Hope of the Future “Daily Snippets” #18 to #25

Hope of the Future “Daily Snippets” #18 to #25

During the month of July, and for part of June, on my Facebook Author Page I shared teeny excerpts every day. The endeavor was for promotion, of course, and included a giveaway. As for the giveaway winners, I will be selecting those and announcing the winners next week as part of the release celebration events. For this week, I am sharing the snippets here on the blog for the enjoyment of my wonderful readers.

On Monday I shared the DAILY SNIPPETS #1 to #9, which can be read HERE.

On Wednesday I shared the DAILY SNIPPETS #10 TO #17, which can be read HERE.

The release date is AUGUST 8
and the Kindle version can be secured on Amazon for pre-order.

Now for the mini-excerpts #18 to #25—

Mr. Travers, the Darcy House butler


Suddenly feeling utterly ridiculous, even with the butler’s calm face and faint smile, she pointed to the tray and stuttered, “Is this…I understand this is for Mr. Darcy? In his office?”

“Indeed, Miss Bennet. He always has tea at this time of the day. And I am always the one to deliver it. An expectation he has undoubtedly grown weary of. Might I impose upon you to tend to the task for me? Just this once, of course.”

His expression had not changed one iota. Releasing her held breath, Lizzy bobbed a curtsy. “It would be my pleasure to relieve you of this duty, Mr. Travers. Just this once.”

“One knock,” he instructed, transferring the tray carefully into her hands, “then wait for his permission to enter. Mr. Darcy prefers to serve himself, although in this case he may make an exception to that rule.”

She swore he winked as he turned away!



The colonel’s grin faded and he put the mug down. “The pleasure of your company and sparring with your rapier wit was one draw. I do, however, have news. Good and bad. What do you want first?”

“I prefer to forego the bad news altogether, thank you very much. I am to be married in a month to the most marvelous woman in all of England, if not the world. Shockingly, I have discovered the joy in being giddy with happiness. It is a refreshing change.”

“If not truly delighted for you and Miss Bennet, I would jump on that ‘giddy’ comment with glee. I shall resist and save the taunting for later. At the present, I believe your positive attitude will serve in this situation. Last night I was finally able to get away and have dinner with my parents. The main topic of conversation was your engagement.”

“Is that the good news or the bad?”

“Depends, I suppose. They are dismayed, or perhaps confused is the better word, over your engagement to Miss Bennet. What you do not know, Darcy, is that while blissfully living in giddy happiness, our dear, sweet Aunt Catherine has been busy.”

Darcy’s face darkened with the anger perpetually simmering under the surface when it came to his other aunt. “How do you mean?”

“You really need to pay more attention to gossip. I have been back in Town for less than two weeks, spent half of that time running an errand for you to Pemberley, and still managed to get an earful. Maybe I should become a spy.”



Darcy leaned against the trunk, hands rigid with palms flattened harshly into his thighs as he franticly grasped onto the remaining threads of control. If he did not regain his equilibrium soon, and forced a certain part of his body to behave, Elizabeth would become his wife in one sense of the word in the next ten minutes. Of all the occasions where his restraint had teetered, this was a hundred times worse.

God help me, he silently begged, and please don’t move or say a word, Elizabeth, or I will be lost.

“I love kissing you!”

Darcy groaned at her blurted comment, closing his eyes in a last-ditch attempt to remain a gentleman.

“I suppose that fact you have figured out by now,” she finished, her voice shaky and weak.

“Yes,” he finally choked through his dry throat, “I have received the message loud and clear. I love kissing you, Elizabeth. Most ardently, and fervently want to do so very much more than kiss you!” He inhaled, clenching his jaw and digging his back into the rough bark. “That is why it is best you stay over there and I remain here for a while, if not permanently.”



Darcy rambled on, Lizzy watching him sift through several papers on his desk before selecting a folded foolscap with a broken wax seal. Presumably it was the invitation, but Lizzy discovered her attention wandering to the view of his backside as it was for the first time seen uncovered by his jacket.

She had never exhibited interest in a gentleman’s posterior and, like many revelations during the past weeks, was amazed how enticing the angle. Even as she lost herself in the emotions stirred by her fiancé’s fine figure, an academic portion of her brain analyzed whether it was his specific form causing her heart to pound, or merely maturity and awakening desires in a general sense. Then he bent over to grab the ledger off the floor, the fabric tightening and outlining his firm buttocks and muscled back in a highly pleasant manner, and the answer was immediately clear.

The direction of her gaze did not shift speedily enough when he pivoted about, so undoubtedly her expression revealed at least a portion of her musings. Darcy’s commentary—which Lizzy had not heard a word of—faltered slightly and a faint rosiness spread across his cheeks.



Ripping her eyes from the spectacular vaulted ceiling, she rapidly scanned the people close to her, relieved to note no one was paying her any heed. Then she swung her gaze to Darcy’s face, her mouth opening to whisper her apologies. Instead, her lips curved into a smile as misty tears coated her eyes.

Mr. Darcy was staring into the nave, his blue eyes gliding slowly over the interior from wall to wall, and the expression he wore was indescribable. While sure her own countenance was unusual due to the sensations engendered, his was awash with transcendent joy and peace, among other unnamable emotions.

“Beautiful, is it not?” He asked in a hushed whisper. “One can feel God’s Holy Spirit alive within these walls.”

His voice was inundated with the host of emotions lighting his face. Then he turned his glowing countenance toward her, smiling in a way she had never seen before.



For a full minute neither spoke, instead assessing the other in silence. Finally, Lord Matlock smiled, albeit somewhat grimly. “I see how it is to be then. I expected as much. You may not realize how similar you are to your father. I rarely won an argument with James, especially if his dander was up.” He paused, but when Darcy merely took another sip, he continued, “Lower your guard and smooth the hackles, Nephew. I’ve known Lady Catherine far longer than you have. Trust me when I tell you I could share stories that would curl even your hair.”

“My father shared a few,” Darcy offered when his uncle once again paused. “Yet here I am, the one on trial, so it seems.”

“Dramatic like James too. Or worse, like your Uncle George.” Lord Matlock grunted. “You aren’t on trial, for heaven’s sake!”

“Is Miss Bennet?”



“Thank the Maker! I would either fall asleep from boredom or faint from the fumes. No, you have your fun at the Jockey Club, William. Besides, in light of my big reveal to Lord and Lady Matlock, a night of rest and quiet may prove beneficial.” His expression of alarm was priceless. “I am joking! A lady needs her beauty sleep, to be sure. Yet whether I sleep deeply or fitfully, I promise to be presentable by tomorrow evening. If it takes me all day to erase the horrid sight of droopy eyes, tangled hair, and pillow creases on my face, it shall be done.”

Darcy had paused by the door, without opening it further, and was staring at her with an odd expression as he slowly shook his head. “Horrid? I must disagree. The vision of you upon waking in the morning is one I dream of constantly and long to see with my own eyes, pillow creases included. I can think of nothing more beautiful.”



It was her familiar sanctuary no longer, the sensation deeply unsettling.

Envision William’s eyes and how he spoke of their home.

It helped, to a degree. 

Standing, she strolled from corner to corner. Feeling sentimental, she brushed her fingertips across the worn furniture, stroked the dusty curtains, ran her palm down the faded wallpaper, and so on. All the while she scanned the shadows along the floor just to be sure a precious object hadn’t fallen to the ground and been overlooked. A small portion of hers and Jane’s personal belongings and clothing remained hanging inside the wardrobe, folded in the bureau drawers, and strewn atop the dressing table. Lizzy was thankful for the clothing and toiletries yet in place as they provided a semblance of normalcy. The contrast between their homey, lived-in abode and this far too clean, sparse room was stark, but if there were some personal effects, it wasn’t too jarring.

A pair of slender arms slipped around her waist, squeezing tight as a soft chin rested upon her shoulder. As if reading her thoughts, a dulcet voice whispered near her ear, “There is no shame in shedding a tear, my Lizzy. I have shed my fair share and I am not moving as far away. I can gradually adjust to being away from Longbourn. For you, the pain will be stronger, even with Mr. Darcy to comfort, as I am certain he will.”


I hope you have enjoyed these tasty samplers.
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  1. I’m so excited you are releasing your new book. I read my first one on my honeymoon with my husband and he and I teased each other the whole time with a quote from your book (“Desist woman” or something close to that! It’s been a long time. I guess I need to reread it!) Love your books!

  2. I just got an email that amazon cancelled my pre-order and I can’t find the new book on the amazon site????? What’s up?

  3. Yes I’m definitely ready! I just loved the snippets, especially 20 & 21! And now just a few more days until I can read it all ?. Thank you for sharing these and for managing to finish this lovely book. Long live your ability and desire to write ?

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