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Theresa-Rose Girgenti from Canada wrote on March 8, 2013:
Hi Sharon,
I fell upon your Darcy series by accident at my local Chapters Bookstore. Well I wish more accidents like that would happen because what a wonderful series. Since I'm joining you late in the game, I purchased them all in one shot and have read them all one right after another. Now I'm going thru withdrawal and I can't wait for April 2013 so I can get my hands on The Passions of Dr. Darcy. Thanks for keeping Pride & Prejudice alive.

Indeed a fortunate accident, Theresa-Rose! Thank you very much for sharing this with me. I appreciate your kind words 🙂 April 2 is right around the corner! Hugs, Sharon
Lacey from Texas wrote on March 6, 2013:
Hey Sharon!

Finally bought "Miss Darcy Falls in Love" and I'm so looking forward to "The Passions of Dr. Darcy." I must say George is one of my favorite characters. I'm so glad that you gave him life.

I absolutely love your series of Darcy books. I've read several and these are by far my favorites.
Susanne from Austria wrote on February 27, 2013:
Hi Sharon, I´ve just ordered "The Passions of Dr. Darcy"; I am really excited about your new book!

Janet Taylor wrote on February 27, 2013:
Hi Sharon. I'm really looking forward to this book. It has intrigued me from the first teasers!
Lori Thomas wrote on February 27, 2013:
Hi Sharon,

Just stopped by to say Hi & looking forward to reading your books.
Kimberly Souza wrote on February 22, 2013:
I love your books. Thanks!

Thank YOU, Kimberley! I appreciate you signing my Guestbook 🙂 Sharon
Caryl S from Arcadia, CA wrote on February 21, 2013:
Hi Sharon, This is my first time writing, wanted to say that I've read and loved all of the Darcy Saga. I love the fact that I feel like I'm right there at Pemberly with Lizzy & Darcy. Thank you so much for the pleasure I feel while reading your words! Look forward to reading about Dr. Darcy!

Thank you so much, Caryl! I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Praise is most inspirational! Hugs, Sharon
Elaine L. Tibbs wrote on February 20, 2013:
Hello Sharon, I just stopped by to say hi. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day with your Mr. Darcy.

I have heard from a few Austen fans about my pins at Pin It concerning the Austen Authors and your books.
Well as always Darcy Forever and good writing to you. Take care, Elaine

Hi Elaine! Yes, I had a lovely Valentine's Day with my Mr. Darcy! Thanks for sharing Austen Authors on Pinterest. That is fabulous! We all SO appreciate it!
Hugs, Sharon
Susanne from Austria wrote on February 14, 2013:
Dear Sharon!

I think it is a very long time ago, that I wrote something in your guestbook. So I´d like to write something today and wish you a wonderful Valentine´s day!
Thank you for all your hard work! Thanky for sharing your books, thoughts, history and ideals with us. I love reading blog updates and could spend hours with it.
Have a wonderful time,
Dana Taylor from Canada wrote on February 12, 2013:
Hi Sharon,
LOVE your work and am so excited to read the next installment! Best wishes 🙂

Thank you SO much, Dana! The next will be out soon! Sharon
Amanda from Yorkshire, Uk wrote on February 1, 2013:
Thoroughly enjoying your work Sharon, can't wait for the next one.... Lots of P & P interest over here at the moment with the 200 hundred year anniversary, and some exciting events planned.

Thanks Amanda! Yes, I know a bunch of people in the UK, and you sure know how to celebrate one of your national heroes! I am thrilled to be a small part of it. 🙂 Sharon
Stephanie carrico from 200th birthday wrote on January 30, 2013:
Enjoyed your contribution to the hop..these things are always such fun..

Thank you, Stephanie! I love being a part of events and online "parties" - so festive! Thanks for joining in on the P&P 200th anniversary.

Sincerely, Sharon
Stefani wrote on January 29, 2013:
I absolutely love your books. Thank you for your great stories, your creativity, and really staying true to JA's characters. I'm obsessed with this Saga. I just wanted to ask how many books you were planning to write? No matter the number it will never be enough for me. Thank-you so much.

How very sweet! Thank you, Stefani. Truth is, I rarely "plan" any of it! LOL! I just keep writing. At the moment I have 3 - yes THREE - Darcy-esque works in progress. I keep coming up with new ideas! Gotta focus. So, there will be more for the fans, I am sure of it. Sincerely, Sharon Lathan
Jennifer wrote on January 24, 2013:
I can't wait for the new book to come out. I have loved every one of your novels and how deeply you have allowed us to get to know our beloved characters.
Jennifer Epperson wrote on January 24, 2013:
I am ready for your book to be released. Pre-ordered already. Lol. Please don't stop writing, I can't get enough of the Darcys.
Shannon wrote on January 20, 2013:
I have loved every single one of the books in the Darcy Saga! It has been a complete joy to follow the lives of all these characters after Pride and Prejudice. I am hoping that this last book will not be your last as I am not ready to stop hearing about my favorite characters. Maybe the next book could be Lydia and Wickham?!?!?

Oh my! Not sure I want to delve any deeper into the twisted mind of Mr. Wickham! LOL! Once was enough. Thanks so much for the kind words, Shannon. I am still writing, so have no fear of that. Sharon
Elaine L. Tibbs wrote on January 17, 2013:
Hello Sharon, looking forward to reading you new book. The man who is gracing the cover of your book is absolutely luscious!

Isn't he though? No idea who he is, but as soon as I saw the image I knew he very closely captured George as I saw him in my head. The whole cover is amazing to me. Thanks, Elaine! Sincerely, Sharon
Reta Ortiz wrote on January 17, 2013:
I'm very excited about the new book! Pre-order on amazon last month! Can't wait.

Thank you, Reta! I promise you will not be disappointed. Sincerely, Sharon
Kimberly Sooy wrote on January 16, 2013:
I love reading and some books are made to be read again and again. This is the best continuation of Pride & Prejudice ever. Matter of fact, I've read these much more than the original.

Wow! More than the original? Now I am really blushing. 🙂 Thanks so much, Kimberley. I am confident George's tale will be another to read over and over. Sincerely, Sharon
Nancy Richardson wrote on January 15, 2013:
So happy to hear of the release of The Passions of Dr. Darcy in April! I have already pre-ordered and until then will have to re read the others to keep myself busy! 🙂

You have just enough time to get through all of them, Nancy, if you start right away! LOL! Thanks for the pre-order. It really helps to increase the ranking, too 🙂 Sincerely, Sharon