Greetings from Massachusetts

Greetings from Massachusetts

My hubby and I are enjoying the first leg of our big trip to the East Coast. This journey to a land far, far away – some 3000 miles! – from our abode in the Central Valley of California is partly so I can attend the Romance Writers of America conference next week. It is also to celebrate our 25 years of marriage! Officially it will be 25 years on July 19 and we will be home by then, but this is close enough. So yes we are having a marvelous time. I discovered a lovely cottage in the Rockport/Gloucester area of Massachusetts (about an hour north east of Boston) located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. What a thrill! We have a busy agenda but I wanted to share a few images and I also want to remind anyone who lives in the New York City area to stop by and visit me next week at the Literacy Signing.

Our cottage on Plum Cove


Our “front yard”


Rockport, MA coastal view


Sunset over Plum Cove


Today we are off to Maine! Whoot!! More later, I hope! LOL!

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    Congrats on your 25th and the wonderful trip to celebrate your anniversary. My husband and I will celebrate our 25th on October 18, 2011, so 1986 was a great year to get married.

    Love your books – since the emailed versions I read years ago!

  2. Happy Anniversary dear friend! LOVE your choice for a romantic break!! It is breathtaking. ENJOY!!!
    Love always
    TSBO devotee

  3. Dear Sharon,

    what a lovely place to spend your holidays! It looks cosy and romantic!

    The sunset over Plum cove looks amazing.

    What a beautiful for your holidays and for your anniversary!

    Thanks for sharing it,


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