Matthew Video on LSQ TV

I was deeply honored, humbled, and incredibly thrilled to receive a personal notification from Mr. Jeremy Jacobs at LSQ TV (Leicester Square TV), a reporter covering the London Film Festival taking place this week! He left a comment under the previous Matthew update letting me – and all of you, my readers – know that he snagged a small red carpet interview with Matthew Macfadyen as he arrived for the premiere of ‘Incendiary.’ The entire clip is now up at the LSQ TV website: London Film Festival Day 4. Matthew only speaks for 45 seconds, starting at the 10:15 mark, but he is so cute and does his typical hand-through-the-hair nervous gesture! Lots of fun celebrity related video clips on the website to browse through while you are there.


Everyone dash over to watch! And thank you Mr. Jacobs! I sooo appreciate the heads-up!


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  1. WOW this is awesome!!! A big congratulations from me too!!!!
    I agree with all of May’s sentiments.
    Very kind of Mr Jacobs to share the love of Matthew around.
    Matthew, I am realising more each time I see him interviewed, is a really sweet obliging man. He has a great sense of humour and I love the way he tries hard to answer the questions in a geniune manner.
    I really cannot wait to see Little Dorrit, imagine all those episodes to watch it will be excellent!
    Thanks for more amazing info about this delightful man Sharon!
    TSBO devotee

  2. Congratulations Sharon! This is such a classy site and I think quite a few people come here, more than you realise! And thank you Mr Jacobs for giving us such a gift. Matthew is his usual courteous, gentlemanly self.

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