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Reader Reviews for In The Arms of Mr. Darcy
from Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc., as well as private emails
Sharon Lathan
November 14, 2014 - 12:37 AM
Member Since: April 24, 2011
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Incredible! Most sequels, prequels and rehashes of Pride and Prejudice seem to be compilations of quote from the original with little added to extend our relationship with the Darcys, so imagine my surprise at this peek behind the curtain! Large portions of this entertaining read center around the most intimate and passionate aspects of the couple and around Darcy’s easily-displayed affection for his new son. Yes, this is the Darcy you’ve been hoping existed ever since Colin Firth emerged from the pond.  At the same time, there’s strong character development, especially of Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana, a look at Darcy as a principled business man. This is a quick read and a great addition to your summer reading list.


This was my favorite in the series so far. Lots more action with twists and turns. All Sharon Lathan’s books are well written and I intend on reading more.


It is getting better and better  Lizzy and Darcy are now married for one year and their first child, Alexander, is born. Naturally Alexander’s birth, first Christmas and Christening are important parts of this book.

The New Year, 1818, brings lots of exciting and entertaining events. Among these are the introduction of Elizabeth and Georgiana to the Prince Regent at the Court of St. James. Here you can read a lot of fascinating historic details. Sharon Lathan is a real genius when it comes to the mixture of history and an entertaining novel. One chapter, “A Ball at Grosvenor Square”, is very special, too. And one wish of Darcy is coming true; he can show the Peak District to his beloved Lizzy.

I really love the way Sharon Lathan is writing about the Family Darcy, about the deep love between William and Elizabeth and of course about their baby. And in this book you can read about Kitty, Mary and Colonel Fitzwilliam, too. Some surprises come along the way, some hints towards the future are placed carefully here and there.

I can’t get enough of the Darcy Saga; these books are now a part of my life and I am really thankful that I’ve discovered the incredible Sharon Lathan. Her books are giving hope, joy and bliss to the reader.


Amazing   One of the best books I ever read. I could not put it down. The love the Darcys share is impeccable. I wish this would be a movie!


Highly Recommend. This is how love should be. Life is not perfect and we endure hard times, but this book shows that true love overcomes. I love that Darcy is a believer and heads his home as such. Elizabeth has a strong sense of independence, but yet molds so perfectly under his guidance. Love story set on Godly principles that will leave you addicted to this series.


An amazing love story!  I am a huge Jane Austen fan, but have often felt disappointed that I could not continue to follow the lives of her characters. Sharon Lathan’s novels have enchanted me again with the lives of Darcy and Elizabeth, and allowed me to follow their marriage and the joy of their first child. I have read each of her stories more than once and am eagerly anticipating the next.


Another Unforgettable Story from Sharon Lathan!!!  Sharon Lathan has a way of writing with such detail, history and love that Darcy and Elizabeth shine throughout her saga. She does it again in Book 4, In the Arms of Mr. Darcy. Darcy and Elizabeth are still deeply in love and Sharon shows the reader the depths of emotions of love Darcy and Elizabeth have for each other. We are introduced and you will fall love with Alexander, their first born! It brought me back so many memories.

Sharon has a way of writing that you believe that you are there! Readers will be happy to see the bond that Elizabeth has with Darcy’s sister and the preparations for her first ball! You will also read about Kitty, Dr. Darcy and Jane and Charles birth of their first child. Caroline Bingley has an attraction to someone – will she find love in this book? and will Fitzwilliam also find love with an old friend? The book is romantic, sexy and splendid! So fall in love again and if you don’t have her other books in the Saga – go find them. You will find yourself going back and re-reading them over and over again. Sit back and enjoy the Darcys in Sharon Lathan’s vision and see what is in her heart.


Great addition to series  This latest book in the Darcy saga continues after the birth of the heir of Pemberley. It enchantingly continues the Darcy’s perpetually loving relationship and introduces some wonderful subplots. Richard at last finds the love of his life and his courtship is well detailed and as amusing as the rest of the series has been. A glimpse at Caroline Bingley’s life reveals an absolutely enchanting rogue that captured my attention immediately. The character, who is not supposed to be a good guy, sweeps Caroline (and yes, me too) of her feet. He is crass, a rake, and positively enchanting. I would love for Lathan to write more about him for those of us who find the rogues as appealing as the honorable and passionate Darcys.


Highly Recommended  This book is amazing. This whole series is a real treat. It has the prefect amount of action and romance. Couldn’t put it down, I loved it so much and now I buy every book she has put out in this series.


I read again and again  One of my favorite things about Jane Austen is that she let her characters have a happy ending. However, many wannabe writers butcher this and have Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage fall apart, miscarriages, and deaths left and right. Ms. Lathan manages to incorporate real life challenges, while still providing the happy ever after aspect that made me fall in love with Lizzy and Darcy.


Must read for Austen fans!  Devotees of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice will be interested to see what author Sharon Lathan has done with these characters in her sequel book, In The Arms Of Mr. Darcy.  In this edition, the reader visits the Darcy’s the winter after their son and the heir to Pemberley has been born. Both parents dote on their newborn, as do all their relatives and friends. Although it is considered a bit strange that Elizabeth chooses to nurse her son rather than employ a wet nurse, no one dares to voice any surprise that the fond parents want to see to their son’s care themselves.

In addition to the relationship between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, there are others who are entering the courts of love. Darcy’s sister Georgiana is entering her debutant days, as is Kitty Bennet, Elizabeth’s sister. We see them at a splendid ball, and get a sense of the manners and norms of courting. Darcy’s good friend, Richard, home from the military, has fallen in love with a widow and asks Darcy’s advice. There are other relationships that develop, some surprising in their intensity and some remaining safely contained in the shoals of society’s strictures.

The reader is transported to the start of the Industrial Revolution in England. It is a land of titled nobles and servants and a group of professionals, but most of the power, money and influence is concentrated in a few noble hands. The daily life in large manor houses is amazing for modern readers to contemplate, and Lathan does an excellent job of outlining what such a daily routine consisted of. This book is recommended for readers who loved Austen’s work and are interested to see the story continue.


Can’t get enough! This book was so great. Sharon Lathan really stayed true to Jane Austen’s characters! The book was romantic and entertaining. Read the whole Saga, it’s so worth it. Can’t wait for more from this author!!!!


These are great books I love this author. She has created the characters just like you have imagined them all these years – only better! The entire series is well worth the read! The only complaint I had was I couldn’t put them down, and when I did, the story was always my top thought.


Love at first sentence… I LOVED the Pride and Prejudice movie adaptation with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen that this series of books is inspired by. I am not one of these readers that ties the original book (by Ms. Austen), the movie from 2005, and Sharon’s works together and expects them to be similar. I like to keep movies and books separated in my mind as I read so I can give each work a fair chance to thrive on it’s own. Sharon’s books do that for me. They are so descriptive and thorough in their detail character development that I feel almost like I watched a sequel to the movie. I am a fan of romance novels so the intimate scenes did not in any way put me off from the series. Did I at times think it may have been a bit much? I guess. But does it keep me from reading the series over and over? NO! In fact, If I have unlimited funds and some sort of connection in the industry I’d try and get the books put on the silver screen! A big thank you to Mrs. Lathan for writing them! And a pat on the back for walking your own path.


A great addition to the Darcy saga  I loved this installment of the Darcy saga. I fell in love with the movies and read all of the books that were originally produced, then reread the new releases in the series as they became available. Mrs. Lathan has a wonderful way of expressing all the complications of love shared between these two complex characters and their families. I strongly encourage others to read this series.


A Sincere Fan of Lathan’s Darcys. I absolutely adore Sharon Lathan’s interpretation of Pride & Prejudice. Her story, stands alone, as continuation & interpretation of one of my favorite couples. I adore the Darcys, but I must admit, I LOVE reading of their family & friends as well. Lovers, Friends & broken hearts all set in a beautiful portrait of the era (Lathan has done her homework – she is spot on with her history!) The way the stories are worked together is proof of Lathan’s writing skill. Very excited for her next installment!


In the Arms of Mr. Darcy  When I first heard of The Darcy Saga books, I was not interested. I am one of those people who hates to hear cover bands as they will never do as good as the original singers. That exactly how I felt when I heard about these books. My sister in law had the first two and encouraged me to as least read a few chapters of the first book. After slowly getting through 3 chapters, I was beginning to be intrigued and couldn’t wait to see what happens next. Let me just say, I am NOT a fan of reading. I have devoured each book quickly, they just keep getting better!

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy, you continue to see the softer side of Darcy we all knew he possessed. His playful daddy side comes out more and more in the chapters of this book. They young Miss Darcy matures as lovely as she ever could be and we get to see glimpses of her slight mischievous side, I truly enjoyed it. Aside from Mr Darcy, Richard Fitzwilliam is a favorite and I loved that we got to see more into his life, love and emotions.


Romantic and Uplifting  Sharon Lathan is a much loved author and my personal favourite! Sharon’s work began with her beautifully romantic MR & MRS FITZWILLIAM DARCY, the book I longed for following the conclusion of Pride & Prejudice. Sharon has given my all time favourite literary characters life. With this wonderful 4th volume, it continues to take my breath away and make me long for more. Sharon has a masterful beautifully free flowing style of writing that draws me in from the very first chapter. With so many other novels I have to read part way in to be hooked, but not with this novel! I am entranced from the very start!

All of my favourite characters from the original are included and given such a depth in storyline, that it is so hard to believe they do not exist somewhere in this world! Georgiana, Col Fitzwilliam and even new characters like Dr Darcy give me so much reading pleasure. I cannot pick one line or chapter as favourite because there are too many!

I am sure that if you enjoy the Romance of the era and the history of bygone days you will love the way Sharon ties it all together with our favourites Lizzy & Darcy. Enjoy!! I certainly did and look forward to reading the next volume with great anticipation!


A Love Story that lets you Dream!  From the moment I purchased and read Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy this story and journey has been everything I imagined it would be when I imagined how the rest of Elizabeth and Darcy’s story went. It is the romantic story every woman wants in their own life, but most of us settle for on paper. The story of Pride and Prejudice is THE ultimate romantic story that anyone who reads falls in love with, which is what everyone does when they read Sharon Lathan’s series of the love and journey that is literature’s most romantic couple. Kudos to Sharon for expressing what every woman and possibly every man imagines is the story of Elizabeth and Darcy’s Love.


Darcy Saga grows & grows…. Whole heartedly, I am devoted & bound to this saga! Sharon’s writing style & her visions for Darcy & Lizzy have captured my heart!  “In The Arms of Mr. Darcy” appeals to me most, for the reason of discovering all the characters, not just William & Lizzy, growing & developing in to such interesting story lines. How wonderfully all their lives intertwine and move forward very excitingly! I long to continue reading and continue on in all of their lives…..

If you’ve never read any of the books or have read one or more & just not sure if you should continue, if you’re a hopeless romantic & love Lizzy’s & Darcy’s story, continue on & I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Happy reading……


A++++  In The Arms of Mr. Darcy is the fourth book in the Darcy Series by Sharon Lathan. I bought this book and couldn’t wait for it to arrive! It’s just as beautifully written as the three previous books. This book takes you through the first year of Alexander’s life as well as Darcy and Elizabeth’s first year as parents. This book also deviates a bit from just being solely about Darcy and Elizabeth. Ms. Lathan puts a lot of detail into all of the other characters and develops them quite nicely. It’s nice to read about George, Georgiana, Kitty, Mary etc. all the while not missing a beat of what Darcy and Elizabeth are up to. I look forward to the 5th book of Ms. Lathan’s. She is an example of how dreams really do come true. I love her story of how she became an author and a talented one at that.


My favorite of the series so far! Love the Darcy Saga by Sharon Lathan and this is probably my favorite of the series. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is the fourth in the series and follows the Darcys in the months after the birth of their first child. Family visits and the love lives of several family members, especially Anne de Bourgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam provide interesting dynamics as Darcy and Lizzy offer advice and assistance along the way. Col. Fitzwilliam’s romance is definitely one to rival Darcy and Lizzy’s. The story still focuses on Darcy and Lizzy and I find their love for one another and their family inspiring. I heartily enjoyed this story and am eagerly anticipating the continuance of the Darcy saga when The Trouble with Mr. Darcy comes out next month.


Sharon does it again!  I’m sure I will repeat several things I have said before, but its only because Sharon continues to take me on this amazing adventure with my beloved Mr. Darcy, Lizzy, and their family! I LOVE all the new plots with other members of the family, and not once did I ever say “I wish she would have gone down a different path”. Sharon gets it right every time!! I have soooo enjoyed the new love stories of Kitty & Georgiana and cant wait for the next book!!

If you have not picked up one of Sharon’s books, you must! I will say it over and over, Sharon is very careful and respectful of these two, and I love that!


I think Sharon books are amazing!!! It is how I always see their love after the wedding. I always wished that a movie or something came around to tell us what happened next. I think Sharon did that perfectly. I would recommend these books :)


Sharon has the title of “Queen” of the P&P sequels IMHO! Sharon Lathan has spoiled me for all other “Austen-esque” writers! I’ll admit; I do read others. But, I don’t get that sense of “continuity” as I do with Sharon… it seems as if everything in her “JA Universe” has fallen into place the moment she began her first book. Whatever Mrs. Lathan writes in the future, I will order, and read and of course treasure. I can almost see Ms. Austen smiling at the body of works, that have been presented so far. If you love a good honest love story, a ‘happily, ever-after’. Then I HIGHLY recommend these books for you!


Wonderful! The Darcy saga continues!!  I became a huge Sharon Lathan fan as soon as I was lucky enough to find her first novel. Nothing has changed. I feel that Sharon is true to the relationship that Lizzy and Darcy have formed. These are the sequels that Jane Austen would write if she were alive today. The strong bond between all of the characters is never in question. In The Arms of Mr. Darcy picks up where the last book left off and does not disappoint. It is wonderful to see Lizzy and Darcy as parents. I love Jane Austen fan fiction and I would say that Sharon Lathan is among the best of the best!!! If you love Lizzy and Darcy…do not miss this series!!!


The Ultimate & The Best Pride & Prejudice Sequel! I have read over one hundred sequels to P & P, which had given me a good critical eye as to which are the best ones, not so good, okay, and the worst! Of all the sequels, Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga Series outshine the rest. Sharon has a profound respect for the period, Jane Austen, and correctness. In addition, her style is sublimely beautiful. Jane Austen would be very pleased after reading Lathan’s books, if she were alive today. If you want to get into sequels of Jane Austen stories, you should begin with these series. You go, Sharon Lathan!


It left me wanting more!!! I just finished reading In the Arms of Mr. Darcy and absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! It was all I hoped for and more. Sharon if you read this… I am dying to read more about Caroline Bingley and her adventures in LOVE. As her brother and the Darcy’s have made such an impact on her.


Delightful. That word runs through my mind every time I pick up a book in this series by Sharon Lathan. In this 4th outing, it felt a lot like just spending some time with the Darcy family and their friends/relatives. Not a lot of high stakes drama — just some pleasant time with them for the most part. I loved the way Ms. Lathan treated the blossoming of Georgiana and Kitty. I’ve always wanted to learn more about Colonel Fitzwilliam and hoped for a good match for him. I actually would have liked some more time on his story. I see the 5th book in the series will up the excitement factor and feature the return of Wickham! Bring it on.


On to the next!!! Just finished this book today. I’ll have to say of all the “sequels” to pride and prejudice out there I’ve tried reading this series is my favorite. At first when looking into the series I was disappointed the last two books would be about Dr. Darcy and Georgiana but can’t wait to read them now because Sharon Lathan has made each and everyone of these characters come to life in my mind and I wish them all happy endings. And seriously Dr. Darcy is my favorite character. It’s amazing and I love all the books so far. They keep getting better.


Another enjoyable Darcy book! I always enjoy reading about the love and devotion between Darcy and Elizabeth, and also enjoyed the new romantic relationships of those around them in this book. I really like this series, the writing is just like Jane Austen had she have lived during this century.


My guilty pleasure book!! Ahhh, I love a good romance novel. Can’t get enough of Mr. Darcy!!!!



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