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Historical bloggers all over the net are sharing their unique knowledge of Christmassy-related events, traditions, places, and more. You all know how I love history and Christmas! If you do too, here are some great articles for your enlightenment.


Winter Solstice by Jody Allen at Historical Hearts Through History

Yule Returns! by Cate Parke at Celtic Queens

Regency Country Christmas as Told by Washington Irving & Sharon Lathan by Sharon Lathan at Krista’s Book Review

Christmas Cards: A Little History by Anna Kathryn Lanier at Historical Hearts Through History

Christmas Snap-Dragon by Alyssa Everett at Romancing the Past

Snow Sports & Winter Transportation by Vic at Jane Austen’s World

Saint Nicholas: Patron Saint of Spinsters by Angelyn Schmid at Historical Hearts Through History

Did They Have Christmas Trees in the Regency? by Rachel Knowles at Regency History

A Viennese Christmas, 1814 by M.M. Bennets at English Historical Fiction Authors

Keeping Warm: More About Muffs by Two Nerdy History Girls

Sweet Traditions for the Holidays (Recipes!) by Amy Pfaff at Teatime Romance

O! Christmas Tree by Stephanie Burkhart at Historical Belles and Beaus

800 Years of Plum Pudding by Maria Grace at English Historical Fiction Authors

‘Twas the Fright Before Christmas by Kate Nolan at History Undressed

Fruitcake at The Regency Reader

That should keep you busy for a while! 


2 Comments for Historical Christmas Blogs

  1. Merry Christmas Sharon!

    Thanks for those links, I too love history and Christmas! In fact my cats really love it too as they’ve knocked down our Christmas tree several times now, all the fun!

    I thought you may like this link also! It’s Chatsworth’s yearly Christmas decorations posted on youtube in November.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PH9F2kPkZw someone seems to have a bad cough in the background you can mute if you wish, ha! 😉

    Also, Chatsworth has their own site but it looks like they have only so far posted 4 vids.


    Have a wonderful season!


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