Bad Valentines ~ OMG!

Bad Valentines ~ OMG!

I think it is safe to say that the majority of Valentine’s cards are pretty, have sweet verses or loving sentiments, or if meant to be humorous do so in a cheeky way. Even those superhero Valentines that the boys in second grade give are cute! And perhaps in our modern day with folks tending toward off-color or snarky humor we might not be too shocked to find a bizarre Valentine. So maybe it is just me, but I was a bit surprised to find a plethora of Valentine Cards from way-back-when… you know, those wholesome days of yore… that were, well odd is the nicest!

These are samplings of ones I felt safe to post on my blog! Google “bad Valentines” or “bizarre Valentines” for a real eye-opener!





Can you believe it?! What about you? Have you ever gotten a bizarre Valentine card?

9 Comments for Bad Valentines ~ OMG!

  1. These are quite bad!! I had a laugh at a few but if someone gave me one, I would definitely not be impressed 😉

  2. I think that my only comment could be Oh My Gawd! LOL I actually said that out loud when I got to the suicidal skunk!

  3. How bizarre and “special” indeed! Thanks for the laughs you have given me for I find many of these cards humorous and just might give one to my special somebody next year. 😉 I (unfortunately) have not received a special card like the ones listed above. The only “different” card I have ever received is one shaped and graphically looking like a REAL heart. I cannot wait to hear everyone’s stories.

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