Introducing “book plates” and bookmarks for YOU!

Introducing “book plates” and bookmarks for YOU!

Way in the back recesses of my mind this is something I have wanted to offer to my fans for a long time but, well, I shall be honest and admit that I simply hadn’t taken the time to figure out how to go about it! Ends up it was very easy and I am VERY excited to be able to extend this offer to all of you.

Here is the scoop: One question I hear so often is, “When are you coming to ______ (name of town) so you can sign my copy of your book?” With very few exceptions the answer is inevitably a nice variation of, “Never!” Not because I have no desire to visit every town on the planet, mind you! That would be fabulous and when I do travel outside of my tiny Central Valley California town for a signing, I always let you know! What I now have to offer is an option that is certainly not as fabulous as meeting in person, but will hopefully be a pleasing alternative.




The above book plates – a fancy term for a sticker that you can peel and place inside the jacket or front page of a book – were created as a way for me to write a personal message and add my signature for you to place inside my novel(s). Designs # 1, 2, and 3 were created by me, and design #4 was created as a gift to me from my pal Abigail Reynolds.

If this is appealing to you, all you need to do is the following:

1 –  Send me a “self addressed, stamped envelope” (SASE) to this address:
             Sharon Lathan, PO Box 74, Hanford, CA 93230

2 – Include a slip of paper indicating-

  • The design # you prefer for each novel
  • The name as you want it autographed to
  • Any special message, if applicable

3 – Note your email address so I can contact you for questions

4 – If outside the USA just make sure the SASE is stamped with the standard stamp for international mailing of a letter-sized envelope. Basically whatever it takes to send the letter to me will be adequate for me to send back to you.

That’s it! I will do my best to sign and send as soon as possible. 



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  1. Oh Sharon what a great idea for your books. Can you send me 5 so I can place on the books I am gifting this holiday season? That would be great!! They are so beautiful. I will send you a return envelope today!! Thanks

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks so much of thinking of your fans! These are so beautiful & a great idea!! I’m gonna get my order in to you very soon! Of course, I would want one for each book….LOL….but I won’t be greedy…..I think ordering one for the 1st one will do just fine =). Can’t wait, it will be something I will truly treasure. Hoping all is well for you, can’t wait for your new book next month!

    Your friend & fan always,

  3. Hi Sharon-
    I just bought “and Two Shall Become One” for my cruise vacation next week. I found my bookmark from when I met you at Woodward Library last winter. When I get back I’ll order a book plate & have the complete package. 🙂

  4. FYI—-
    I checked with a postal representative and was told that as long as the envelope is of the standard size, stamped with the basic stamp required for international mail from your country, I can use that envelope to send from the US back to you.

    So, for instance, if you are in the UK, whatever stamp is required to send the envelope to me in the USA, put that same stamp on the SASE envelope. Same with any other country, although I suppose it might be wise to check with your post office. But if you can mail it to me, I can mail it back! There are no customs charges or forms to fill out as long as the weight is under 3.5 ounces (not sure what that is in grams, but it is enough for an envelope and a few bookplates!).

    Thanks for the question! I do hope no one encounters any problems, but of course when it comes to sending very far distances any thing is possible.

  5. Dear Sharon!

    The book plates are great! What an amazing way to get in touch with your readers all over the world!!

    Once again you have proven that you are the BEST!


  6. Similar question from me. I’m in Canada we can only purchase Canada Post stamps to the U.S . Would this be stamped and delivered by US mail to Canada?

    • I looked all through the US postal website and could not find the answer specifically. I know there are international flat rate envelopes that work everywhere, so that is one way to do it. I did verify that as long as the weight is below 3 oz there are no custom forms to fill out. It is just a simple mailing same as you would send to a person in your country. I can’t imagine that a couple bookmarks and bookplates would weigh more than 3 oz. But, I am going to my local post office today to get answers from the source! I will report back on what I find out for sure.

      Sorry for not giving that aspect greater thought. I was so excited about the new book plates I didn’t think past wanting to let you all know!

    • Absolutely! Nicole, if you send me an envelope with an international postage stamp on it I will happily mail them to you! Last I sent a regular envelope international it was a 90cent stamp (US currency obviously). Mailing packages overseas is expensive, but regular mail envelopes isn’t too bad. Admittedly I have never sent a letter from the US to elsewhere with a foreign stamp on it rather than a US stamp. Hmmm…. I’ll have to check with the post office on how that works! Thanks for the question! Obviously I had not quite thought that part through. I shall look in to it and update the information.

  7. Oooh! I’m going to have to do this for my 4th and 5th novels…or wait to stalk you at Disneyland again lol
    Then I will have a full set of autographed LD goodness!

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