Visalia Library Author Fair

Last night was the extravaganza planned as a benefit for the Tulare County library by the Friends of the Library Association. I was honored to partake as one of 10 local area authors present to sign and sell our books. The arrangement in the enormous library was fantastic. We each had a large table with specially designed posters on easels. Very cool. There were gift baskets for auction, snacks and drinks, and a wide diversity of genres represented. Truly something for every reader. My only sadness was that the attendance over all was not what I would have hoped for a well-publicized community event for the cause of literacy. Seriously, what else is so important even on a Friday night that popping in to the library for a few minutes is impossible? Nevertheless, we had a great time.

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  1. Good morning Sharon!

    Vee is absolutely right! You, your family and friends look amazing! You see the pictures and think: these are nice people, who are they?

    It´s s ahame that there weren´t hundreds of people.

    Have a good day,

  2. Great pics Sharon!!!

    Too bad the turn out wasn’t better, nevertheless you guys are all smiles and looking happy and proud!

    I’m so glad some of your lovely friends and fans turned up to have the books signed and chat with you.

    The stand looks amazing and you all look gorgeous.

    WIsh I was there!
    TSBO devotee

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