A Darcy Christmas ARC

I got 2 copies!!! So very, VERY happy! The ARC is gorgeous as is, so I can’t even imagine how it could be any lovelier in its final, published form. Here it is on the display shelf in my office with the other Darcy Saga volumes alongside~~~


I love what is written on the back cover and how beautiful it is:


Now, I did notice that the round label says the pub month is October, which is not what I was previously told. So I am clarifying that with my editor, but have not heard back from her as yet. Lastly, just for fun and because my hubby is so silly, here is a short iPhone video of the newest book. Kinda cute….

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  1. OH NO!!! I just got an email from Borders saying they have had to cancel my preorder for In The Arms Of Mr Darcy & A Darcy Christmas!!!!
    What is wrong with these companies??? First Amazon now Borders. Perhaps I might have to try and order them a bit closer to release date. I guess being in OZ the demand is not as great as in the US. However I shall keep trying!!!
    TSBO devotee

  2. Thanks ladies! My hubby is so silly sometimes in his enthusiasm, but it is kinda cute.

    Amazon is definitely dropping the ball, but just in the US. The international Amazons have the new ones listed for pre-order. Oh well, their loss.

  3. Greatt Sharon!

    Your books are really lovely! I´m so glad to get two more this year!
    Thank you for the newsletter and the very exciting excerpt!
    I´m very glad that there is Darcy Saga 5 out in April next year! One more book to look forward to.
    And as I can never get enough of Lizzy and Darcy my mind already dreams of Darcy 6,…
    And not to forget Georgiana´s story!

    Lots of love to you,

  4. Hi Sharon!! It really does look beautiful! I have my preorders in with Borders again. SO I am really excited. I’m not sure about Amazon either, there not there, so when Borders had them up I placed my oreder in right away. Its been almost a month since I did it. Hope Amazon wake up real soon!!
    I love Steve’s little video display its awesome. Thanks Steve! Makes it all the more real!
    Another exciting year for my fav author! Great work!
    TSBO devotee

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