Guest Blog: Linda Banche

Guest Blog: Linda Banche

My friend Linda was kind enough to allot me a space on her blog so I could chat about In The Arms of Mr. Darcy. I was inspired by a question I saw posted on the Beau Monde asking, “Is the family saga dead?” Obviously I have a strong opinion about that! Join me there, read what I have to say, and share your thoughts on saga-style tales. A free copy of my latest is up for grabs!

Writing a Long Life by Sharon Lathan

While you are there, check out the lovely review Linda wrote. Simply scroll down or click this link:

Review of In The Arms of Mr. Darcy by Linda Banche

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  1. Thanks ladies! Susanne, I hope you time in OZ is wonderful. I am very jealous! I should have stowed away. then I could visit both you and Vee!

  2. Such a wonderful review and thank you for all the great excerpts you have provided all your fans! I know you are going to have a lot of new fans Sharon. This book is absolutely wonderful!!! I am having such a great time reading it.

  3. Love joining in on all this fun Sharon!!!
    Congrats on a wonderful review and I lookforward to reading many more!
    TSBO devotee

  4. Dear Sharon!

    Another great review and another fantastic guest blog from you!
    I love family sagas, of course the Darcy Saga is my alltime favourite, but I´ve just started reading the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn and I really enjoy this family, too.

    There is so much happening in your new book, I think the season in London and the future little Darcys sound very promising. I think the tour to the continent will be postponed….

    Your saga is alive and it will be for a very, very long time!!

    God bless you, lots of love,

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