Announcing: A LADY BONNET BOUTIQUE is Open For Business!

Announcing: A LADY BONNET BOUTIQUE is Open For Business!

Greetings readers! Some of you may be aware from my previous blog, or from Austen Authors or perhaps from Facebook notices, that I have undertaken a new creative endeavor.


I have opened a new store titled  A LADY BONNET BOUTIQUE!


Whoo Hoo!! This has been a MAJOR diversion in my life and a MASSIVE operation to get up and running. Nevertheless, I am very excited, satisfied, encouraged, and anxious to see when this new path leads. I am also thrilled to share this with my faithful readers and followers. I know that many of you are lovers of Jane Austen and the Regency Era in a broader way beyond just enjoying my novels, so hopefully my creative talents in millinery will be a benefit.

Rather than a long blog here with all the finer details of how this new road opened before me, I shall direct to my debut blog post on my new website:  Welcome to A Lady Bonnet Boutique!


To clarify, this new store is very different from my Zazzle Store, where I have a ton of excellent Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, and Darcy Saga related products for sale. I encourage everyone to pop on over as Zazzle produces high quality items. Plus, who doesn’t love a cool tote with a Jane Austen quote or a lovely Regency painting greeting card?


*click for store link

A Lady Bonnet Boutique is an entirely different type of store. Mainly, it is almost exclusively selling items I have originally created with my own two hands. I say “almost” since I also have items which have a vintage quality that fits into the Georgian/Regency to Victorian Eras. I am blessed to live in an area with numerous consignment stores and peddler’s malls and it is amazing to me how plentiful the number of jewelry, gloves, purses, and so on that I run across all the time. I will never re-sell anything that isn’t of the best quality and in good shape, and of course not everything is inexpensive enough to make a profit from, but so far I have several such products for sale in my store, such as the gloves to the right.

As of this moment, I have 13 accessory items listed including reticules, necklaces, gloves, and headbands. Bonnets and Hats, obviously, are the primary feature of A Lady Bonnet Boutique. Right now I have TWENTY hats and bonnets for sale. WOW! Take a look at my inventory–



As can be seen, my goal is to keep the prices reasonable. No offense intended to any milliner out there, but the price of most Regency hats, especially the stovepipe style, are, IMO, outrageous. It is true that the buckram and millinery wire can be expensive, and buying top-quality fabrics and antique ribbons and laces is far from cheap, and sewing these hats isn’t the easiest procedure since a large portion of it must be done by hand. Still, that said, there are ways to make a nice, sturdy, beautiful hat without a huge initial outlay of money. My personal goal with A Lady Bonnet Boutique is to find ways to create a quality hat or bonnet which I can sell at a sensible price for the average-income person.

Thank you for allowing me to share my exciting new journey here on The Darcy Saga blog. For the present I have placed my writing on hold, as much as I hate having to admit that. As most of my regular readers are aware, writing has been a struggle for me for some four years now. Lots of personal reasons for that, which I won’t go into, but sadly it has just not been easy to create words. Hopefully that is a temporary problem and perhaps this new fount of creativity will spark the other! I do hope and pray for this every day. But until that happens, I am accepting where God is leading me. Despite the intense work and research I’ve been forced to delve into with setting up an online marketplace and learning the craft of millinery, I am having an absolute blast! Learning new stuff is good for one’s mind and soul, isn’t it?

Onward and Upward! Come on over to my store and PLEASE consider sharing and, yes, purchasing!

Lots of love, Sharon Lathan





I’m also on Etsy! Click for link!



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  1. I love your books and can’t wait for any new material that comes out! I hope you are able to find that spark again since your writing is so great! I enjoy rereading your books until the next comes out. Best wishes are your new endeavors!

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