Launch Party at Austen Authors!

 If you don’t know about the fabulous new blog started by me and Pemberley Variations author Abigail Reynolds not only are you seriously missing out but you haven’t been visiting me enough! LOL! Our blog launched on September 6 and the response has been phenomenal. We are now 25 authors strong, have spawned a spin-off blog for news updates called A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings, and are taking the Austen world by storm! I am blessed to have Abigail as my friend and partner, and now have 23 additional friends who have one thing in common:

The belief that there is never enough Jane Austen…..

Today is my day to celebrate the release of In The Arms of Mr. Darcy with a party amongst my fellow Austen-ites! All of you are invited too! I am sharing some special tidbits from my novels and will be giving away 2 signed copies! This is a separate giveaway from the ongoing one here. Loads of chances to win!

Please join me in the fun and while you are there take a look at what this incredibly diverse group has to offer in the realm of Austen literary fiction.

Sharon’s Launch Party for In The Arms of Mr. Darcy at Austen Authors

One Comment for Launch Party at Austen Authors!

  1. Woohoo go the party!!! Wish I could just fly over and enjoy a real party with my fav US friend and fav author!

    HUGE hugs and kisses from Oz on this latest launch!

    Love always
    TSBO devotee

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