…to all my friends and faithful readers of the Darcy Saga!
I am blessed to share another year of Darcy-flavored joy with each of you who have made my dreams come true.
My wish for you is health, prosperity, joy, happiness, and contentment for this holiday season and the year to come.


This has been a marvelous year for me in a host of ways. I think a year-in-review would be a nice addition! Look for that in the days ahead. For now I am simple going to share some fun and heartwarming Christmas images. I love vintage cards, as most of you probably know, so the hardest chore for me is picking only a few! These caught my eye immediately.



I love the two darling children walking through the forest in the image to the left. Maybe the woods near Pemberley and these are Darcy children? Sure! Why not? I also love cute animals. Who doesn’t?


These next should come as no surprise if you know me at all! Yes, we went to Disneyland for Christmas! The most magical place on earth to celebrate the season……


7 Comments for JOYOUS CHRISTMAS!

  1. Dear Sharon!

    Thank you for everything; the vards are beautiful. I love the oldfashioned images of Christmas. I really can´t get enough of it. And of course thank you for the excerpts. I love them. The Darcys in Paris, the city of love. Can´t wait to read more about it. All the excerpts are very, very promising. And I keep saying to myself that April is just around the corner.

    What about your European adventure?

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi Sharon!

    Thank you for the beautiful Christmas greetings! May I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

    Thank you for the snippets of "The Trouble With Mr. Darcy". I haven't read them yet, but intend to do so when things settle down here in a couple days. I am anxious to peruse parts of your new book.

    Thank you for keeping us so well informed about the exciting events in your life. May things continue to run smoothly for you and your loved ones.

    Take care and God Bless, good friend.


  3. I got one of your books for christmas~ I can not wait to read it. But first I shall finsish re-reading pride and prejudice.

  4. Thank you for sharing these amazing pics Sharon. They sure do put me in the Christmas spirit! My gorgeous son made me a Christmas CD to listen to in the car! Thats working a treat in convincing me it is actually Christmas already too!
    Love the magical DIsney one and the HUGE tree but they are all wonderful!
    Thank you for the wonderful excerpt from your highly anticipated novel "The Trouble with Mr Darcy". The excerpt shows that the Darcy's are still a formidable couple in that they relish each others company, they have a healthy respect and admiration for each other and they now share a European adventure, thats awesome! I am so excited to read the whole story!
    Love the family interactions, so natural and true. So real that I feel as though I am in the same room listening to their conversation.
    Wonderful to see Darcy is still the protector of his dear family. Alexander growing up too, how cute! Dr George has not lost one bit of his humour or charm!
    Thank you for continuing this amazing adventure for my favourite characters Sharon! April cannot come fast enough!
    Merry Christmas to you, Steve, Emily and Kyle. Enjoy the blessings and peace of the season. xoxoxo
    TSBO devotee

  5. I am so HAPPY!!! Thank you for the excerpts!!! This one and the one in your wonderful newsletter! Wonderful my friend!! You have made my day!!! Beautiful pictures!

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