Sharon does it again!


Tell me you noticed? YES! The website has been revamped! Good catch 🙂

Why? … you may be asking. Well, the techy-reasons are that with the constant changes in the internet world, especially with more and more people reading blogs on mobile devices, websites have to keep up. This includes the gobblety-goop stuff that goes on inside website creation – the HTML and CSS codes and blah blah. The theme I created for this website was over two year old. Gasp! In computer years (which passes way faster than dog-years) my theme was a dinosaur.

In all honesty, I didn’t pay heed to this. Luckily my partner-in-crime at Austen Authors, the lovely and oh-so-wise Abigail Reynolds, did. It took a bit of convincing on her part, but I finally understood what she was telling me. So, the revamping actually started with Austen Authors. Together Abigail and I searched out a highly responsive theme (tech language for “it loads fast on all devices”). This past week we worked our tushies until Austen Authors was perfect. Pop over and check it out—


The difference was immediate and amazing, on a host of levels. There really was no denying it, and since I could not argue with the facts, and while the formatting was fresh in my head, I decided it was time to tackle my website.

I looked around, did a bunch more researching of themes, tested a bunch, and in the end chose the same theme as we had chosen for Austen Authors. How could I resist? We loved it for our group site and it had all the right features needed. As you can see, while the bones of the theme are visible, mine is quite different. Thank you CSS styling! And thank you Styled Themes for creating a great product at a fair price, and for excellent support.

I kept with the same colors and background as before. All of the pages are the same, with only a handful of minor updates. The HOME page got the biggest makeover, so take a look at that. I also added a very easy purchasing page, utilizing the Amazon Associates Marketplace. Slick! The extended left side menu allows me to have almost every page readily visible, rather than tucked away under other pages. Much more user friendly!

And that is the other reason for making the change. Internet surfers want to do it quick. They want to pop into a site, have it load up rapidly, and see instantly what the site has to offer. This design allows them to do just that, and hopefully then want to stick around because the site is SO awesome!

What do you think? Is it awesome? I am pleased, and hopefully all of you are too. Now I am on to post some more updates on what I have been up to this past month…..


3 Comments for Sharon does it again!

  1. I have been noticing the different changes and love the picture galleries. They are amazing!! The website is really simple to find everything and order your books. I would perhaps suggest the addition of reviews or your readers comments on the website. I don’t believe I saw them. Sharon you have done an amazing job!!

    • Thank you Lisa. I love it too. The simplicity is nice, and very easy for me to work with. I appreciate the feedback 🙂

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