Regency history this week


I am constantly receiving alerts via the various Facebook groups and writers loops I am on for interesting blogs written by historical authors. Many are about a historical topic that I certainly eat up with a spoon, so I thought maybe some of you would enjoy them too! Here are a few links to what I saw this past week for your enlightenment and entertainment.

Parliament in Regency England by Cherly Bolen at Regency Ramblings

The Wicked Lord Lyttelton at Two Nerdy History Girls

Policing and Punishment in Regency London by Darcy Burke at The Dashing Duchesses

Bug Control, Regency Style by Diane Gaston at Risky Regencies

Cancer and Medicine in the Middle Ages by Merry Farmer at Hearts Through History

The Truth Behind Knights in Shining Armor by Dana D’Angelo at History Undressed

Hysteria and the Vibrator by Delilah Marvelle at A Bit O’Muslin

The Invention of the Flush Toilet by Mike Rendell at English Historical Fiction Authors


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