A Season of Courtship purchasing news

A Season of Courtship purchasing news

The filtering through the listings has finally completed (I think) meaning Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship is now available for purchase in digital AND print paperback at all the standard online retailers. Yeah! Ebook price is steady at $4.99 USD. The print retail price is $12.50 USD, but the end price varies due to seller’s discounts and the like. In most places the cost is less, such as on Amazon where it is currently $10.10.



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“I have read all of the books written by Sharon Lathan and this book is definitely worth the read. I have enjoyed every word of every book in the Darcy Saga and this book is definitely of the same caliper. She has a style of writhing that draws you in and never disappoints.”  Jan P

“Another winner by Sharon Lathan! Beautifully written… her stories of the newlywed Darcy’s and subsequent years in their marriage are fun, exciting, romantic and to me, anyway, ring true… her Darcy is the one I want and her Lizzie is the one I want to be! This new prequel is a wonderful edition… this book is just as fun and romantic…” CMB

“From the moment the book starts I am transported into their world. There are so many stand out moments throughout. I love the revelation of Darcy’s passionate nature. He oozes masculinity, riding Parsifal is just one example. But there are so many to look forward too! Anne’s letter of congratulations was very emotional and had me teary. The passion, the joy, the anxiety and the humour are combined to make a very entertaining read. I highly recommend this wonderful first part of Darcy and Elizabeth’s courtship.”  Vee

“This delightful look into the time between the “Yes” and “I Do” is fun and romantic.”  Lizzybelle

A Season of Courtship goes back and answers some of the questions I always had as well as bringing all the emotions of these classic characters to life. Take a walk back in time, become Lizzy Bennett, fall in love with Fitzwilliam Darcy… I dare you!”  Cindy B

Those are small snippets of the positive feedback coming my way through online reviews and personal comments. As long as my readers are happy, I am happy!

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  1. It’s absolutely wonderful Sharon. I am the proud owner of both ebook and paperback copies and can hardly wait for the second part. I’ve missed your writing. There are no other Darcy and Lizzy like yours!

  2. Hurry with the next one!! I am so in love with Lizzy and Darcy!! He is great!!! Every inch masculine!! Thanks for that Sharon!!!! You have done a fantastic job on all these books!! What a writer!!!!!!

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