I am at Austen Authors with more excerpts!


Today is my blog date and with my brain wholly wrapped up in George Darcy, India, and Pemberley I decided to chat a bit about the lesser known Austen characters we expand upon as well as those of our own creation. As an example I added 2 nice, long excerpts! You don’t want to miss out on that, now do you? Come on over to Austen Authors and enjoy.

Writing Unknown Austen Characters by Sharon Lathan at Austen Authors


While I am on the subject of my work-in-progress, here is a short update:

  • I am working on the final chapter this week. Yippee! Once finished I will do some polishing and self editing, complete the glossary, maps, cast of characters, and historical notes that will be included with the novel, and have it all to my editor Deb Werksman by June 18. DONE!
  • I have been accumulating a ton of photos to complement the story as I always do. Sometime in June or July I will get those organized and into the Portrait Gallery with the other albums for each of my Darcy Saga novels.
  • Nothing is 100% official at this juncture, but it appears that the title will be:  The Passions of Dr. Darcy   Love it? I do! It was my top choice and it completely fits. Nothing on a cover design as yet.
  • Be prepared: This is going to be a big book! I am still writing and editing, so all I will say now is that it will easily be the size of Loving Mr. Darcy, which was my biggest novel. Yeah!
  • Remember that I am sharing the occasional image and snippet on Facebook both on my page: Sharon Lathan, Novelist  and on my Sharon Lathan Author profile. Pop in from time to time to see. Updates will be posted there first as well. “Friend” me or “Like” the page and you will see these posts on your wall right away. No missing out on the news!

And now, just because I love to share the images I dig up, this one is of a fine looking model wearing a simple dhoti. I love it not only because he is quite yummy and while Indian I can see shades of George Darcy in him, but because it is a fabulous close-up chance to see how a dhoti is worn. Dhotis are one long piece of fabric that is draped around the waist then pulled between the legs to be tucked in the front. They can be short or long, loose or tighter. FYI: dhotis are George’s favorite casual wear.

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  1. Dear Sharon!

    It is so good to hear that you have nearly finished another one of your fantastic books!
    I love maps, that are part of a book. You can imagine the places much better, if you know where the are, at least this is my impression.
    And now i´ll go to Austen Authors and read more about Dr. Darcy!
    Lots of love,

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