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Anxious to read my upcoming novel – Miss Darcy Falls in Love – and not sure you can wait? Here’s your chance! I have an advanced reader copy lying around and I want to give it to someone. Why not you?

Here’s how it works: The quiz below is for fun, but also a bit of a challenge. Do your best with the answers and send them to me privately at or use the form below if you prefer. Each correct answer gives you a point toward winning the ARC.

But there is more! Share my contest on Twitter or Facebook or your blog or anywhere else, let me know the link(s) in the comment section of this post, and a point will be added each time. I’ve even made it easy with quick share buttons right below the quiz! The more points, the more times your name is entered at

The deadline is midnight on Friday, September 16 so you have all week. Nice! Now get at it and good luck.

UPDATE: The contest is closed and the winner is Stephanie Littlejohn!!  

If curious, here are the correct answers to the Jane Austen Quiz – noted in bold~~

A.  In “Mansfield Park,” who is the youngest daughter in the Price family?

  1. Mary
  2. Susan
  3. Betsey
  4. Rebecca

B.  In “Persuasion” who was Capt Benwick engaged to before Louisa Musgrove?

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Anne
  3. Fanny
  4. Elinor

C.  Who had an estate called Combe Magna?

  1. Henry Crawford
  2. Colonel Brandon
  3. Mr. Willoughby
  4. Mr. Rushworth

D.  Which of these ladies plays the harp?

  1. Anne De Bourgh
  2. Mary Crawford
  3. Caroline Bingley
  4. Isabella Thorpe

E.  Which of these young ladies is not an outrageous flirt?

  1. Kitty Bennet
  2. Jane Fairfax
  3. Lucy Steele
  4. Julia Bertram

F.  How old is Mr Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice?”

  1. 37
  2. 25
  3. 28
  4. 30

G.  Mr Wickham stops admiring Elizabeth for Miss King, a woman who had just inherited £10,000. Which of these men also reject someone they admire for money?

  1. Mr. Willoughby
  2. Mr Elton
  3. Henry Crawford
  4. Mr Darcy

H.  What is the name of Mr Collin’s “humble abode”?

  1. Rosings Vicarage
  2. Longbourn
  3. Hunsford Parsonage
  4. Meryton

I.  In “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility” there are references to the army. In “Persuasion” and “Mansfield Park” there are references to the navy. In “Emma” are there references to the army or navy?

  1. References to both
  2. None to either
  3. To the army    **This one stumped people the most. It is rather vague, but – Mr Weston, before he married Miss Taylor, was a Captain Weston in the militia. Jane Fairfax’s father was Lt. Fairfax and his friend Colonel Campbell, who brought Jane up, were both in the army. There are no navy references at all.
  4. To the navy

J.  Who is in love with Harriet Smith?

  1. Mr. Elton
  2. Mr. Knightley
  3. Robert Martin
  4. Frank Churchill

K.  In “Northanger Abbey,” whom does Isabella Thorpe marry?

  1. James Morland
  2. General Tilney
  3. Captain Tilney
  4. No one, so far as we know

L.  With whom does Catherine Morland fall in love?

  1. Henry Tilney
  2. Mr. Willoughby
  3. Mr. Elton
  4. Mr. Thorpe

M.  Why does Maria Bertram marry Mr. Rushworth?

  1. He is very handsome
  2. He is very rich
  3. He is clever and witty
  4. He is kind and humble

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    • Thank you so much! I got the answers and really appreciate the cross posting! Now it is time to tally it all up. Winners to be announced soon.

  1. Sharon I sent the answers to the quiz through my email address to you. I hope you don’t have trouble recieving it. Thanks for the quiz it was fun.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, everyone. I have had one of those truly horrendous days that, thank God, only come around rarely. Sadly my blog has been ignored as a result. Thankfully so many of you got here anyway and were able to have some fun!

    OK, I have received answers from:
    Stephanie L
    Jennifer W
    Mary P
    Cyn Hatmaker

    I think that is it so far. If I missed your name, PLEASE let me know! I will look back through my emails. Resend the answers if I did not list you above. The form is working well and is easy for me to see amongst all the other emails I get each day.

    Again, I apologize for the absence. Thanks for participating. I hope you all had fun!

    Good luck, Sharon

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