Keli Gwyn celebrates a new release, & talks about furry (or feathered) friends

Keli Gwyn celebrates a new release, & talks about furry (or feathered) friends

I haven’t hosted a guest for a while — too busy with other commitments! It is wonderful to break the drought with my California pal, inspirational novelist Keli Gwyn. I was fortunate to meet Keli ages ago when she was yet a hopeful author with a Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® double final. Since that time we have met at several RWA National Conferences, and when she shared her knowledge with my California writers group, the Yosemite Romance Writers. It has been a thrill to watch Keli make the exciting transition from aspiring author to published author. And now she is here to celebrate another release!

giveaway-1Please join me in welcoming Keli Gwyn as she talks about her love of animals, especially in romance stories, and as she basks in the happiness of a new book. As a special thanks, Keli is graciously offering ONE signed, print copy of her new novel – Family of Her Dreams. (US address only, please) Deadline for comments to enter giveaway is June 19. Winner will be contacted via email.



Keli Gwyn Historical Author PhotoAward-winning author KELI GWYN writes stories that transport readers to the 1800s, where she brings historic towns to life, peoples them with colorful characters and adds a hint of humor. A California native, she lives in the Gold Rush-era town of Placerville at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.

When Keli’s fingers aren’t hovering over the keyboard of her newfangled laptop, she enjoys strolling past stately Victorian houses in her historic town, burying her nose in reference books as she unearths interesting facts to include in her stories, and interacting with other romance readers. Her favorite places to visit are her fictional worlds, other Gold Rush-era towns and historical museums.

She loves hearing from readers and invites you to visit her Victorian-style cyber home at where you’ll find her parlor, study, carriage house and more.


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Keli Gwyn brings chocolate! 

My first Love Inspired Historical, Family of Her Dreams, hit shelves earlier this month. It’s exciting knowing that readers are meeting recently widowed Spencer Abbott and Tess Grimsby, the warmhearted woman he hires to care for his children.

I’m grateful to Sharon for having me here to help celebrate this special occasion. Because Tess makes chocolate cakes whenever a member of Spencer’s family has a birthday, I thought it would be fun to offer virtual chocolate cupcakes in honor of my book’s launch. Be sure to help yourself to one—or two. After all, they’re calorie free.

Chocolate Cupcakes! YUM!! (image from Wikipedia Commons)


Writing Family of Her Dreams was fun. Tess’s character came to me right away. It took longer for Spencer to become fully fleshed out in my mind. When he did, I fell for him right away. And his kids. I love adventurous, energetic Luke, and little Lila is a doll.

But there’s another member of the family. Spencer’s dog plays a special role in the story. At one point, the loyal fellow alerts Tess to danger and helps save the day.

A pet holds a special place in our hearts. When I was young, I had a dachshund. Alex had a fondness for food, as his ample girth proved. There was a lot of him to love, and love him I did. Dearly. I cried buckets the day he died.

After I left home I spent a number of years living in apartments and was unable to have a pet. Eventually I met and married my wonderful husband, and we bought our first house. While I dreamed of having a dog again, I’d learned during our dating days that Gwynly wanted nothing to do with having one. He was partial to cats.

Because I believe having a pet adds a great deal to a child’s life, I reluctantly agreed to get a cat so our daughter could enjoy the experience of growing up with a furry friend. Imagine my surprise when the orange tabby we picked out on our visit to the animal shelter snuggled up to me, a confirmed dog person, and began purring. My heart melted. It didn’t take long for that affectionate fellow to convert me. These days I’m a cat person, too.

My readers can look forward to future stories that feature pets. The hero in my work-in-progress has a brightly colored parrot. I’ll be including a cat in the story after that. There’s just something about a pet that completes a story—and a family. Wouldn’t you agree?

What pet did you have growing up?

What pet(s) does your family have now?

Family of Her Dreams by Keli Gwyn ~

Family of Her Dreams_KGwyn
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A Family to Cherish.

Headstrong Tess Grimsby loves her new job caring for the children of a recently widowed man. But she never imagined that she’d fall for her handsome employer. Yet Spencer Abbott is as caring as he is attractive, and Tess can’t help but feel for him and his family. Though, for the sake of her job, she’ll keep any emotions about her boss to herself.

Between his stationmaster responsibilities in a Gold-Rush town and trying to put his family back together, Spencer has his hands full. He soon finds his new hire’s kind personality warming his frosty exterior. But could he ever admit to seeing her as more than just an employee?


Family of Her Dreams is such a sweet story of love and faith. I just loved Tess when she was with the children. And really loved her and Spencer when they were together. A wonderful, tender and inspiring story. – Amy on Amazon

LOVED THIS BOOK! Family of Her Dreams is a delightful, heart-warming tale that I didn’t want to end. FIVE STARS!!  – Patty Jo on Amazon


Other novels by Keli Gwyn ~ 

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13 Comments for Keli Gwyn celebrates a new release, & talks about furry (or feathered) friends

  1. I’m really bummed those cupcakes aren’t real. Chocolate sounds SO good right now!

    Thanks for being my guest, Keli. It has been a joy watching your success in publishing. Being able to share in that, even in this tiny way, is fantastic.

    At the present we do not have any pets. Sadly our two dogs passed on in the couple years before we moved to Kentucky, and the fish would not have traveled well so went to friends. I would like a puppy, but we are so busy and traveling so often that it does not seem like the right time. Perhaps someday.

    As a kid I was most fortunate. We lived in the mountains, and my parents were big animal people. You name it, and we probably had it at some time! Hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, rats, mice, fish, a snake or two, frogs, lizards, and on it goes. I honestly can’t recall how many dogs and cats we had over the years. My mom was one of those people who literally always had a small dog at her side, the peek-a-poo Gidget from my youth living for close to 20 years.

    Our most unusual pet was a half-Shepherd, half-wolf. Beyond that, while not a “pet” in the typical meaning of the word, was my dad’s hawk Varda. He was in the falconry club for years, until one day for no reason that was obvious, Varda remembered that she was, in fact, a wild animal, so she simply flew away!

    Then there were the occasional wild animals my dad brought home to rehab. I remember several owls and other birds (Varda’s house came in handy!) Yeah, we were a regular zoo so it seems. My sister inherited the desire, and worked at a pet store for years before becoming involved with animal rescue and rehab in Oregon. I was never quite that ambitious, but have had a number of beasties over time!

    Best of luck on the new book!! Sharon

    • Wow, Sharon! Your life has certainly been populated by a plethora of pets. There were definitely some different ones among them. Was the half-Shepherd, half-wolf aggressive? Did your Dad’s hawk let anyone else handle her? It’s neat that your sister went on to be involved in helping animals later in life.

      • That’s a good question, Keli. I was young when we had the half-wolf dog. In fact, I don’t remember his name. All I remember is how beautiful he was, especially his yellow eyes. I can remember petting him, the feel of his fur, so he must have been lovable to a degree. I do not recall any aggression, but rather a restlessness. My dad gave him to a lady we knew who raised German shepherds and had one that was also half-wolf. I remember her very well. Named Mary Steele, and she fit the name! She and her husband had a ranch that was much better for our wolf-dog’s needs.

        As for Varda, no, she was all my dad’s. One thing about hawks and falcons is that they “bond” with their master. It is a precarious relationship. Raptors NEVER become pets. Not ever! The relationship is one of mutual respect, with the human striving to maintain control while always understanding that the raptor can never be truly controlled. Varda was not vicious, per se, but none of us kids ever went too close to her house or approached her when my dad was training. We watched from afar. I vaguely recall touching her a time or two, but as I said, she was not a pet.

        Yes, we certainly had our fair share of weird animals around! I have loads of stories! I was also lucky to have a science teacher all through grammar school — Mr. MacDonald — who loved exotic animals. He had a boa constrictor names Max who loved to be held and adored, so was passed around during class. True story. There was also a Gila Monster (that we obvious never touched!), a water moccasin (also off limits), several rodents, and especially the mice who served a purpose, if you know what I mean. 😉

        Yep, those were the days!

        • Wow, Sharon! You’ve certainly spent time getting up close and personal with some exotic pets. You’ve got heaps more courage than I do. I think I would pass out if someone attempted to hand me a boa constrictor. Even looking at a Gila Monster or water moccasin would freak me out. I did have a pet white mouse once, though. My dad was scared of it. I don’t know why I wasn’t. Talk about being out of character. Getting that mouse was certainly not something I would have expected my younger self to do. My older self says no way.

  2. I love my furry babies- my husband and I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Never dull moment around here but we wouldn’t have it anything other way!

  3. I just love stories with pets playing a
    part in the plot! As a child, I had Spaniel, a Siamese, guinea pigs, and
    a chicken. As an adult I had a pointer and 4 cats but became suddenly allergic to cats. Now I just enjoy my
    friends’ felines and am working on
    getting a new wee doggie.

    • Susan, you must have had a lot of fun with all those pets when you were a girl. I smiled when I came to the chicken in your list. Not too many kids can say they had a pet hen. (Or was it a rooster?)

      Sorry about the unexpected onset of cat allergies. The same thing happened to our daughter. Adriana grew up with our cats and had no problems. When she came back to visit during her first college vacation, she sneezed up a storm due to all the cat dander from our long-haired fellows. Interesting.

      I hope you enjoy the new pup. What breed did you choose?

  4. Your new book sounds very interesting! I love animals too. I was strictly a dog person until I married a man who loved cats. Now we have both and since we live in the country, we are constantly finding ‘throw away’ pets in our yard. Thus, we have more than we need, though we love them all.

    Thanks for sharing about your books. I intend to check them out!

    • Brenda, it’s fun to hear from someone who was a dog person and learned to love cats as a result of marrying a cat person the way I did. It’s nice of you and your husband to open your home to those pets who have no place to go and find their way to you.

  5. Pets I love them in home and books.
    At one time I had 3 children ,19 cats and 2 dogs. Fortunately we lived in a large two story house. Later the kids left home and each acquired 3 cats . When they moved again they left the cats with me. I then had 14 cats and two dogs.
    When I moved to a condo with 2 cats and a dog and was working, I found a dog a problem. Dogs have to be walked no matter the weather. I also had to hurry home after work to take the dog out. After she died, I decided not to have a dog as long as I have to go out to work. For awhile I was without a pet and then one son had to move to a place that didn’t allow pets. I have 1 cat who like me until my son had t move back in with me . Now the cat just likes to sleep on my clothes and bed but loves my son. She is aggressively affectionate to him.

    I have had pets all my life– both cats and dogs.

    Your story sounds charming.

    • N Mayer, it sounds like you are a big pet person. That’s a lot of cats. I hope they got along. Our two boys do all right most of the time, but there are moments… 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for hosting me, Sharon. I look forward to interacting with your blog’s readers and finding out about their pets–past and present.

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