My pleasure to introduce the adorable Jettie Necole

My pleasure to introduce the adorable Jettie Necole

In April I attended the Southern Kentucky Book Festival in Bowling Green. It was a fabulously fun event, and I was blessed to meet many awesome people, readers and authors (including my pal Regina Jeffers). One special person was Jettie Necole. Chatting with Jettie and her husband was a highlight. Fortunately Jettie lives in Louisville so we have met since, and now she is my guest!

Join me in welcoming new author Jettie Necole.


neco author_web pictureJETTIE NECOLE is the author of The Vault and Ruby. She has created two new series—A dystopian society forced underground and a paranormal war among ancient enemies. Both have characters forced into new and unusual situations. Although survival is always key, the search for love is never far away.

Born and raised in Kentucky, she spent most of her time daydreaming, taking photos, shooting movies, reading and watching Star Trek and Highlander. Having a passion for the art of storytelling and the dynamics of film production, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Film & Television from the University of Texas at Austin, during which she wrote, directed, and edited her own films. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in the Film and Television industry. Currently she lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and their fluffy Goldendoodle named Oliver.

When she’s not writing she loves reading and watching anything with romance, action, sci-fi and horror.

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Necole-RUBYRUBY by Jettie Necole ~~

Ruby unites the seductive and sinister actions of the supernatural with the allure and elegance of a Regency romance.

A historical romance begins to blossom around Lady Ruby Waterfield, but family secrets and unpredictable suitors expose a world of supernatural creatures—ancient enemies bound by war: vampires and warlocks.

Set in 1811 England, Ruby finally attends her first London Season at the age of eighteen. After departing from her safe, secluded childhood in the country, she quickly discovers that taking her rightful place among the aristocracy is the least of her worries after she becomes the target of a vindictive vampire. Determined to learn the truth about her family bloodlines, this clever debutante must navigate her pursuit while two gentlemen—one, her loyal best friend; the other, a mysteriously handsome stranger—grow increasingly tied to her future. From the dark alleys of Covent Garden to the lavish balls of the high society ton, clandestine agendas leave Ruby’s heart exposed to a dangerous new world of mystery, magic, and love.

When did you begin writing?
When I was in middle school, after reading Christopher Pike novels, I began to try my hand at supernatural young adult. In film school I wrote plenty of scripts, a futuristic western, a serial killer trying to reform after falling in love and European travel turned gruesome. I actually made a few into short films. When I was twenty-three I decided to finally write that full-length novel. My goal was to mesh my two favorite genres together: historical romances and vampires. I recently pulled that one out of a box and finished it this year, Ruby-Tree of Blood.

Who are your writing inspirations? Which authors influence your story choices or literary style?
Growing up I read everything by Christopher Pike and V.C. Andrews. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights was my first romance. Then at around fifteen, Anne Rice stole my attention with her rich words, dark characters and beautifully written stories. Catherine Coulter gave me a historical romance addiction, showing me the world of handsomely clad rakes and the damsels who love them. Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells have always been there in my sci-fi loves. Currently, I’m always on the lookout for new books from Johanna Lindsey, Laura Kinsale, J.R. Ward and Stephenie Meyer. Stephen King is that one I’ve recently begun to read.

What was your first published novel?
, a fast-paced novel that follows a seventeen-year-old girl’s coming of age tale in an apocalyptic scenario where among the ruins of a shattered society love and hope endure.

Was the first book you wrote published, or is it still lying in forgotten shame under your bed?
is the first book I wrote at age 23. Ten years later, I fixed it up and published it.   …Okay, I can do the math here, and am in utter shock that you are 33! Inconceivable!

What are your favorite books to read?
My favorite books to read are historical romances, but I’ve always been drawn to supernatural stories.

If you could live anywhere in the world besides where you now reside, where would it be?
I’d like to live in an English castle, probably near a cliff, where I could enjoy the gothic romance vibes.

Do you have a favorite place you have traveled to? Or perhaps a place you long to visit?
I long to visit Scotland and Ireland. I can trace my ancestors to the 16th century in this area. It would be nice to gaze out onto the lands they looked upon.

Do you plot your story, let it flow organically as the characters speak to you, or something in between?
I’m in between. Sometimes I can plot the entire story, but it changes as it flows. Other times, I simply start writing and it comes out effortlessly. Ruby was an entirely organic process of letting the story come out of me. I believe that’s why it has so many successful twists and turns. The suspense builds, because it did as I wrote it.

Do you feel your novels have a “message” or particular point within them? Or do you write more for entertaining fun?
I have never written to this date to send a message. When I sat down to write, I think of entertainment and excitement, an adventure is to be had. If a message comes out in the midst of all that fun, I’ll take it.

Do you have any favorite TV shows?
Penny Dreadful, set in Victorian London and laced with all the classic monsters, this one makes the top of my list. Outlander, time travel to 1743, encounter a new life filled with dangerous romance, I’m hooked. Game of Thrones, it’s riveting to watch the struggle for power in a real chess game of sorts. The Walking Dead contains a good balance of character development, unique survival situations, and gory action.

Who was your first celebrity crush? Did you have posters of him all over your bedroom walls?
I was learning cursive in elementary school and Michael J. Fox was driving a DeLorean. With a time machine and good looks, instantly I fell in love. I mean, what girl wouldn’t? He could shred with the guitar and ride a skateboard while holding onto moving vehicles. Hot stuff! No posters.

Tell us about the genre you have chosen to write in and why you are drawn to it.
I write historical paranormal romance and dystopian romance. First off, romance is exciting to write, whether it is love that can survive all trials and tribulations or a love that inspires. The historical aspect of writing is interesting because it transports the reader into a different time. It’s kind of like a time machine. I’ve always been drawn to the supernatural, particularly vampires, and the reason is probably because eternal youth is attractive and the cost of it is dark and sometimes sensual. With my dystopian series that begins the day of the apocalypse, the idea of the world ending and how love will survive within that scenario interested me.

Give us five words that best describe your author brand.
Memorable, Quality, Romance, Action, Suspense

Do you have beta readers and/or critique partners? Or are you a lone wolf writer?
My team is my mom. Once I complete my book I send it to her and ask her opinion. Strangely enough, we have the same taste when it comes to books, so her opinion is very valuable and honest. She’s also the person I call when I need advice or I’m feeling unmotivated. Since I started to write, she’s the one unmovable boulder of support I’ve had.

Do you write characters based on people you have known?
I do not write about anyone I know. My influence comes from the characters I’ve encountered throughout my life in literature and film. Cooking them up in my imagination is the only method I’ve used. With that said, sometimes I see certain qualities of a character from things I’ve witnessed or done myself. In the end, I’m sure a piece of the author always bleeds into her book.

Tell us what is next on your writer’s agenda.
I’m currently editing the sequel to The Vault: Secrets and beginning the third book of the series. The second book in the Tree of Blood series will be out in 2015.


Necole-VAULTTHE VAULT by Jettie Necole ~~

Imagine an underground vault, empty, awaiting two hundred ticket holders of the finest intellect and genetic disposition to arrive. Designed to enforce a stable society to exist within its own rules, the vault is salvation for the wealthy. When a surprise nuclear attack threatens the United States, the vault’s residents are driven underground to begin life anew, but one secret addition to the roster could make the entire system unravel. This is the world seventeen year old Olivia Parker finds herself locked inside, and she’s not supposed to be there! Quickly she must learn and conform to the rules of this new society or face severe punishment. Surrounded by strangers, she’s torn between trusting the man who forced her inside the vault or the genius who created it. If she’s going to survive, she won’t be able to do it alone.

The Vault: Upper Young Adult/New Adult Romance, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia

THE VAULT is a fast-paced novel that follows a seventeen-year-old girl’s coming of age tale in an apocalyptic scenario where among the ruins of a shattered society love and hope endure.

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