Launch Month Update

Launch Month Update

The month when one of my novels is released is always extremely busy and filled with excitement. I now anticipate the craziness and prepare myself for it well in advance, at least as much as I can. April 2011 when The Trouble With Mr. Darcy was released will go down in the record books as one of the busiest to be sure, but also as one of the best! Currently I am with my sister on a mini-holiday, the two of us lounging in a gorgeous B&B sitting at 6000 feet in the Las Padres National Forest where we grew up. It is a special time for us to relax and revisit all the places we frolicked amongst when far younger. It is a well deserved reprieve but even while breathing in the fresh smell of pine and snow the blog tour continues!

First off a reminder is in order: THE DEADLINE FOR MY LAUNCH GIVEAWAY OF 5 SIGNED COPIES IS THIS FRIDAY!! The list of names is long, but there remain many opportunities to be added on–

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My Virtual Blog Tour continues with a few extra dates added–
April 13, Wednesday – Calico Critic
April 18, Monday  –  Queen of Happy Endings
April 19, Tuesday – The Good, The Bad, and The Unread
April 22, Friday  –  A Curious Statistical Anomaly

Reviews are trickling in gradually. The ones I am aware of thus far are posted on The Trouble With Mr. Darcy Editorial Review page in full with links. Some snippets:

Where do I begin? There was so much taking place in the fifth installment of the Darcy Saga that I haven’t got a clue! Firstly, I love the prologue! It sets the scene beautifully but gives no indication of what is to come or what has already occurred- nicely done if I do say so myself.  Sam at Little Munchkin Reader
While The Trouble with Mr. Darcy takes us down a darker road in the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy, it is in turn very enjoyable to see them work through struggles and evolve.  Because she makes us truly care about the outcome of these beloved characters, it’s easy to see why Lathan’s Darcy Saga is so successful.  Just as romantic and engaging as ever, this is one sequel you won’t want to miss.  Kimberley at Austenprose

There is nothing like hearing from satisfied readers! A special thanks to all of you who have contacted me via email, Facebook, reviews, etc. to express your satisfaction with this installment of the Saga. I truly do appreciate it more than you will ever know.

As I said, April has been a busy month for me. Actually, the craziness ran all through March! Largely that was prep for what is happening now and I want to share some highlights and also give an update of what is happening with Georgiana Darcy’s novel so KEEP READING!

This past Saturday, April 9, was the Fresno Area Regency England Fellowship’s “A Day in Regency England” that my co-founder Carrie Flores and I have been planning for. It was a fantastic event with a large attendance. Every moment was perfect! Eventually I will post some of these in my Portrait Gallery.

As for Georgiana’s novel I just received the copyedits from the wonderful Gretchen and am gradually working my way through those. The release date is scheduled for November 1 and I see it already listed on Amazon for pre-order! I also now have a title AND a cover! Are you ready? Here it is, revealed for the first time–

Isn’t it fabulous? I love it!! Yes, she should have blonde hair – I will admit to that minor discrepancy – but the over all look is so amazing that I shan’t argue. Let me know what you think!

11 Comments for Launch Month Update

  1. It looks really intriguing, Sharon! Good luck in crafting it out on paper for us all to enjoy! You are the energizer bunny!

    Kathy SF

  2. I am quite impressed Sharon!

    The cover of Georgianas book is great, I love it! I´ll preorder it, too.

    I completely agree with all the success and the praises for "The Trouble With Mr. Darcy". I love this book!! The chapter about the trouble between Lizzy and William is so very sad, but you wrote it fantastic: tender, full of understanding and full of a desperate love. And of course the reconciliation or better the new understanding, the mending, is so sweet. Nothing will separate them; they belong together!!!! And everything else in your book is unbelievable; I really appreciate it, that you spend so much time with exclusively Lizzy and Darcy; a lot of time for sweet love.

    It is good that you had such a wonderful time with your sister.

    Lots of love,

  3. Thanks everyone. My visit with my sister has been amazing. We watched a ton of movies, including several Jane Austens, spent two days in the area where we grew up, ate a ton of food, and talked until we were hoarse. It has been the best time ever and something we both needed.

    I fall more in love with the new cover every time I look at it. It is just fantastic. Yes, Sourcebooks does a nice job on their covers! Vee, thanks for pre-ordering. Amazon has a tendency to put these things out too soon sometimes and then has to recant. Hopefully that will not happen this time around. I appreciate the wonderful support from all of you, my faithful readers and friends.

  4. I found the preorder on Amazon Sharon and have just placed my order. How exciting!! I am looking forward to this beautiful novel!!
    TSBO devotee

  5. I love the cover for Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Sourcebooks art department has really done a wonderful job designing Austenesque book covers. I must say all the covers I see are lovely and beautiful, esp yours. You must be lucky to be still with them.

  6. WOW Sharon "Miss Darcy Falls in Love" looks exquisite! Love the cover and of course the contents will be just as spectacular! Sourcebooks have done an amazing job with the beautiful detailing!
    I am so glad you had a lovely time at the Regency day the pics look great. You and Emily and your Sis look beautiful.
    Even though I have never been a hue fan of Bryan Adams I do love quite a few of his songs especially this one. He sounds just as good as ever!
    Looking forward to loads more exciting news from my fav author 🙂
    TSBO devotee

  7. Sharon I am so happy you are taking some time off! and with your sister – that is great! Loved the cover !! cant wait. It is absolutely beautiful. Congrats! Bryan Adams is my all time favorite – His song Heaven – was our wedding song! Haaaaa…. listen to it all the time.

  8. Sharon, the cover for your Georgiana story is GORGEOUS!! I also LOVED the gown you wore for the Fresno Area Regency England Fellowship. You looked stunning;-)

  9. Ok, so Love a Woman is my all-time favorite Bryan Adams song! Thanks for posting the video! Also, the cover to Georgiana's book is beautiful. I think this is my favorite cover of all your books (even with out the blonde hair)!

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