I will be sleeping a portion of the daylight hours after having worked New Year’s Eve in the NICU, but then I intend to relax with my family. We will watch football – well, Steve and Kyle will watch football! – and munch on an assortment of goodies throughout the day until dinner. Not exactly party animals, we Lathans! LOL! My thoughts will be on the events to come with the launch of My Dearest Mr. Darcy. But I will also be remembering how stupendous and momentous 2009 has been for me. Thanks to all of you – my faithful readers – who have made 2009 truly a year of remembrance. One for the record books to be sure! My prayer is that you will enjoy whatever celebrations you have planned, look back on this year with fondness, and look forward to a wonderful 2010. AND I hope to see you all here in the days to come for my Launch Fete!
God bless, Sharon Lathan

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  1. Happy new year, all!

    Our day was very low key. I worked the night before and luckily the busyness was over by midnight. We ate a delicious potluck, broke open the bubbly cider, and toasted in the new year. Then it was back to work! Thankfully it stayed relatively calm so we were able to polish off most of the food before heading home. My day was sleep, then computer time and a nice ham dinner. Very quiet, very fun.

    Thanks for sharing your celebrations. I hope everyone had a marvelous time.

  2. Happy Happy New Year! Hope football/lounging was relaxing! How have I spent my first day of 2010? Why, by lounging in my bed reading ‘My Dearest Mr. Darcy’!!! Called Barnes and Noble yesterday and they had it! I quickly raced over to purchase it and had to restrain myself from diving right into it! Even with my mild restraint to try and stretch the novel as long as I could, I’ll admit I’m already less that 100 pages away from finishing!

    Love it, amazing job once again, and I wish you a Happy New Year and further success with the rest of the Darcy Saga!!

  3. Wishing you, Sharon, and all the people here on the site, a wonderful, healthy and successful 2010! Hope that for everybody some of their dreams, aims and wishes come true!

    I am looking forward to the following two books this year and am glad that I can be part of this great Darcy world. I may not be able to visit your blog and site as often as I wish to, but i sure will keep reading your books and follow your journey!

    I also had a rather quiet New Year’s eve this time. I went to my sister (who lives on the opposite site of the street) and celebrated with her and her boyfriend. A bit later one of her neighbours joined us. We ate good, talked a lot and watched the fireworks at midnight.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR SHARON!!!!!! and all our dear Friends here at the Darcy Saga!!!!

    Our family had a quiet night eating and watching TV to see i the new year, especially the fireworks display, its always awesome! My daughter went into the city to watch them first hand. Something I’d like to try perhaps next year.
    I feel so blessed in your friendship Sharon, you have given me so much fun and entertainment over the years. I am proud as punch for you and your gorgeous family and look forward to loads more exciting times ahead.
    I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead with much excitment good health happiness and of course loads of LOVE. God Bless
    TSBO devotee

  5. Sharon wishing you and your family a very happy New Year 2010!! I know that 2009 was a great year for you full of new adventures, experiences and lots of patience. Your writting was able to touch alot of people and open alot of hearts. I know that 2010 will be another amazing year for you and your books! As always you will have your loyal friends, readers and new fans to enjoy your books in 2010 and beyond!! I look forward to it all and to continue this "journey" with you. Your friendship has ment alot and will be cherished for years to come. I wish you and your family Health, Love, and lots of Happiness and may God bless you always.

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