It has been a long year for your’s truly. The demise of Austen Authors exactly one year ago today was… well, horrible. Admittedly it has taken me a most of this year to recover. Thankfully not all people are backstabbers! Thanks to genuine, true blue friends, namely my Austen Author cohort Regina Jeffers, we have turned lemons into lemonade and risen from the ashes to reclaim what rightly belonged to us.


It seemed appropriate to officially re-open on the day we went on hiatus, but Regina, me, and the 17 incredible Austenesque novelist joining us in this venture have been busy bees for weeks. This day would not be possible without their commitment and enthusiasm. Our thanks to—

Elizabeth Ann West
Jenni James
Brenda Webb
Anna Elliott
Jennifer Petkus
Joana Starnes
Barbara Silkstone
Cecilia Gray
Rebecca Jamison
Diana Oaks
Elizabeth Adams
P.O. Dixon
Alexa Adams
Jeanna Ellsworth
Katherine Reay
Rose Fairbanks
Melanie Schertz

Come by the completely re-vamped website to meet the
New and Improved Austen Authors.

4 Comments for AUSTEN AUTHORS is BACK!!!

  1. Glad you’re all back. Means I add more book money to the budget. Food is not important. Reading is! ????

  2. So glad to see you back. Always enjoyed seeing what Austen Authors are working on. Will look forward to reading all your new posts. Happy new year to you Sharon and your fellow authors some I know and some I look forward to discovering.

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