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Editorial Reviews
for A Darcy Christmas
Sharon Lathan
November 16, 2014 - 1:26 AM
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Kelli Crowe Reviews

5-StarDear Spouses of those Perpetually Enamored with Darcy and Elizabeth,  Buy this book for her as a Christmas present and you will be a hero.  Or better yet, give it to her early because A Darcy Christmas is a delightful way to wrap one’s self up warmly in holiday cheer. Through the 3 stories: I smiled to myself, I laughed, I teared up and actually said out loud, “Oooooh – good choice!.”  As a reader, those are the moments of emotion that connect me to the words. The thing that ties all three stories together so well is the fact that the authors are such fans of Pride and Prejudice. Their thoughtful characterization brings together 3 very different stories with varying realities quite nicely.  So buy the book and wrap it up with brown paper and string. It is sure to be one of her favorite things.

And saving my favorite for last..  A Darcy Christmas by Sharon Lathan takes the reader through 9 different Christmases.  If you have read the series, there will be references to what you already know.  I gobbled these instances up like little treats.  There are also hints and snippets of things to come that made me very happy to read.  If you have not read the series, I believe you can still enjoy this story.  There may be a few people here and there whose origin could feel unclear.  However, that should be temporary because you will want to read the series next.

This is the short story that made me happily misty eyed.  (I don’t do “sadly misty eyed” inducing books) My husband saw me drawing out a family tree of the characters and relationships (both known from the series and newly revealed in this story) on legal paper and asked if I was making chart of the book.  I was like, “Um, of course not.  I mean, who does that….?”  Apparently, I do.  (I do get asked a lot about the amorous scenes in books I review.  As with Mrs. Lathan’s series, there is a bit of that.  However, as this is a short story, what may be a few pages in her novels becomes a few lines in A Darcy Christmas)


Linda Banche

5-StarThose who can’t get enough of Pride and Prejudice will love A Darcy Christmas, a trio of Christmas novellas centering on Darcy and Elizabeth. The book’s title story, Sharon Lathan’s A Darcy Christmas, consists of a series of short vignettes that chronicle Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s long and happy marriage through succeeding Christmases. This tour de force, lush with detailed descriptions and dripping with love of all kinds, provides a fascinating preview of her saga. I liked the first story (vignette) the best. On the Christmas Eve before he marries her, a desperately lonely and confused Darcy dreams of the unacceptable Elizabeth as his wife and the mother of their children. Is he in love with her? He can’t be. Can he?   Merry Christmas to all Pride and Prejudice fans everywhere.


Queen of Happy Endings

5-StarSharon Lathan has been my favourite P & P writer for a few years now so I always look forward to anything of Sharon’s. I was very excited about reading this story and seeing where Sharon is taking the story now. It begins with Darcy admiring a painting of his family and reminiscing about Christmases past with Elizabeth. It is set in the future of they obviously have a few children and are still happy and in love. The story then jumps back to a Christmas before Elizabeth was Darcy’s wife. Each chapter is another Christmas that the loving couple have had together. I loved it, it was as romantic as all Sharon’s other books and a lovely addition to my collection.   A wonderful book full of Darcy Christmas cheer. A must read for all Darcy fans!


Christy Farmer’s Blog

5-StarOf the stories in the anthology perhaps the one I enjoyed the most is A Darcy Christmas by Sharon Lathan. This story is a series of vignettes (a collection of short stories) spanning the course of approximately twenty-five years of life with the Darcys. The story opens with Mr. Darcy receiving a family portrait on Christmas Day. Seeing his beloved family on the portico of Pemberley makes him feel nostalgic.

In the vignettes, the reader is given glimpses of life with the Darcy’s. As a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas, the birth of a child, telling Christmas stories with their children, and throughout the future. We see one child engaged, one child married, and unfortunately the death of a beloved member of the family.  Sharon Lathan has the ability to tell a compelling story and these were the vignettes I did not wish to see end.


The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

4-StarThis novella by Ms. Lathan is the best of the bunch. She begins in the prologue with Darcy enjoying a remembrance look at a family portrait, calling forth Christmases of their past. At first I thought I’d be reading a prequel to Ms. Lathan’s Darcy series. In the first chapter, Darcy is lamenting on his loneliness without Elizabeth in his life, especially because he dreams of her as his wife, but he makes excuses as to why they cannot marry. Then the author surprises me by traveling a number of years into the future, picking one of those Darcy Christmas remembrances and sharing it in detail.

Thus, the entire novella is a moment in Christmas time, those that have the most meaning to this hero everyone loves. Each memory is written with either humor, happiness, sadness and grief, and all involve the Darcy family and its traditions as it grows over the years, including sibling bickering, parental love as well as admonishment, and a host of other fun with this delightful family.

A Christmas baby, a special child, a frayed bookmark, a carriage accident, a heartfelt loss, among a few others, are all encompassed as the Darcy children grow older throughout the years, learning about life and love from the example their parents have set during their lives. The emotion, whether happy or sad, rolls off the pages in each chapter. While every chapter has plenty to offer the reader, my favorites are Christmas Grief and Christmas Present. Grief through the holidays is understood by all and the emotion in this chapter is exceptionally well done. More surprises await in the last chapter of Christmas Present, one had me chuckling and the other had me sighing with love anew for these characters.

I believe this is Ms. Lathan’s best work to date. She’s grown tremendously as an author and I know her future works will better than ever.  For me, it’s Ms. Lathan who saves the day in this anthology. Her story alone is worth picking up this book. If you’re a big Dickens’ fan, you’ll probably have more fun with the Eberhart than I did. And Ms. Grange gives a story in keeping with what Darcy fans have come to expect when reading about him and Lizzy. There’s something in this anthology for everyone this holiday season.


My Little Munchkin Reader

4-StarAs we all know, I am quite a big Sharon Lathan fan, so this novella was the first one I read and maybe because of this, my favourite. I love how she allowed us glimpses into the Christmases of the growing Darcy family. It was such a huge delight!


The Book Diaries

4-StarI enter the breathless world of my favorite couple with Sharon Lathan’s “A Darcy Christmas”….. as I traveled from Christmas to Christmas with these two passionate lovers, I looked into the world of the Darcy’s with breathlessness… tears… happiness… and all around satisfaction. I loved how Lathan took us across the years with the Darcy’s and looking at their Holidays spent with one another and how they grew as a couple and a family.  Much applause to these three wonderful authors for creating such a wonderful book! I believe Miss Austen would have loved this! I have now officially added this book to my books that I read every holiday season….A new tradition is born….Thank you!


Royal Reviews

4-StarA Darcy Christmas” by Sharon Lathan would have to be my favorite out of the three. It shows the many Christmas’s of the Darcy family. I loved the way it was like a flashback into Darcy’s & Elizabeth’s past.

I have noticed that this year has seen an influx Pride & Prejudice based material, which I have to say that I have been loving. Although I have not been able to a Christmas themed book, that is until now. “A Darcy Christmas” is a lovely collect of three novella’s by Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan, and Carolyn Eberhart. I found that I simply could not put the book down. Each novella held my attention and I found that I read each one straight through. Fans of Jane Austen will be thrilled to add “A Darcy Christmas” to their Jane Austen spin-off shelf, and if you are like me you probably have an entire shelf or two just for those types of books. Trust me, this book is a must read.


Debbie’s Book Bag

4-Star“A Darcy Christmas” written by Sharon Lathan is the concluding story in this anthology and aptly so. The Book is titled after this story and I felt that was appropriate. Lathan follows Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and their families and friends, throughout ten separate Christmas’. I found that a bit daunting considering it was a novella, but Lathan pulled it off with style. Offering the reader snippets, so that they could see how the family changed over the years. What new faces were added or old faces gone on. I really enjoyed this one a lot.??If you like Jane Austen fiction and you like Christmas. This anthology just in time for the holidays, should be right up your alley. I recommend this one because it is full of much-loved characters and is short enough to accommodate all of the hustle and bustle of the season.


Dolce Bellezza

4-StarThe last collection, A Darcy Christmas, is a compilation of stories written by Sharon Lathan. They take us through the intimacy of Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship, complete with passion and three children. My favorite of these was the last, where Elizabeth bestows a bookmark on her husband, one which he had long treasured as it was her first gift to him, embroidered with the verse from Genesis: The two shall become one flesh.

This novel cast a lovely Christmas spirit around two of the most beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice. It would be a perfect holiday read for any Jane Austen fan.


Reflections of a Book Addict

4-StarOf all the novellas this is definitely the most unique and long ranging!  Each chapter is dedicated to a different Christmas that the Darcy’s experience.  A Darcy Christmas spans the time period from the Christmas prior to Lizzie and Darcy’s engagement through their 23rd Christmas as a married couple.  The chapters are filled with births, deaths, marriages, happy times, and sad ones.  As expected Lathan’s novella is filled with new characters that add to the richness of her imaginative creation.

Fans of Lathan’s Darcy Saga novels will be glad to know that Lathan stays true to the Christmas’ she’s already written about in her novels, adding extra tidbits to what we already know. I really enjoyed each chapter giving us a small piece of each year of the Darcy’s lives.  It gave sneak peaks of what we can expect from Lathan in the future.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next novel in the Darcy Saga, as A Darcy Christmas left much to be excited for!


One Literature Nut

4-StarAs an Austen fan, I loved the sweet holiday flair brought to the characters of Pride and Prejudice.  The three separate stories were unique and fun to read, each with a style that helped it stand out from the others.  Honestly, I had a wonderful time escaping into the possible lives of the Darcys and would definitely recommend this compilation to Austen fans.  In short, A Darcy Christmas brings Jane Austen charm to the holidays in a delightful way.

Completing the collection is Sharon Lathan’s, “A Darcy Christmas.”  In this concluding selection, Elizabeth and Darcy take us through a series of Christmases together over the years.  Jumping across the years, this famous couple share their lives and growing family as they celebrate many happy holidays across a lifetime. Lathan’s story, like her novels, was romantic and charming as it showed the loving relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth with their growing family.


Suite 101 Historical Romance Fiction

4-StarThree fabulous author come together to carry on Jane Austen’s classic work in a continuing tale of Darcy and Elizabeth. Sourcebooks Inc. brings us A Darcy Christmas; a holiday tribute to the beloved tale begun by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice. Full of life and originality, yet sticking to the story we all know and love, A Darcy Christmas is completely Christmas themed but captivating enough to be read year round. Many sequels to the acclaimed classic disappoint by not staying true to the characters and the plot that Jane Austen began, it is a pleasure to say this anthology is not one of them.

A Darcy Christmas” by Sharon Lathan is by far the most riveting of the three in A Darcy Christmas. Sharon Lathan digs deep into the lives of Darcy and Lizzy and tells their life’s story by Christmases. Each chapter is another Christmas in their life. Their love for one another is heartbreakingly romantic, their support for each other is captivating and the details of the good, the bad and the ugly are absolutely unforgettable. The Christmas of grief is literally so full of sadness that it may bring a tear to your eye, but there is always happiness in the end.

Sharon Lathan tells the story in a fashion that is believable both for it’s ties to the original works of Jane Austen and for it’s relations to true life ups and downs. Remarkable for the in depth scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth but heart warming for the fact that the author does not portray their life together as perfect. There are things that worry them and turn their lives upside down just as it would in real life.


Austenesque Reviews

4-StarEver wonder how the Darcy’s would celebrate Christmas? Are you interested in learning how Christmas was celebrated during the Regency era? Or have ever desired for an Austenesque novel to read around Christmastime? A Darcy Christmas just might be the book for you!

The third and final novella in this anthology isn’t really a novella at all. Rather, it is a heart-warming collection of short stories that illustrate various Darcy Christmases through the years. These progressive snapshots display the powerful and fervent love Darcy and Elizabeth share with each other and their children, endearing Darcy family Christmas traditions, and appearances by both new and beloved characters…

I finally read my first work by Sharon Lathan and can now understand why she has such a devoted following of admirers! I took pleasure in the charming and cozy Christmases the Darcy’s shared. In addition, I loved following the stories of the Darcy children and learning their distinct personalities. Although Ms. Lathan did an admirable job of creating diverse and unique Christmas celebrations, with nine Christmases in a row, it did occasionally feel repetitious.

As someone who devours Austenesque novels all year long, I found this “holiday tribute to Jane Austen” to be a splendid idea! I thought the stories were well-executed, entertaining, and lovely tributes to Christmas and Jane Austen.


Celtic Lady Reviews

4-StarThe last story is “A Darcy Christmas”by Sharon Lathan which depicts the Darcy family at Christmas over a period of years. The Darcy family is a growing family and each member of the Darcy and extended families get together each Christmas to establish their own traditions. I enjoyed this festive book, I would have to say that the last one was my favorite of the three.


A Curious Statistical Anomaly

4-StarEnding the book, is “A Darcy Christmas” by Sharon Lathan. Note so much a story as vignettes – each centered around the Christmas holidays. Each piece shows the reader an incident from the life of Darcy and Elizabeth. We get to see them grow as a couple, have children, face the loss of loved ones, watch their children grow and have their own families — the gathering for the holidays increases as the generations continue to meet at Pemberley. This was a nice capstone piece to the book.

In the stores now, you can pick it up to read during the holidays when you want to remember what they’re all about as the chaos and stress rise. Christmas is for family, friends, and loved ones to gather and share the love and concern for each other. A Darcy Christmas is all about love and family.  All in all, a nice book to cuddle up with on a cold holiday evening.


Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

4-StarAhh the Christmas feeling is over me now. A Darcy Christmasby Sharon Lathan portrays the family over many years, always on Christmas. I met the characters I know from Lathan’s Darcy series, and I especially liked the story where one daughter sets her eyes on the boy she wants when she is 3. Now I wonder how many more books there will be in this series of hers, because there are sure a lot to write about with all the kids they get. This was something sweet before the holidays, Lizzy and Darcy in love and spending Christmas together.

For those that enjoy the Lathan books then this one should be read too since it’s the same Darcy world. But all in all they can all also be read like this. Short stories filled with love, and Mr Darcy. Something fun for the Darcy lover out there. Because that is what they all were, sweet.


Palmer’s Picks for Reading

4-StarThis book is a nice holiday read geared to fans of Jane Austen.  Three short stories, using Darcy and Elizabeth from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, center around Christmas. The first story has Darcy being Scrooge from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  I liked the twist of using a twist on a classic within a twist of a classic.  The other two stories pick up where Pride and Prejudice left off and continue the story of Darcy and Lizzy and their families.  Christmas is the focus and is used to marked births, deaths, happiness and family moments.  The three writers stick to Austen’s style and her ideas of the characters.  I enjoyed this book a lot, and I am one who does not read many holiday books.


The Burton Review

3.5-StarThis is something different for Darcy fans: a novella collection! Christmas and the spirit of Jane Austen. Bring on the cinnamon and apple cider aromas!

Off to a weird start was the last novella in the collection. It featured Darcy feeling depressed that Lizzy had spurned his proposal, and yet he couldn’t get her out of his mind. I was a bit put off by Lathan’s sensual undertones, but eventually they went away. It eventually became a pleasant Christmas story that had a little bit of everything involved. I enjoyed the clan of the Darcys that Lathan created and the personalities of the family members who managed to annoy each other in a loving way.

All in all, the collection of Christmas themed Darcy stories was a hit, and I enjoyed the book as a whole. I can’t even pick a favorite out of the bunch, but I think that Darcy and Lizzy fans would be pleased with this Christmas collection which should definitely help the reader get into the holiday spirit!


Calico Critic

4-StarWhile Sharon Lathan’s novella is the concluding story of the book, I decided to read her A Darcy Christmas first.  I recently finished her full-length novel, In The Arms of Mr. Darcy, so I still had her voice in my head, so to speak.  I was delighted to find that this short story felt almost like a sequel to her third book in The Darcy Saga, although I’m sure that wasn’t necessarily the intent.

A Darcy Christmas is a window into many holiday seasons over the life of the Darcy family.  It begins the Christmas before Darcy weds Elizabeth and ends many years later when they have been married for 23 years.  Each chapter shares moments from a particular Advent season, revisiting the characters introduced to us by Jane Austen and meeting new friends and family members as well.

This novella was sweet, innocent and enjoyable, and I loved seeing how the Darcy family grew and matured over the years.  Not every year was full of mirth, and I was particularly moved in one chapter when Elizabeth is mourning the loss of a loved one.  I may re-read that very chapter someday if I have the misfortune to mourn as she did.  It was very touching and could bring comfort in that type of sorrow.

As is true for the other two novellas in this collection, Sharon Lathan’s A Darcy Christmas is an enjoyable composition.  It matches the sentiments of the other two authors and brings a warm glow to the heart.


Kris at Book Wishes

4-StarI really enjoyed this novella, I read this at Christmas time and this is a must read for all you P&P fans. This is the first of author Sharon Lathan’s works that I have read and I really enjoyed her writing, the characters were true to Jane Austen’s nature in writing which made me giddy. Elizabeth is wonderfully written and stubborn as ever. I have had trouble with some inspired Jane Austen novel in the past, but I can say that author Sharon Lathan did Jane proud. Great read, captures you and pulls you in. I will be reading more and more from Sharon. Although I read this at Christmas time I can say A Darcy Christmas is wonderful any time of the year. Also might add the love scenes were tasteful not trashy I also liked that! A win win when purchasing this book!


Book Journey

3.5-StarThe third and final installment of the book is ‘A Darcy Christmas’, takes us through the Darcy Christmas’s one by one, some of joy, and some that let’s just say having the Kleenex close by is not ill advice.   I enjoyed these peeks into the Darcy Christmas’s – it was like looking into a family photo album. For someone who has avoided all of the spin offs with vampires, zombies, and sea monsters… this book came as a pleasant surprise.  I enjoyed the stories centered around the Darcy’s and the fact that this book holds the three stories as a collection was perfect for the time of year when my mind tends to travel towards a sort of book a.d.d. and I skip from one thing to the next.


Library Journal

Capitalizing on the popularity of Jane Austen sequels, three novelists put Mr. Darcy in a holiday mood. In Grange’s “Christmas Present,” the Darcys’ holiday festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a very special guest. Carolyn Eberhart’s “Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Carol” mashes up Dickens with Austen, and Sharon Lathan’s “A Darcy Christmas” finds Darcy and Elizabeth looking back on many years of marriage. Sure to be a hit with Austen and romance fans.


History Undressed

With the holidays quickly approaching I was excited to receive my copy of A Darcy Christmas: A Holiday Tribute to Jane Austen, by Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan and Carolyn Eberhart.  This was a light-hearted, quick read, and quite enjoyable.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never tire of Elizabeth and *fanning self* Mr. Darcy–one of my all time favorite heroes.  Naturally, when I have the opportunity to read a book that continues the genius that is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I will nearly always pick it up. As am I, many of you during the holiday season are running around so you find very little time to squeeze in some reading for enjoyment. Poof!  The perfect solution: an anthology!  A Darcy Christmas will get you in the holiday spirit.

Sharon Lathan’s A Darcy Christmas, for which this book gets its name, will have you smiling from ear to ear and remembering why you loved P&P in the first place.  This was a fabulous holiday anthology and I highly recommend reading it.  The stories are easy and quick reads, that you can squeeze in between hectic holiday running, or just curl up and read before a fire with your hot cocoa. ‘Tis the season to read A Darcy Christmas!


Book Drunkard

A Darcy Christmas by Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan and Carolyn Eberhart  is a book of three short Christmas stories based on the  characters of Pride and Prejudice.  Anyone who is familiar with Sourcebooks will recognize the names of the three authors and know their reputation when it comes to Austenesque books. (Well, not Carolyn Eberhart.  This is her first publication but certainly not her last!)  I think that what you expect from the book is what you’ll get.

I liked the book a lot.  The only thing I would suggest is switching the order of the first two stories.  For me, that would have helped with the flow of the entire thing.  Other than that, I wish I would have read it in the winter, wrapped in a blanket while drinking hot cider.  I think it’s the perfect holiday read and a nice gift for the person on your list who loves books and Austen!

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