The Author-Reader Partnership


A wonderful and succinctly written post by my fellow Austen Author is VERY IMPORTANT and well-worth the read. Mary Simonsen – author of Mr. Darcy Bites, A Wife for Mr. Darcy, Becoming Elizabeth Darcy, and many more fine Austenesque novels – blogged yesterday on the vitally necessary relationship between readers and authors.


Writers and Readers – A Partnership by Mary Simonsen


A reader relies on an author to provide a compelling, well-written story, while authors are dependent on readers, not just for the purchase of our books, but for telling your friends about a story you have enjoyed.

….the reader plays a huge role in helping an Austen author or any author whose books they buy. If everyone who visited a book’s page clicked on the “like” buttons and the “tags,” it would be a big help in bringing that book to the attention of other readers.

It’s like anything else. If you buy something at the store and you are pleased with your purchase, you usually don’t call the seller or customer service to praise the item. On the other hand, if you are really displeased or disappointed, you might very well make that call or write that letter. This natural inclination drives negative reviews,


These are just a few of the salient points in Mary’s blog post. It isn’t long, and she explains the basic issues so well that I encourage everyone to read it. Not just for me, but for ALL the authors you love!

I loved her image too, so had to share and link it to my Amazon novel page. Making it easy for interested readers of my novels to help me out! Remember too that there isn’t just Amazon. While there is zero doubt to we authors that Amazon, as the largest online marketplace in the world, is the TOP when it comes to driving sales, there are other sellers. I have links to the main ones on the left sidebar. And, of course, book readers flock to Goodreads, Shelfari, and other book-centered websites. They all count and add up. Thanks!


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