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Mary Jane wrote on April 30, 2019:
Dear Sharon,

Thank you so very much for writing these books!!! I have devoured the series with sadly only 2 books remaining. These are my favorite characters and I feel like I get to catch up with them every evening. I have to now pace myself because I don’t want to not be reading about their lives!

I hope you continue to write about these beloved characters as it is a peaceful part of my evenings that I don’t want to do without.

,Love, love, love these books!

God bless you
Chanda from Fishers wrote on November 8, 2018:
Hello! Any new books out in 2019?
I love all your characters.
Mette from Copenhagen wrote on June 21, 2018:
Dear Sharon.
I love love love your books. I've read them many times. Darcy and Elizabeths lovestory is beautyful and I loved the stories of Mary, Kitty, Georgiana and the wonderful uncle George.
I was sad to hear about the troubles with your health and I hope you are feeling better.
Your blog and webside with the image gallery is great.
I hope that you will write more books, and that the Darcy Saga continues.
Kind regards
Tina from Atlanta wrote on January 22, 2018:
Hi Sharon,
I am a huge Jane Austen fan, and just happened upon your Darcy Saga in a shop before a flight took off. I devoured the book in less than 24 hours, and then couldn't wait to read the others (delaying many household chores in the process!!!) Your characters are so real, and the books actually transport me to the 1800s. Please keep writing! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks so much, Tina! I am delighted you found my novels! I do hope you have found time to catch up on those chores. LOL! I am still writing, slowly, but writing. Cheers! Sharon
C Jones from New York wrote on January 1, 2018:
Hi Sharon, I have read the 2 Darcy prequel books and the 5 Darcy saga books 3 times. They were all very well written and so delightful! I eagerly await (and I hope there will be one) the next book after The Trouble with Mr. Darcy. Please tell me there is another book in the making.

Thank you so much, C Jones! I am in the process of writing so rest assured that there will be more in time. I SO appreciate the kind words. Happy New Year! Sharon
Carmen Melinda Stemen from Westerville wrote on October 4, 2017:
I too experience the love of Jane Austen's works with my daughter Melinda! I too have my own Mr. Darcy who retaught me what it was like to let live and chivalry live every day in our lives!!!! As soon as I heard about your books I couldn't wait to receive each one! I would devour each one and find myself waiting and wanting more! I love all the characters that you developed out of the original novel or created for the story of the Darcys' life and loves as they embarked on their life's journey. I fell in love with Dr. George Darcy and love his life's story (would love to see more!!!!) and Georgiana's story as well!!! So, I guess my simple question is do you plan to continue with further glimpses of the characters' lives together in the future? I do hope and pray that you do - you have a way of bringing their stories to life that makes the reader feel like they are an invisible part of the family!!!! Thanks so much for all you do and may God bless you and your family!!!!

Hello Carmen, Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I delight in hearing from satisfied readers. πŸ™‚ Indeed, I do plan to write more of the Darcys, both of the past and on into their future. It takes time, of course, to write a whole novel, so bear with me! Visit my blog to stay informed. Cheers, Sharon
Singapore Interior Designers wrote on September 20, 2017:
Thanks Sharon, my friends and I love your writing!
albert wrote on September 8, 2017:
Good job! Thanks for the work and keep it up!
Stefanie Holding from Stefanie H. wrote on September 6, 2017:
Hello again. I received a notice that I won an e-copy of Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future via BookFunnel. I'm so excited. thank you!!! I can't wait to start this one.

Yeah! Glad you got the email and downloaded okay. Thanks, Stefanie. Happy reading! Cheers, Sharon
Carl C. Kenyon from Bates City, Missouri wrote on August 10, 2017:
Hi Sharon,

So nice to see you are still in demand. Thanks for being a friend, which we shall cherish always.

Carl & Charlene

Carl!! SO great to hear from you!!! I hope you and Charly are well and thriving. Yes, I am back in the game! It sure feels good. And, indeed, friendships, when they are solid and true, are to be cherished. Far too many "friends" are not what they claim. I am blessed to know you two! Much love, Sharon
Joann Matsunaga from Lomita wrote on August 9, 2017:
Hi Sharon- Was so relieved that you were writing again and excited to hear that "Hope of the Future" was coming out! But I only see the e-book versions out there... Will there be a paperback version? Please let me know as I'm dying to read this new book!

Thanks Joann! The paperback is in the works. I should hear back from CreateSpace by tomorrow, so shortly thereafter if all looks good. πŸ™‚ Cheers! Sharon
Elin Eriksen from Sande wrote on August 9, 2017:
Congratulations on your newly released "Hope of the future ".
I absolutely loved it! I am so happy you are in a place where writing is possible since you are my favourite author. There are so few in the JAFF world who writes P&P continues stories. After reading "hope" I am rereading the Darcy saga for the sixth time...
Thank you for sharing your wonderful imaginations (and obviously thorough research) with us.

I can't believe you read it so fast, Elin! Amazing! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the awesome review on Amazon!! It means so much to me! Much love and thanks, Sharon
Jasmine wrote on June 23, 2017:
Hi Sharon, I am such a big fan of all your books. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of writing and imagination with us. Our would is immensely richer because of your works!
Kim from Virginia wrote on June 23, 2017:
Yippee!! I am so excited Hope of the Future is almost here!!! Having been a fan of your books for several years, it's been a long, dry spell. It is wonderful to hear you are back writing again and enjoying life. Will continue to send prayers for good health your way. I shall be taking Parts 1 and 2 along with me to the beach the last week of August. Thanks for taking us into Darcy and Elizabeth's future! It's been great! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Michelle from Columbia wrote on June 19, 2017:
I just started the prequel, but I am already sad to see there is no book two. Your Pride and Prejudice variation has been my favorite. I know too, from reading this website, that you have had personal issue that have prevented you from writing. I truly hope that they will be overcome and you can write again soon. It seems there are many others that share my sentiment.

Good news Michelle! I am busy writing the second half of the duo, Hope of the Future, and am nearly done! If all goes as planned, I should have it edited and ready for release by the end of July, August at the latest. Yeah! Thanks for your patience. I shall be updating more soon. Cheers! Sharon
Ina Jones from Ina Jones wrote on April 21, 2017:
I am sorry to hear that you were sick and that you are on the mend. I hope you will write more on the Darcy very soon. Until then I am rereading the books.
Susan Brewer from Lakeland wrote on October 10, 2016:
I have enjoyed reading all of your books in the Pride and Prejudice genre. I am glad to read you are on the mend! You are a favorite author of mine!

Thank you, Susan! I greatly appreciate the kind words. πŸ™‚ Sharon
Laura from Charlotte NC wrote on September 23, 2016:
Just discovered you and can't wait to read! Going to the beach and will take you along!
Bless YOU!

Thank you SO much, Laura! I appreciate the kind words. Have fun at the beach! πŸ™‚ Sharon
linda from Ocala wrote on July 19, 2016:
just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the tidbits that you have been putting on line and on your blog to help your readers understand the beautiful time frame in which Darcy and Elizabeth lived. And all of the pictures that go along with the books, like what the gallery might have looked like and the rooms at Pemberly. Can't WAIT for the next book. Either the second in the prequel OR what happens when Lydia finds out that her "Dear Wickham" is dead and what Mrs. Bennett's reaction would be, and the child that Elizabeth is carrying when she was kidnapped and drugged. Is that the daughter that was mentioned in the Christmas stories? I imagine it might be as it was hinted that she had some sort of ailment. Oh I can't wait...please hurry back to Pemberly!!!
Sandra Mostert from El Segundo, CA wrote on May 13, 2016:
Hello Mrs. Lathan,
I recently discovered your books and thoroughly enjoying them.
Ive searched for "the 2nd book of the prequel, "Hope for the Future" and cant find it anywhere to purchase ... Is it not in print? If it is, kindly send me link where i can purchase from..

Fondly you new fan,

Thanks for the kind words, Sandy! It is always a joy to hear from satisfied, and especially newly discovered fans. Alas, the 2nd novel has not yet been completed. I've encountered some serious real life issues that have prevented focusing on writing. I do hope to finish in time, but I can't honestly promise when that will be. I am very sorry and hope my readers can understand and be patient. πŸ™‚ Sincerely, Sharon Lathan