March 30 to April 3 on Austen Authors

March 30 to April 3 on Austen Authors

AuAu Badge 250x350It’s Saturday! Time to relax after the long week of work, kids, and chaotic real life. Grab your tea or coffee, get comfy, and spend a bit of time in another world with Jane Austen as presented by the Austen Authors who adore her.

This week was special for us because along with our usual complement of excellent blog posts by our authors, we welcomed a NEW Austen Author! SARAH PRICE joined our ranks officially, bringing our number up to 20. Yippee!! We are very excited about the awesome, diverse authors we have in our midst. So much fun lies ahead!





Blog Posts This Week on Austen Authors ~

What Do We Know of Catherine Morland and the Tilneys in Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” by Regina Jeffers

What’s NOT in Jane Austen by Jennifer Petkus

The Importance of First Impressions by Sarah Price

Too Near Family? by Rose Fairbanks

No, Jane Austen is MY Friend by Cecilia Gray


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On the Home Page of the Austen Authors website, check out the Austen Video Playlist with 18 fun videos to enjoy, including my “Jane Austen’s Influence” speech.

Be sure to note the newest and upcoming releases from our authors. There are EIGHT new novels/novellas listed for your reading pleasure!

Don’t miss your chance to vote in the Weekly Poll! We are now in the “runoff” stage of our Best Movie Kiss voting. This week previous winners from Polls #1 and #2 square off against each other. Voting continues until tomorrow (Sunday) night, then the second runoff poll will post. The winners from these two runoffs will compete in the finale. Who will win? That is up to YOU! Your input is vital! Previous winners are on the Poll Archive Page.


Check out the extra giveaways that frequently occur due to the generosity of our fabulous authors (two this past week from Regina Jeffers and Rose Fairbanks). Plus, beginning today and running through to May 15 is our first Quarterly Giveaway. Prizes galore! The Rafflecopter form is waiting for you to enter HERE.

Stay and visit the many pages we have for your enjoyment and enlightenment. The Purchasing Page, for instance, has not only ALL of the books written by the Austen Authors readily buyable from the Amazon Marketplace, but also an extensive listing of Jane Austen novels, inspired books, movies, gifts, and SO MUCH MORE! A one-stop shop for anything and everything Austen!

Check out each author’s page, and read the extra bits on The Writers Block. There are new entries from Alexa Adams and Rose Fairbanks! As always, Austen Authors is a happening place! So is our Facebook Group Page, so visit us there and join in the constant interactions.




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  1. Thanks for continuing your writing of Darcy and Elizabeth Your novels are so interesting and deeply involved in your characters

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