Holiday Movies, Part 4

Holiday Movies, Part 4

Here are a few more, enough for me to share I think. Many, many more Christmas-themed movies exist, especially on channels like Hallmark and TBS. Search your Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime listings.

Christmas Carol1984
Christmas Connecticut

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  1. My favorites:
    Gremlins scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it.

    The Grinch…classic…Jim Carrey…genius.

    The Bishop’s Wife: A bit of movie trivia…originally Cary Grant was cast as the bishop; however, he wanted to play the angel Dudley, so David Niven was recast as the Bishop.

    Die Hard: nothing like a Die Hard marathon with all the movies. In the latest…his children are grown.

    Christmas in Connecticut: I’ve watched this movie many times, but I always have just a little twinge when the character played by Dennis Morgan falls for a married woman played by Barbara Stanwych. She was so enamored by him that she let the farce go on too long, thus allowing him to make overtures to her even though she was supposed to be married. It is a darling movie…and I want that house.

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