Guest Blog at Jane Austen Today

Guest Blog at Jane Austen Today

 I just found out today after being gone all weekend in San Francisco that an essay I wrote for Jane Austen Today has been posted. I was unsure of the date, that being why I gave no warning. Here is a short blurb:

Whenever I talk to people about Jane Austen – whether newer inductees like myself or the long term enthusiast – the commonality is love. One may be so devoted as to quote novel passages verbatim. Another may never have picked up the book and only know her stories via cinema. Some vigorously dissect every last nuance in an effort to discover greater depths to the text. Others just want to feel good, have a great laugh, and cheer at the triumph of true love. In all cases Jane Austen’s legacy is in touching lives. Her words have touched mine in a profound way and through my love I hope to continue spreading that joy.

Here is the link to the full article: Sharon Lathan on Jane Austen TodayI was invited by blog owner Ms. Place with the specific request to talk about my novel and why I was inspired from the movie primarily rather than the book. It is always fun to delve into my inspiration, although I do it quite a bit! Out of all the guest blog requests I have received, this one was a huge honor and surprise for me. And for identical reasons it was also my greatest fear and challenge. I am trepidatious about throwing myself willingly in front of the bus, so to speak, but Jane Austen Today is perhaps the only Austen-related website open minded enough to embrace non-traditional material. Still, I am scared! So any support would be tremendously appreciated. Plus, it is a terrific essay if I say so myself!

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