Mr. Darcy, readers are introduced to some new characters in the Darcy’s lives. These characters definitely add some liveliness into the mix, especially Dr. George Darcy. He has just returned from India in the beginning of the book, and he’s quite an eccentric!

My favorite aspect of this book is the historical detail. Much was included about England’s state at the time, and as a history buff, I enjoyed it. Those sections were delightful. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Mary Bennet catches Joshua Daniel’s eye. I’ve always liked her, and that chapter was thrilling, in a shy, sweet sort of way.

This book is atypical in the fact that there’s really not an overall conflict that spans the book. I knew this, as well as the fact that this saga is a happily-ever-after type tale. Still, it was a little hard, at times, to stay into the novel, but those times were far between. Readers should be aware that this book, like its predecessor Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, has several sex scenes in it. I personally felt that nothing would have been lost if a couple of those scenes had been cut from the novel, since at times it seems to overwhelm the book.

Loving Mr. Darcy, and this saga overall, is a great read for Pride and Prejudice lovers, especially those who loved the 2005 movie adaptation.


The Book Zombie

Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley is the second novel in Sharon Lathan’s ongoing Pride & Prejudice saga. It begins where book 1 Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One left off. The couple have married, set up house in Pemberley Manor and spent quite a bit of time becoming acquainted. Now they are on their way to London to meet up with family and friends. Oh and most importantly to share the news that their will soon be a brand new member of the Darcy family. I enjoyed this second book of the series quite a lot. Like in the first book, the author adds so much to her writing by the addition of so much historical detail. Along with an excellent story, the reader gets to learn so much about this particular time period. However, the one deviation from the normal male behavior of the period was awesome – Darcy becomes so lovable as he dotes on Elizabeth and his unborn child, wanting to be as much a part of this experience as possible. Loving Mr. Darcy was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it and the others in Lathan’s series. Also be sure to take a look at Sharon Lathan’s home on the web – there is so much information to be found here including info on the books, character bios, links of interest to Austen fans and resources to help one learn more about the Regency era.


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4-StarSo cute, fun and heartwarming to see the Darcy’s love for each other grow exponentially! In Lathan’s second book the Darcy’s journey away from Pemberley to Darcy House their London Home where love, conflict, and chaos ensues. I love getting to know the Darcy’s through the authors writings. It seems with each book they become a more cherished old friend.

I was happy to see the original and some of the old characters resurface. (As we all know and love Lady Caroline De Bourgh haha). But the real gems were getting to know Lady Anne (Catherine’s ill daughter), Mary, Georgiana and Lydia’s ex-right hand Kitty a little better. And of course meeting Raja and Fitzwilliam’s Uncle George was a delightful humorous episode in itself. You can’t help but to fall in love with these characters all over again.

And once again I was flabbergasted as Sharon continually mixes the classic P&P, the 2005 movie, and historical significance into a novel that the reader can relate to today. Its seems to me I’m addicted to this series and the only prescription is ……more Darcys.




Miss Darcy Falls in Love - 2014 World Book Night US selection! 
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