Ringing in the Holiday Season!

Ringing in the Holiday Season!

November is here! Halloween is past so we can focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas, two of my favorite holidays! Here and there throughout this month, and in December, I will post blogs with a seasonal theme. This includes historical bits, recipes, songs and videos, quizzes, and vintage images, to name a few. Additionally, look for frequent mentions of Christmas-centered novels and novellas new this year. Nothing like a sweet (or spicy) romance under the mistletoe to set the mood for holiday cheer!

This month also welcomes back my Guest Author Spotlight Wednesdays. Yeah! Starting this week with the awesome Victoria Vane celebrating a new historical romance release, I have someone amazing visiting every Wednesday. Interviews, blog posts, new novels, giveaways, and more! Authors on the agenda are noted on the left sidebar, with links to their websites.


Last year I posted a three-part series on the history of our American Thanksgiving celebration. I won’t repost. Instead I will direct everyone to that series, which is now easily accessible in the Library at Pemberley forum, along with other holiday and historical essays.

History of the US Thanksgiving by Sharon Lathan

Other websites with interesting information on Thanksgiving origins and traditions are numerous. Here are a few–

History channel icon

16 videos and several articles from the Macy’s Parade to how to cook turdunken to deconstructing the Mayflower.



The Plimoth Plantation has it all. History, games, interactive learning, podcasts, videos, and essays are only the beginning.



Mayflower History website goes back… waaay back… to the first settlers. Great stuff!



Thanksgiving Washington

Whew! After all the serious stuff it is time for a good laugh. I am confident this video will do the trick. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my very favorite time of year as well. And since November includes my birthday, I guess I should just say November and December are my favorites months of the year. Still waiting for that lovely nip in the air though, still fairly warm in my neck of the woods.

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