You are cordially invited to a wedding…

The BIG day is fast approaching! Everyone is invited!

In order to prepare for the plethora of vignettes written by the Austen Authors to cover the exciting events, we will be spacing them out for your gradual reading enjoyment.
Using a vaguely “real time” order for the wedding day – and remembering that we use EST for our official time stamp – here are the vignettes coming up:

November 15 ~ Day Before the Wedding

Preparing the Wedding Breakfast by Nina Benneton
Darcy and Elizabeth Walk, Race… and more! by Sharon Lathan
Mr. Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Gardiner, and Mr. Blingley Share a Brandy by Vera Nazarian
A Conversation Between Jane & Lizzy on the Eve of their Wedding by Jane Odiwe
Darcy and Bingley have a Last Glass Together by C. Allyn Pierson

November 16 ~ Wedding Day!

at midnight
Longbourn Ladies Dress for the Wedding by Susan Mason-Milks
Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Share a Moment while their Daughters Dress for the Wedding
by Vera Nazarian

-at noon, EST-
I Plight Thee My Troth, or… The Wedding! by Sharon Lathan
Charlotte Collins’ Wedding Reflections by Abigail Reynolds
Caroline Bingley’s Wedding Reflections by Shannon Winslow
Mrs. Bennet’s Wedding Reflections by Jane Odiwe
Caroline Bingley Acknowledges the new Mrs. Darcy by Regina Jeffers

-at 5pm, EST-
The Wedding Night of Charles and Jane Bingley by Susan Mason-Milks

-at 6pm, EST-
Wedding Night on the Road to Pemberley by Sharon Lathan

November 17 ~ First Day of New Life

-at noon, EST-
Lady Catherine, Alone at Rosings
 by Diana Birchall
Caroline Bingley Explains It All… by C. Allyn Pierson
A New Day Dawns by Sharon Lathan

~  *  ~  *  ~

In the days following the nuptials, the P&P200 vignettes will continue.
More is to come as our BIG November Event Month rolls on!

Please copy the invitation above and share everywhere. The more the merrier!

2 Comments for You are cordially invited to a wedding…

  1. I am loving this new world of Austen’s Authors. How did I not know of you all years ago when I have LOVED Austen for so long. How am I going to manage reading all your works-I guess one book at a time, and I will start with yours-very curious! I am also happy to imagine myself there with Lizzie and Jane as they marry (what an elegant invitation).

    • Greetings, Beth! I saw your name on Austen Authors just a bit ago. SO happy you discovered us too! The world of Jane Austen lives on and on, those of us who write lovingly about her characters honored to be a small part of that. I am very pleased you wish to start with my novels. 🙂 I do hope my vision of happily-ever-after for the Darcys is a pleasant reading experience.

      The invite is gorgeous! I had nothing to do with it, I confess. It was created by Abigail Reynolds and Susan Mason-Milks. They did an amazing job!

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