2009 promises to be a fabulous year for me – at least I am hoping so! But, whatever happens with my novels, I still have my wonderful family, my nursing career, my friends, and my Lord to rejoice in. My prayer is that all of you have a terrific 2009 as well. Best wishes, and endless thanks, Sharon


As a special treat for the occasion, I have added a new Novel Passage with a celebratory theme! Enjoy!!

5 Comments for HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

  1. o-shougatsu omeddetou! <=Japanese! Happy New Year!

    I look forward to finding your book Sharon so I can read the story again. (I don’t like to buy things online. I’m really weird about that! It’s not a security thing.. It’s I need it in my hand! I’m just weird when I shop.)

  2. Happy New Year Sharon and all our friends here at Darcy Saga!!!!!

    I hope the year is filled with all your wishes. I wish you lots of happiness health love and success with all your endeavours.

    I have just finished seeing in the New Year with family, it is 1am and time for bed. I hope you all have a blast celebrating in the New Year.

    Love from Down Under
    TSBO devotee
    Vee 🙂

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