Pinterest Spotlight

Pinterest Spotlight

You aren’t on Pinterest? OMG! You are missing all the fun!

I confess to being addicted — just a bit — and suspect most of you are too. I currently have 51 boards on topics ranging from historical to fashion to personal to travel. As I randomly collect more pins the need to create new boards becomes essential. LOL!

From time to time I’ll share what I got going on over there. Today, allow me to highlight three of my boards.

pinterest blog boardWebsites & Blogs — On here I have 100 links to places on the web that I visit and love. Blogs I have pinned range from historical focused, a few of my favorite authors, romance novel reviewers, Jane Austen topics, and others. I just went through each one to check for correct linkage, so all are good to go. Discover new, interesting places all in one fell swoop!


Wild About: 70s & 80s — I graduated high school in 1980, and college in 1984. Thus, my formative youth and teenage years encompassed the unique styles and entertainments from the mid-1970s onward. This board began while searching for music videos and stumbling upon a pic of Madonna in full 1980s regalia. One thing led to another, as happens on Pinterest, and I now have over 170 pins to inspire nostalgia.


Wild About: Rock & Roll — Speaking of music videos, and being a child of the 70s and 80s, classic rock is my favorite musical genre. Heck, I remember when MTV was launched! Now, thanks to YouTube and Vimeo, those wonderful original music videos are easy to find. Nothing brings back memories like music! On this board I currently have 233 pins. Some are simply images of artists I love, album covers, and the like. More than half are videos that can be watched with a click.


I love to hear from you!