Uncovering the Darcy Past

Don’t miss my post at Darcyholic Diversions where I dig into the historical Darcy/D’Arcy family and share how I assimilated fact into my fictional story. I am revealing a hitherto unseen excerpt too! This one from the novella I am currently working on, and hope to see released in a month or two.

Uncovering the Darcy Past by Sharon Lathan

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  1. I love Mr Darcy and how he showed a man can be a man while still showing his weak side. Mr Darcy went against everything in the society he knew and married the woman he loved. He risked being put out by people to have his one true love. When society and his family pushed wanted him to marry so that he could have an hier for Pemberly, he refused until he felt and knew it was true love. I love the way Mr Darcy stood up to his Aunt when she tried to turn the family against Lizzie for no reason at all. I was smiling so hard when I was reading that part of the book. I wanted to say”you go Darcy”! I love the way their first night together as husband and wife was written. It was so sweet put with so much passion. I thought it was so cute when she made the comment about his toes. I love Darcy for being honest about his virginity and not being ashamed of that fact. If I could have a modern day Mr Darcy I would thank my God. I can not wait until we go on our next adventure because I know it is going to be great! I must say that the last novel was the best for me. I love the way Darcy went to rescue Lizzie and his son. That was awesome. I have read that book several times and never tire of it. Darcy and Lizzie had been through so much up to that point. The wicked house keeper and finally an end to his number one enemy.

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