A Society Dame & a Pirate …What?!

A Society Dame & a Pirate …What?!

Pirates and assorted rogues are taking over my blog, so it appears. Sexy Highlanders sauntered in on Wednesday — Terry Spear’s POST HERE — prior to that my guests Shana Galen and Katherine Bone invited their bad boys of the High Seas, and next Wednesday Carolyn Brown will be bringing manly cowboys. Heavens!

captain-jack-sparrow-5On top of all that, today I am being interviewed by Captain Jack Sparrow. Yep! You read that correctly! Captain Jack, with rum aplenty and his mate Lady Katherine Bone alongside, graciously invited me aboard Rogues, Rebels, and Rakes. Rousing fun ensued–all that rum, you see–as the queries came my way. And not your ordinary Q&A …this is Jack Sparrow we are talking about, after all!


Welcome to Rogues, Rebels & Rakes, Lady Sharon Lathan!


As a thank you to Jack and Lady Katherine, I brought treasure to give away Robin Hood-style. TWO copies of Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship, eBook, for TWO fortunate commenters. Scurry over and say hi to Captain Jack!




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  1. Oh, I haven’t stopped laughing! Jack had no idea who he was up against, and I never did learn if you had a glass of rum. How fortunate for your readers that you now write full time! Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. This be a fine parley w’ the Lady Sharon, Capt’n Sparrow. Our lovely vessel, the Titan, found this treasure off the coast of the Colonies at the 45th parallel. No need to be searchin’ a’gin. Tis fine treasure indeed. Spent me fortune on good rum, and entertainment (Katherine Bone author page on Amazon). Now I be adrift at sea lookin’ fer a light wind and a followin’ sea.

    Be Warned, mates! The Ladies be good women, tis for sure. But they needs watchin’. They’s creative, inventive sorts.

    Thank ye for yur time.

    First Mate J “Joy” Dawn King

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