Vocabulary Rocks!

Venerate –verb 1) To regard with feelings of respect, reverence, or heartfelt deference. 2) Considered hallowed or exalted or to be in awe of. Origin: 1615, Latin veneratus or venerari> to solicit the goodwill of a god, worship, revere; a derivative of venus, presumably in its original sense of ‘desire and love.’

Penchant –noun 1) A strong inclination, decided taste, or definite liking for something. Origin: 1665, French pencher> to incline, lean; Latin pendicare or pendere> to hang – same root as for ‘pendant.’

Educe – verb 1) To draw forth or bring out, as something potential or latent; elicit; develop. 2) To infer or deduce from given facts. Origin: 1400, Late Middle English educen> to direct the flow; Latin educere> to lead – same root as for ‘educate.’

Laggard –noun 1) A person or thing that lags; a lingerer or loiterer. –adjective 1) Moving, developing, or responding slowly, sluggishly, or dilatory. Origin: 1505, Scandinavian lagga> go slowly; 1695, joined with suffix –ard to form the noun.


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  1. Thanks for all the enlightenment. It surely makes your story even more real than it already is.

    I love learning the meanings behind words we don’t use in our everyday language. Although I must admit sometimes when I’ve been reading too much of your story or JA’s I tend to use words in the course of daily discussion that I wouldn’t normally and get funny looks from the person I’m speaking to hehehehe

    Great fun!!!! Thank you Sharon
    TSBO devotee

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