June 2011 Newsletter

Along with all the other new stuff I have been doing lately, such as this whole website, I searched around and found a better mailing list service with vastly improved newsletter possibilities. The end result was sent out yesterday and in case you are not on my mailing list and did not receive it, here is the link to view and read–


Sharon Lathan’s June 2011 Newsletter


It’s it nice? I am still playing with it as I familiarize myself with the design capabilities and so on, thus the next newsletter will look even better and have even more stuff! If you want to be on my mailing list the registration form is on the Contact page, or to make life even easier it is right here—


Thanks! Next time I’ll add an excerpt!

One Comment for June 2011 Newsletter

  1. You are just too clever Sharon! Look s amazing and all the latest goss about your amazing work and trips! Love it
    TSBO devotee

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