The Darcy Saga goes to Bath!

Months ago I was honored by a request to sign author plates for my novels. The request came from Becca Hemmings of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, UK to be placed inside my novels so that signed copies could be sold through the Centre’s online catalog. It has taken a while for stock to arrive and my books to be added onto the circulating stock, but SO worth the wait!

This is the emailed newsletter notice, my books right there and sent to who knows how many people around the globe! 

Jane Austen Centre Giftshop –> Follow Ons and Contemporary Literature

Here is the website page with my novels listed at the top and alongside P&P and Zombies and S&S and Sea Monsters. I can’t complain about that! Wow!!

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  1. Wow, Sharon, this is AWESOME!!! Congrats!!! So happy for you! 🙂 Hope next time your books will be added in Chatsworth House's Orangery shop, so it can be next to all the JA and P&P novels (especially the shelves with P&P DVDs and movie-tie in novels with Keira & Matthew on the cover). I was hoping to see your books at Chatsworth during my recent visit there, but didn't…It would've been awesome too to have your books there as your books were inspired by the P&P movie and Mr. Darcy's bust is also on display there. Hopefully, someday soon, your books will be added, on display, and sold there. Anyway, congrats again! 🙂

  2. Gee thanks everyone, I am looking forward to seeing Bath even more now!! We haven't even booked the flights yet haha. But thats just because we're not set on an exact date yet. However England is on the agenda and I didn't get to see Bath last time, so I want to plan a day trip at the very least. I don't know if there will be time to visit Chatsworth again. I am in two minds about that. sigh.. My hubby and I will be travelling together this time instead of the whole family, although our daughter will meet up with us somewhere during our travels! And lucky for me my brother is currently working in London! Lots to organise! (And lots of saving to do!!!)
    Sharon hope your plans work out too and you get to go to England next year, imagine if we did meet up just like my dream on the green meadows of Chatsworth House haha That would be totally awesome! I am even more excited now!
    TSBO devotee

  3. Thanks ladies. I am very excited. I received an email from the Centre's director today saying that all copies of Mr.&Mrs. FD are gone! They are trying to get more and I wrote to my editor hoping for assistance. Isn't that fabulous?

    I don't think they are sitting on the shelves in the Centre, Vee. I am not really sure how many items they sell in the physical store. But one never knows – if these do really well with a high demand maybe they will try to stock a few in the store. Wouldn't that be fantastic!?

    Have fun in the UK, Vee. I am seriously thinking of going this next year. True! I am beginning to think it may be possible. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

  4. Congratulations Sharon!

    England, Bath, Jane Austen: you conquer the whole world!
    And we are following you!

    And Vee, it is great, that you are going to Bath by yourself.

    Lots of love to all of you,

  5. Vee you are going to love Bath!! Sharon congratulations – this is wonderful news. Did you ever imagine it!! your books at the JA Centre – Wow – Congrats!! on the other side of the Pond.

  6. This is wonderful news, both about Sharon's books being available in the Jane Austen Centre and Vee's trip to Bath next year – you won't be disappointed Vee! Congratulations Sharon, a nice treat in store for the JA Centre customers!

  7. Yay This is so very exciting Sharon. Congratulations!
    I am hoping that the books are in store as well, because I will be looking for them when I go to Bath next year!
    TSBO devotee

  8. Congratulations Sharon. That is really great news!! So far I am loving the new novels. I had to stop briefly to take a trip, and literally some very real "Darcy" adventures of my own. I truly know now what Jane Bennet meant when she questioned "Is it possible to die from so much happiness?"

    Today is the day I resume reading "IAMD", and I am giggling while I do so….:)

    Warmest regards,

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