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Spotlight on Merry Farmer

Spotlight on Merry Farmer

Guest Author Wednesday dawns bright with my pal Merry Farmer in the spotlight. I first “met” Merry through the Beau Monde and Historical Hearts Through History chapters of the RWA, specifically via the wonderfully insightful blogs she writes. And now, thanks to the friendships forged with romance writers, Merry is on my website with a… Continue Reading

Sharon’s RWA 2013 update

Keeping SO busy with endless fun and laughs! The conference began in earnest yesterday with The Beau Monde Mini-Conference. I was a presenter this year, giving a workshop/speech on medical history. I titled it “A Quack, or Dr. House? Medical Practitioners and Care in the Regency.” It was super fun, with no technical difficulties, and… Continue Reading

Southern CA Book Signing & News

Hi all! I have a number of sound bits to report. Been too busy to post each one individually! Life! First up, this weekend I am heading to Southern California, specifically Santa Ana just below Anaheim to hang with my writer pals and attend the SoCalRWA Writers Conference. Very much looking forward to that! As… Continue Reading

RWA Conference 2012

Every year for the past four years I have been blessed to recount the fun I have at the Romance Writers of America National Conference. This year is no exception, I am happy to say. Each year is better as I meet new people and grow more comfortable with the process. This year was the… Continue Reading

RWA 2011

My oh my, did I ever have a wonderful vacation! So much happened in the 2 weeks we were gone that it feels like we were on holiday for a month. I can’t begin to relate all of it. Instead I will share a few highlights and add some more pictures. They are worth a… Continue Reading

My date with New York City

I was on the fence for a few weeks there, but finally it was decided that I will be traveling to New York in June for the Romance Writers of America National Conference. Yippee! I have wanted to attend from the get-go but, man, is it ever expensive to fly across country these days! Add… Continue Reading

RWA Conference Official Day #1

 Good morning everyone! Yes, I am not getting around to posting anything about yesterday – the first official day of the Romance Writers Conference in Washington DC – until today. No, I was not out until the wee hours of the morning partying! Rather I was exhausted and needed to charge the camera battery last… Continue Reading