Character Family Tree & Zazzle store

Character Family Tree & Zazzle store

A few weeks ago I ran across a nice “family tree” for the Pride and Prejudice characters using people drawings for each person. That, along with the ream of historical portraits I have collected on my Pinterest Boards – HERE – gave me the idea to create a family tree map for the Darcy Saga Cast of Characters. Little by little I worked on it, the greatest challenge being how to tie them all together. I think I managed okay!

Click the image below to see in full screen glory.

Cast of Characters_yellowbackground copy

A great part of the fun was searching through the paintings until discovering the face that best suited my vision of the individual character. Some were obvious, such as Lizzy and Dr. Darcy, but most were carefully considered.

So, as interesting as it was to create this tree, the question remained as to what to do with it. Sure I could post it on my website for readers to view as they wish when visiting. I probably will do that, in fact. But I thought it might be desired, at least by some, to have their own copy!

Thanks to my awesome Zazzle store – TSBODarcySaga – I can create endless merchandise with my cast of characters. Here are a few samples of what I have so far–

What do you think? I have a few more items with the family trees, and intend to create others. If anyone has a request, let me know. These treats, as with ALL the merchandise at the TSBODarcySaga store, are for you, my faithful readers and fans. A chance to take home a little bit more of the Darcys and their friends 🙂

Visit the store to see the Cast of Character products and the hundred + other cool things available.

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  1. What a great idea. Well done! I can only imagine how much time this took.

    By the way, congrats on #1. Two thumbs up!!

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