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Krithika from India wrote on May 7, 2015:
hello ! I have to say " I adore you " . I haven't read any books in my life and am easily bored when I start one . But I truly fell in love with your book " Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy " . I couldn't get it out of my hand or mind or heart . Seriously the best and close to my heart !!! After I finished it ( within a day ) I purchased the whole lot ( 5 saga) immediately . I literally cried on the last page ( coz it ended ) I wanted to read more and more !!! Thank u Sharon .
Kat Grignot from Panama City, Florida wrote on April 2, 2015:
I read every Darcy Saga and now finished "A Season of Courtship". Please, have I missed the release of "Hope for the Future"?
I can't find it anywhere. Can you tell me if it has been released or if not. I sitting on pins and needles. That you for continuing my favorite book and movie. Your understanding of your audience is a talent special to only your books.

You haven't missed the release, Kat 🙂 I am still working on it, unfortunately, and am unsure when I will have it done. Please be patient! Thanks for your kind words and support. Hugs, Sharon
Wanda Russell from Lumberton, NC wrote on March 21, 2015:
Thank you so much for this web site. I have only read 2 so far. I can see I have a lot to look forward to.

Susie from Rockville wrote on March 20, 2015:
I am a huge Austen fan and have read many of the "sequels." Yours are by far the best and I hope you have not finished your series. Can I expect more books?

Hello Susie! Thanks for the lovely words! YES, you can expect more. I've simply had a delay, life and all. 🙁 But I am working on it, promise! Hugs, Sharon Lathan
Diseree from Al USA wrote on April 13, 2014:
Just finished a season of courtship. I loved it, looking forward to the second novel, thank you for renewing romance in a romantics heart.

Thank you Diseree! I am very happy you enjoyed my latest novel. More is coming soon! From me you can always count on romance 🙂
Hugs, Sharon
Diseree from Us wrote on April 9, 2014:
I love all of your novels I own just about all of them. I'm currently waiting on you two new novels can't wait to crack the covers. I would like to think you for passion for a true love story.

Thank you so much, Diseree! I appreciate the kind words. It is always inspiring to hear from satisfied readers 🙂 Hugs, Sharon
elisa wrote on March 16, 2014:
thank you for your gift. it's always nice to win something, especially since it has to do with Pride and Prejudice. i read it already. it's beautiful.
my mother is now reading it. she couldn't wait to read it also.

your fans from Belgium

Belgium! How cool! I didn't realize you were in Belgium, Elisa. Fabulous! So happy you enjoyed the novel and were able to share with your mom. Yeah! I greatly appreciate the feedback 🙂 Happy Reading, Sharon
Jane Bullard from UK wrote on March 13, 2014:
Hi Sharon

I have read your books over and over again and not get bored there so good.

I have your books in paperback and on my kindle, and now I am in the progress of reading your new book "season of courtship" via Amazon Kindle also can't wait for your new book to come out.

Keep up the good work, Jane

Hi Jane! Thanks so much for the feedback. Great to hear from you. 🙂 I will definitely keep up the good work, I promise. XO Sharon
Sabrina from Tucson, AZ wrote on March 12, 2014:
I love your books, I have read and re-read all of them more then twice!! I was wonder if there was going to be Darcy saga number 7 or will it just be the prequels? Again I love your books and can't get enough of the Darcys.

Hello Sabrina, Thanks for the wonderful comment. I am very pleased that my stories have brought you happiness. I do indeed plan to continue the Darcy Saga after the prequel novel is done. More on that in due time. 🙂 Hugs, Sharon
Deb Leffley from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada wrote on February 28, 2014:
Two books ocming out in 2014!!!!
I am in absolute heaven!!
I can hardly wait!
I love Sharon's writing and love anything with Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet Darcy.
Jenni Porter wrote on January 28, 2014:
Hi Sharon! I LOVE the extra writings, the interviews with Jane Austen's cousin, and the music in the ballroom segments. Beautiful! Enough to tide me over until your new book comes out soon.
Blessings to you!
Jenni Porter

Glad you found them, Jenni! I just added that page today 🙂 Sharon
Victoria wrote on January 27, 2014:
Hiya Sharon

Your books are amazing and i have enjoyed each one. I am preparing myself to get your new book when it comes out in march. I am sorry that the Austen Authors have broken up and i am heart broken for it but life goes on and will still enjoy all your books. What i would like to no is weather "The Bennett Brother" book will be published and weather "The Darcy Brothers" will be finished and published. I was griped to every post wondering what was going to happen. It is amazing have you can write each installment in a week. Keep going on your wonderful books.

Victoria Goodeve

Thank you, Victoria. The words of encouragement and support are most appreciated. I was planning on spearheading the publication of The Bennet Brother, but that will not happen. The Bennet Brothers, I fear, is not going to be published now that we are no longer a group. My writings are mine and I cannot allow others to publish my work. I will keep writing, so have no fear on that! Sincerely, Sharon Lathan
Megan from California wrote on December 1, 2013:
These books are amazing! I have totally immersed myself into this world. Such lovely stories, fantastic writing, and great detail! I started reading because I love Darcy and Lizzy, but, especially in the later books, I find myself emotionally invested in so many other people.

If there are more books to come I certainly cannot wait 🙂

Thank you, Megan! I appreciate the lovely words so much. I am writing more indeed, and hope to have a new book out early next year. Try to wait that long! Hugs, Sharon
Beverly Mayo wrote on October 24, 2013:
I am so excited about your book being among the 33 chosen books for World Book Night! I have not met you but I consider all Janeites a family member:) BTW, you have always been in my "fav five" JA authors. Congrats!

Thank you SO much, Beverley! I am still pinching myself, to be honest. I am really glad of my selection also because it made me aware of WBN. It is a marvelous charity! I am excited because in 2015 and beyond I can be involved as a giver too! Hopefully someday we will meet 🙂 Hugs, Sharon
Cheri from Virginia wrote on September 30, 2013:
I just wanted to let you know I have had such a rough few years and reading has always been there to take me away from reality. I read Pride and Prejudice a few years ago and was struck with how real the characters were and wishing i could find love that real. I was always wishing Jane Austen had come up with a sequel and so I started looking into it and found several sequels so I started reading different ones. I would smile at the direction Mr. Darcy and Lizzy took in each one. When I picked up Mr. And Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, I loved that you had based your books on the movie so I had no trouble seeing Matthew Macfadyen as the Mr. Darcy of your book. I couldn't put it down. I read all of your books in a span of about 2 weeks! I am in the process of reading them again:) I love the personalities you give everyone. I LOVE Dr. George Darcy and was so excited about his book. I cannot wait until the next book and hope there are many more! Thank you for helping me take my mind off of my troubles and know I wouldn't want William and Lizzy to be any other way, a love like no other.

Thank you for the lovely comment, Cheri! I am very happy that you enjoyed my novels! Makes my day 🙂 I am doing my best to give more of the Darcys. Bear with me! Hugs, Sharon
Zoe wrote on September 13, 2013:
Hiya Sharon

OMG i love your book i have them all and could not put them down. i would just like to know when the next will come out so i can get myself ready to have a couple of days of and stock up on tea ans snacks. i cant wait .

Zoe wrote on September 13, 2013:
Hi I have read all your books they are amazing I was just wondering when when your next book will come out? I cant wait to read it xx

Zoe, I am working to get something out by the end of this year. Real life has seriously interfered with my writing! But I am trying and will definitely be publishing more of the Darcys in due course. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Sharon
Annie from Texas wrote on August 24, 2013:
I love everything about Jane Austen's books: the character's, their personalities, their hardships, relationships, and etc. I just came across your continuation series on Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. I wasn't aware of the order, nor did the book store have all the Lathan books. However, I bought "Miss Darcy Falls in Love" and I love it; even though I am not quite through with it (chapter eleven). I can't get over Mr. Butler and Ms. Darcy's relationship. I am sure everyone that appreciates Jane Austen will love and appreciate you for continuing what I, for sure, always hoped for... in knowing how Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's relationship flourished. Not changing anything we already know from the characters and with just the same amount of detail as if you are experiencing their feelings and reactions as if you are standing in the room with them. I Love it, I love it. Please even though I have only just begun to read your works, I hope they continue. whether they are a continuation off of any of Austen's books, just with Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, or you continue with your own series based on that era. I will continue to read because I am hooked.

Thank you so much, Annie! This is a lovely message to wake up to today. I am thrilled you have discovered my series, and that you are enjoying Miss Darcy Falls in Love. I very much delighted in creating Sebastian Butler, and the wonderful future for Georgiana. I hope you visited my "Novels" page to learn of the proper reading order, and that you will enjoy reading of my vision of life for Darcy and Elizabeth. Be sure to let me know! Hugs, Sharon
Heidi Longfield from Grand Rapids, MI wrote on June 27, 2013:
Dear Sharon
Now that I've read both Miss Darcy Falls in Love & The Passions Of Dr. Darcy - Please tell me how George's marrying Mrs Annesley fits into the history you gave us in "A Darcy Christmas"? Also Please tell me you are going to continue the story as I dearly love your stories. Heidi Longfield

Hello Heidi! Great question. When I wrote A Darcy Christmas, the idea of George and Amanda was a kernel in my mind only. I had conceived of the possibility while writing Miss Darcy Falls in Love, but the particulars (or whether I would ever write George's story) were vague at best. So, in A Darcy Christmas I simply didn't say what George's marital status was! I hinted that their were others present at the final Christmas vignette, including children, with George's possible future in mind. Hope that helps clear it up! Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment. Sharon
Crystal from Oklahoma wrote on June 21, 2013:
Sharon- I also happened to stumble upon Two Shall Become One and happily snapped it up when I saw it. I have loved Lizzy & Darcy when a friend introduced me to the P&P A&E miniseries with Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle. That telling is my favorite and I bet many of your readers would be very thankful to you to add some Colin Firth pics to your gallery! I too am a nurse and also started devouring all things Austen once I saw that miniseries back in 1997 🙂 I also really love the Jane Austen mysteries by Stephanie Barron but am especially thankful to you for continuing the Darcy's love story in such a lovely way! Can't wait to read more! Crystal

Thanks, crystal! I appreciate the lovely words. Ah, Colin Firth.... Yes, he is a handsome man, was a terrific Mr. Darcy, and remains a fine actor. Still, for me, it is Matthew Macfadyen who holds the supreme place in my heart as Mr. Darcy. Adding pics of Firth would feel like a betrayal. LOL!

Hugs, Sharon