Historical Christmas-themed blog posts

Historical Christmas-themed blog posts

For those who love history, like me, this season is replete with blog posts covering all sorts of fascinating tidbits about Christmas customs. Below are a few I found out on the blog-o-sphere. Also, in case any of my readers have missed them, on my Historical Essay page are several research articles on Christmas traditions. Enjoy!

Sharon’s Christmas essays ~~

Twelfth Night
Nativity Creche
Christmas Cards
Christmas Tree
Kissing Bough

The Treasure of Frankincense by Regina Jeffers

Tradition English Christmas Carols: The Coventry Carol and The Holly and the Ivy by Lauren Gilbert

Regency Holiday Lights by Maria Grace

Carol of the Bells origin by Donna Hatch

The Regency Holiday Season by Shannon Donnelly

A Regency Christmas Feast by Maria Grace

Christmas Traditions in Imperial Russia by Ally Broadfield

Christmas 1564 by Amanda McCabe

History of Christmas Decorations and Ornaments by Regina Jeffers

A Regency Holiday Calendar by Maria Grace

10 Fascinating Facts About “A Christmas Carol” by Joanna Shupe

When the Puritans Tried to Kill Christmas by Mark Lawson-Jones

Regency Christmas Traditions: Mumpers, Mummers and Sword Dancers by Maria Grace


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