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Terrie from Truro, Iowa wrote on November 9, 2011:
I loved all these books. I read all 5 in two weeks. I could not get enough. I continue to read them over and over. Please tell me you will write a 6th book to continue this love story with additions of more children.
monica from san diego, ca wrote on October 18, 2011:
i've read two other series of Pride and Prejudice spin-offs and i love yours the most, my cousin and i share all of our Darcy related books and have nicknamed yours "the Dirty Darcy's" hopefully you don't take it the wrong way, we enjoy the spice that you add to their relationship
Natalia Molina from colombiana wrote on October 11, 2011:
I am very happy to find the saga of Mr Darcy and lizzy, I would like to know if you plan to publish in Spanish?
Esther from Oregon wrote on September 29, 2011:
Huzzah! I finally found your site and the list of the order in which your books should be read. Some I have read two or three times, some only once (so far) and one I had missed altogether!. I downloaded it to my kindle and will read it as soon as I finish Trouble with Mr. Darcy (again). Keep up the good work for all of us P&P fans. I'm off now to Preorder Miss Darcy Falls in Love.
Kelly wrote on August 31, 2011:
I love your writing and these books. I fell in love with Pride and Prejudice when I was very young. When these books came out and I stumbled across them in Target I fell in love. I own all but your novella and I will be purchasing Miss Darcy Falls In Love.
Marcus Cruz from Fresno, California wrote on August 29, 2011:
Hey Sharon....

My daughter loves the books!!!! I just need you to sign them for her!!
Kathy from Lebanon, Ohio wrote on August 19, 2011:
Thank you so much for continuing the wonderful relationship of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth! I read P & P for the first time less than a month ago (very sad I never read it before!). I was thrilled to see someone continued the story and have read all but 2 of your books! Thank you SO much for these lovely novels- I usually do not read fiction, but have been captivated by your works and have recently purchased nearly all of them. Keep up the good work and be assured there are many of us waiting on more!
Monifa from East Hartford,CT wrote on August 16, 2011:
Hi Mrs. Lathan,

First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed every one of your books. I was glad to see that I was not the only one that what happened after the movie.
Secondly, will there be another book in the series? Please say yes!!!! I am so in love with the Darcy's and their friends and family and need to read more of them. Please continue this series.

Devoted reader

andrea wrote on August 15, 2011:
I love Keira Knightly, but the BBC version of Pride and prejdice is the better of the two. Collin F. is Mr Darcy 🙂
(week knees)

Thank you!
Andrea wrote on August 15, 2011:
Just finish The trouble with Mr Darcy. Its my 4th one in your series.
I have enjoyed them all. I hope you are working on one where the Darcys are a little bit older with teens maybe? and more on Miss Lydia. Thank You!
Xirong from Toronto, Canada wrote on August 12, 2011:
Dear Ms Lathan,

I am frantically in love with P&P, both the novel and various film and television adaptations. Then I started to look for literary adaptations and I encountered your site.

Thank you for writing beautiful novels to this regard.

I wonder if possible, since your books are all so recently published, whether you could have them all electronicalized, i.e. all of the books come with both paperback and electronic versions?

Nicole Rysavy Stevenson wrote on August 8, 2011:
I'm counting down the days and months until the next book release!!! Will you ever do a meet and greet in Austin TX?
Rachel from Tucson wrote on August 6, 2011:
I absolutely adore your books. I just started reading them this summer and have almost read them all (only two more to purchase). I always enjoyed Jane Austen's stories; Pride and Prejudice being one of my favorites. Your writing has given me great joy in being able to picture what the Darcy's future could be. Thank you so much and please keep writing.
Michele Bailey from Oregon wrote on July 21, 2011:
Hi Sharon,
Love your books! I became intrigued and somewhat addicted to the Pride and Prejusdice story after seeing the 2005 movie (in 2010!). Where was I in 2005 anyway? Probably saving babies! I also work in the NICU. You can probably relate to the weird hours and movies missed over the years!

I appreciate that you have the novels listed in order here, as well as, what other names they've been published under. It was a little difficult to determine what order the books should be in. It would be nice if they had the number on them or the sequence listed inside the back of the book. I am returning a book this morning that I thought was a new one but to my disappointment, it wasn't. I already had it!

Look forward to reading about Georgie. Will be watching for others. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Barbara from St. Louis, Missouri wrote on July 16, 2011:
Ms. Lathan,
I just wanted to say I too have loved Pride & Prejudice since the 2005 movie which I saw 2 yrs. ago. I then rented the 1995 movie because I knew there had to be more to it than shown in the movie. But it was not until I bought the Jane Austen book that I fell head over heels in love the the characters and books. I own most of your books and love them all. I am working on owning them all along with many of the others others, but yours are among my most favorites. Please keep writing them!
Kaitlyn wrote on June 30, 2011:
I absolutely love your site and your novels! As soon as I previewed Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy online, I HAD to purchase it! Thank God for people like yourself who love Elizabeth and Darcy just as much as I do. And you’ve made me love them even more.

Their relationship is indeed perfection. It’s what love and marriage should be. I have to say that I was quite pleased when I read the first volume in this series, particularly with the wedding night. I find it very romantic and sweet when newly married couples are each other’s “first.” And what better couple to lose their virginity to one another than my favorite: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy!

I hope to find my own Mr. Darcy someday. But, then again, what woman hasn’t wished that?

God bless!


P.S. I placed this comment onto your picture, whoops! My apologies. Technology and I don't get along sometimes. Haha!
Morgan wrote on June 19, 2011:
Hi again i just want to say that I want to meet yo so much because you share the same feelings i do about pride and prejudice and about Matthew being the favorite Mr. Darcy of them all! I aalso fell head over heels when I read your last book before the first one not knowing LOL! it still hasnt come in the mail yet but im counting on any dat now because im getting very impaitiont...i read a sample of the first chapter in my kindle last night and there are now words for it.....Its apsolutly beautiful and i love it!!!! thank you so much you are the best!!!
Morgan wrote on June 17, 2011:
hi!!! im impatiently awaiting the arival of Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam darcy im an addict to Mr. Darcy i love him so much and i would love to have a man like him if that were even possible! i watch the movie so much and i wish that i could meet Matthew in person!!! thank you so much for writing these books im forever greatful to you!!!!
Annie from Baltimore, MD wrote on June 9, 2011:
I've been reading your continuation story of Lizzie and Darcy ever since you began posting weekly chapters ever so many years ago! Been with you from the beginning stages of getting published, and now look at where you are! I always knew your stories were much to good to NOT be published!
If you keep writing, I will keep reading!
Sharlyn Whitson from Beaumont, Texas wrote on June 4, 2011:
Ms. Sharon Lathan, hello I just want too say thank you first off for continuing Pride and Prejudice. I love Jane Austens writings soo much, and admittingly hated that the love between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth ended with their marriage, but then I came across this book My Dearest Mr. Darcy, and I have been consumed by the romance between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. I am so happy this great and wonderful love story is being continued. I it seems have started with book 3, but I will soon buy all the books and start from the beginning. Thank You again, I really have been enjoying reading the continuation of Pride and Prejudice. Have a Blessed day, and thank you.