Once Upon a Time

Over the decades of my life I have enjoyed, and even loved, many TV shows. Yet I can’t think of another I have ever been as obsessed by as Once Upon a Time. I am sure much of this has to do with my lifelong love of fantasy tales. However, trust me when I tell you it is far more then that. Once Upon a Time is fantastically written, includes a host of amazing actors, and is filmed with movie-quality effects. In a word, it is BRILLIANT.

The basic premise is that an evil curse crafted by Rumplestiltskin and cast by the Evil Queen sent all the fairy tale characters into our world, specifically a town called Storybrooke in Maine, where time stands still with none finding their “happy ending.” Season One was all about revealing the motives of Queen Regina and Rumplestiltskin, and the fairy tale past of Snow White, Prince Charming, and several other characters. Mingled with uncovering those interwoven stories, in Storybrooke a “savior” arrives and time begins to move forward as the people gradually begin remembering and questioning.  The dramatic conclusion was the final breaking of the spell – thanks to Emma slaying the dragon! – and full memory being restored. However, instead of transporting back to their real, magical world, we were left with a fast approaching purple cloud. The rumor has been that a clever manipulation by Rumplestiltskin unleashed magic into our world. What will happen then?

Above is a cool character collage I found of how they look in Storybrooke. There are a few others not on this image, and many more to be shown in Season Two. Starting in the top left, Storybrooke name/Fairy Tale name–

Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman
Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin
Emma Swan
Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White
David Nolan/Prince “Charming” James
Regina Mills/Evil Queen
Widow Lucas/Granny
Dr. Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket
Henry Mills
Dr. Whale/unknown who he is
Ruby/Red Riding Hood
Jefferson/Mad Hatter
August Booth/Pinocchio
Sidney Glass/Genie & Magic Mirror
Leroy/Grumpy (who was first named Dreamy)
Kathryn Nolan/Princess Abigail, daughter of King Midas
Gretel and Hansel

Season Two premieres tonight and I cannot wait!!!! I’ll write a report once I am able to assimilate it all. As for you – If not already a fan it isn’t too late to get caught up. Rent or buy the DVD of first season, or just get onto your computer and jump right in to season two’s episode one. I promise you will not be sorry!

Now I am off to fire up the DVR. Yippee!!

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  1. Thank you Sharon, I have read about this. I recognise Robert Carlyle who is Scottish! My daughter nearly ran him over when he was crossing the street in Glasgow! He just laughed and waved as he caught her shock at seeing who she nearly killed! Nice man.

    • Carlyle is a terrific actor. I like him a great deal. In this role – as the dual Mr. Gold and Rumplestiltskin – he is amazing. He plays crazy and scary very well!

      Funny story about your daughter! I am sure she did not think so though. LOL!

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